Thursday, April 22, 2010

VA - Stay On The Groove (2005)

Artist: VA
Album: Stay On The Groove (FSRCD007)
Label: Freestyle Records
Released: 2005
Genre: Funk/Soul
Style: Funk / Revival
Format: mp3 vbr
Tracks: 20
Total Time: 67:47
Total Size: 93.7 Mb

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Track list:
1. The New Mastersounds - Stay On The Groove (3:00)
2. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - What If We All Stopped Paying (4:25)
3. Troubled Soul - Funky Me Pt 1 & 2 (4:55)
4. The New Process - Freedom (2:24)
5. Jaguar - Battle Of Funk (4:01)
6. Breakestra - Show And Prove Pt 1 (2:59)
7. Lefties Soul Connection - Doin' The Thing (2:23)
8. Cookin On Three Burners - Gravel Rash (3:20)
9. Poets of Rhythm - Ham Gallery (3:21)
10. Quantic ft. Spanky Wilson - Don't Joke With A Hungry Man (5:17)
11. M.F.O.S - El Padrino (4:18)
12. Speedometer - Work It Out (3:00)
13. Quantic Soul Orchestra - Hold It Down (2:51)
14. Context - If I Had A Band (3:12)
15. Ria Currie & The Deep Soul Mes - Everything's Gonna Be Alright (2:30)
16. The New Mastersounds - Two Note Brown (2:26)
17. Lee Fields & The Dap Kings - Give Me A Chance (3:13)
18. B.D.M - No Rest For The Wicked (2:34)
19. Sharon Jones & The Soul Destroyers - Fakin' It (3:48)
20. The Bamboos - Tighten Up (3:50)

Groove. What is it? As complex and diverse as mood; as infectious and innovative as melody and as inclusive and instinctive as rhythm itself, Groove is a term often lacking in todays MTV saturated and easily digestable pop consumerism. It is when an artist or band slips into a relaxed yet uniform swagger and things that usually wouldn't start fitting into place, it's what brings all pieces of the pie together perfectly and when everything seems so right you wish it would never end. It is also something that makes you want to shake your ass, whatever time of day it is and it is to these attributes that this compilation is dedicated.
Since the late eighties funk revival when hip hop artists truly started paying dues (and cheques!) to the masters of days gone by, funk has retained its rightful place at the forefront of modern music. Just listen to the production of the Neptunes or Timbaland to see where it fits into todays market. But it is not just within the memory banks of Akai's and million selling producers that the funk lives on?
This compilation focuses solely on modern day bands who are not just re-living but also re-defining the funk sound. Taking its title from the New Mastersounds storming opening track, the CD aims to show how these bands, whilst steeped in retro-ism, are pushing a new and exhilarating take on the blueprint laid down by seminal artists such as Eddie Bo, The Meters and of course James Brown.
Featuring tracks from artists from all corners of the globe, such as Sweden's Jaguar, Germany's Poets of Rhythm, New York's Dapkings, LA's Breakestra, The Bamboos from Australia and the UK's very own New Mastersounds and Quantic Soul Orchestra, it is also obvious to see that this is a worldwide phenomena we are talking about.' Freestyle

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