Monday, March 30, 2009

Erykah, Chaka and Stevie - Tribute to Diana Ross - Part 1

Les Frères Dejean (1979) -L’Univers

Artist: Les Frères Dejean
Albums: L’Univers
Released: 1979
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 94 MB

1. L'Humanité
2. Conviction
3. Experience
4. Naïde
5. Yoyo
6. L'univers

Bass - Ernst Vincent
Drums - Ulrick Bouzi
Percussion - Camille Dejean
Saxophone - Fred Dejean
Trumpet - André Dejean


Friday, March 27, 2009

Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation (2008)

Label: Eighteenth Street Lounge Music
Catalog#: ESL 140
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 23 Sep 2008
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Reggae
Style: Reggae, Dub, Trip Hop


1- Sound The Alarm (3:41)
2-Mandala (4:00)
3- Radio Retaliation (3:27)
4- Vampires (4:57)
5- Hare Krsna (3:28)
6- El Pueblo Unido (3:35)
7- (The Forgotten People) (3:11)
8- 33 Degree (3:48)
9- Beautiful Drug (3:27)
10- La Femme Parallel (4:29)
11- Retaliation Suite (2:54)
12- The Numbers Game (3:02)
13- The Shining Path (3:38)
14- Blasting Through The City (3:31)
15- Sweet Tides (4:48)

RapidShare Part 01 Part 02

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Whitefield Brothers - In the Raw (2009)

Artist: Whitefield Brothers
Title Of Album: In the Raw
Year Of Release: Mar-10-2009
Label: Now and Again
Format: CD, Album, Reissue
Genre: Funk
Quality: MP3 / Joint Stereo

Poets of Rhythm founding members first crucial piece of the funk spectrum recorded as The Whitefield Brothers. A wear-your heart-on-your-sleeve, hypnotic, defiantly psychedelic funk album that is as modern as it is grounded in the great musical traditions from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

01- Rampage [03:53]
02- Chokin' [02:57]
03- Weiya (Serengeti Beat) [06:08]
04- In the Raw [04:16]
05- Prowlin' [05:52]
06- Yakuba [03:15]
07- Weiya [01:23]
08- Witch-Jam [02:54]
09- EJI [03:43]
10- Sol Walk [03:31]
11- Thunderbird [04:03]
12- Buster [03:03]

- Clique Aki:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Outra Função - Destaque de televisão

Não posto muito coisa de Rap nacional porque acho que tem pouca coisa de qualidade saindo ultimamente,mas esse ahe merece um confere.....
Direto de São Jose dos Campos,confere ahe a letra o video e tudo + bem loko a parada heinn !!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dr. Lonnie Smith - Rise Up!

Artist: Dr. Lonnie Smith
Title Of Album: Rise Up!
Year Of Release: February 17, 2009
Label: Palmetto Records
Genre: Jazz / Funk / Groove
Quality: MP3 / Joint Stereo
Bitrate: VBR kbit/s / 44.1 Khz
Total Time: 62:13 min
Total Size: 81,4 mb

01 - A Matterapat 06:47
02 - Come Together 05:07
03 - Pilgrimage 06:49
04 - Daper Dan 07:22
05 - And The World Weeps 07:40
06 - People Make The World Go Round 10:43
07 - Tyrone 06:15
08 - Sweet Dreams 06:47
09 - Voodoo Doll 04:43

- Clique Aki:

Lonnie Smith - Jungle Soul


1. Trouble Man (4:45)
2. Simone (5:22)
3. Jungle Soul (5:43)
4. Willow Weep For Me (7:44)
5. Freedom Jazz Dance (5:55)
6. Blue Moment (7:55)
7. Witch Doctor (9:25)
8. Bemsha Swing (5:54)
9. Zimbabwe (5:58)
10. Jungle Wisdom (4:07)

- Clique Aki:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Afro Beats

Nigeria Special: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds and Nigerian Blues Label.

Nigeria Disco Funk Special Label.

Nigeria 70: Lagos Jump Label:

African Scream Contest: Raw & Psychedelic Afro Sounds Label:

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou - The Vodoun Effect: Funk and Sato from Benin's Obscure Label Label: Analog Africa

Francophonic: A Retrospective Vol. 1 1953-1980 Label: Sterns Arc LTD

Kon & Amir: Off Track, Vol. 2: Queens Label: Bbe

Si, Para Usted: The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba, Vol. 1 Label:

Don't Stop: Recording Tap Label:

Monday, March 09, 2009

Beastie Boys - Pauls Boutique (20th Anniversary Edition) (Remastered) [2oo9]

Artist : Beastie Boys
Title : Paul's Boutique
Year : 2oo9
Label : Capitol Records
Genre : Hip-Hop
Store Date : Feb-10-2009
Encoder : Lame 3.97 / -V2 --vbr-new
Time : 53:13 min
Size : 63,7 mB

:: T R A C K L i S T ::
01. To All The Girls "01:29
02. Shake Your Rump "03:18
03. Johnny Ryall "03:02
04. Egg Man "02:58
05. High Plains Drifter "04:13
06.The Sounds Of Science "03:12
07. 3-Minute Rule "03:39
08. Hey Ladies "03:48
09. 5-Piece Chicken Dinner "00:23
10. Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun "03:29
11. Car Thief "03:40
12. What Comes Around "03:08
13. Shadrach "04:08
14. Ask For Janice "00:11
15. 59 Chrystie Street "00:57
16. Get On The Mic "01:14
17. Stop That Train "01:59
18. A Year And A Day "02:22
19. Hello Brooklyn "01:32
20. Dropping Names "01:03
21. Lay It On Me "00:54
22. Mike On The Mic "00:48
23. Awol "01:46

:: i N F O ::
When The Beastie Boys hit platinum with their debut album, they
were instantly labeled the Elvises of rap, accused of being just
another bunch of white musicians stealing from black music. But
what was overlooked was that the Beasties actually ... Full
Descriptionhad some interesting ideas to take hip hop to new
levels. While in the years to come other white rappers like
Vanilla Ice and Jesse Jaymes would prove they were the true
cultural thieves, the Beasties defended themselves by recording a
seminal rap album, PAUL'S BOUTIQUE. The record was, in fact, so
legit that it eroded their commercial appeal in middle America.

PAUL'S BOUTIQUE is a sample-fest--a post-modern epic of cut and
splice studio wizardry. Taking snippets of music from sources as
disparate as Curtis Mayfield, The Beatles, B.D.P., The Ramones and
The Jaws soundtrack (as well as countless others), they built
songs out of the debris of modern culture. Over these mind-blowing
tracks, they weaved tall tales, self-promotional proclamations and
sheer non-sense into a singular vision of inspired lunacy. Besides
Public Enemy, no one else was producing albums as complex as this.
PAUL'S BOUTIQUE sounds two or three years ahead of its time,
perhaps this is why the album was considered such a failure upon
its release.

Whatever the case, there really is no album that sounds quite like
this one does; the Beasties returned to the top of the charts a
few years later with CHECK YOUR HEAD, but they may never be able
to top the originality and depth of their stunning sophomore

- Clique Aki:

password : magesy

Voices Of East Harlem - Right On Be Free (remastered & expanded) - 1970

The Voices Of East Harlem were a community choir that grew from an inner city action project in 1969. A fluid 20-member ensemble whose ages ranged from 12 to 21, their music mixed devotional gospel fervor with commercial R&B and soul, and included lead vocalists Gerri Griffin and Monica Burress. Coming to the attention of Elektra boss Jac Holzman via their producer Jerry Brandt, they were signed in 1970 for their debut “Right On Be Free”, which showcased a diverse song selection from Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth, to Richie Haven’s “Run Shaker Life”, all performed in their distinctive high-energy style. A follow-up single “Oxford Town” appeared in 1971, produced by Donny Hathaway who was scheduled to produce a second Elektra album, rumoured to have been called “Brothers & Sisters”; the session logs actually refer to it as “Nation Time” (written by Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff). Both sides of the Elektra 45 plus the other aborted tracks from these sessions appear on this remastered & expanded edition for the first time in 36 years, and are bolstered by the last single “Angry” plus two live tracks recorded at the “Soul To Soul” concert in Ghana in 1971.

1. Right on Be Free 3:48
2. Simple Song of Freedom 4:04
3. Proud Mary 2:49
4. Music in the Air 3:19
5. Oh Yeah 1:34
6. For What It's Worth 3:32
7. Let It Be Me 3:24
8. No No No 4:03
9. Gotta Be a Change 2:39
10.Shaker Life 6:51
11.Oxford Town [*] 3:00
12.Sit Yourself Down [*] 2:14
13.Nation Time [*] 2:52
14.I Wanna Be Free [*] 3:59
15.Hey Brother [*] 2:42
16.Love Is the Answer [*] 2:47
17.Kind Woman [*] 4:54
18.Angry [*] 2:39
19.(We Are) New York Lightning [*] 2:54
20.Run Shaker Life [*] 5:49
21.Soul to Soul [*] 2:23

* Bonus tracks.

The Voices Of East Harlem comprised of:
Gerri Griffin (lead vocals)
Monica Burress (lead vocals)
Bernard Graham
Wayne Garfield
Jerome Mack
Elaine Clark
Cynthia Sessions
Kevin Griffin
Claudia Moore

Voices band:
Bob Ealey (drums)
Johnny Serrano (organ)
Leslie Maynard (organ)

Accompanying the Voices on 1-10:
Chuck Rainey or Jerry Jemmot - (bass)
Patty Bown (piano)
Richard Tee (organ)
Montego Joe or Ralph McDonald - (conga)
Cornell Dupree (guitar)

Possibly(!) accompanying the Voices on 11-17:
Phil Upchurch (guitar)
Willie Weeks (bass)
Fred White (drums)

Tracks 20-21 recorded live at the 'Soul to Soul' festival in Accra, Ghana, 1971.

Jerry Brandt, producer (1-10)
Donny Hathaway, producer (11-17),
T Davilio/S Vincent, producer (18-19),
Tom Dowd, producer (20-21)

- Clique Aki:

ALBINO! Live In San Francisco

Live in San Francisco was recorded in July of 2006 during ALBINO’s performance at the Second Annual Afrofunk Festival. “We were amazed by how well the ecstatic energy of ALBINO’s live set was captured in this recording so we knew we had to release it as soon as we heard it,” says the band’s co-founder and tenor saxophonist Nathan Endsley.

According to the SF Weekly, "ALBINO's ass-inspiriting percussive engine comes from a rhythm section of local all-stars; together, they form rhythms based in the West African tradition which holds at its heart the inseparable union of drumming and dance. Atop the band's rhythmic maelstrom ride tightly figured five-part horn lines. The section's 'heavy heavy' bottom end features a snarling dual baritone-sax yawp. This is world music that lives up to the name."

In keeping with the revolutionary message central to Fela’s Afrobeat legacy, the majority of songs on Live in San Francisco offer scathing sociopolitical commentary and urgent calls to civic action. For example, “Deconstruction of the Transitional Movement” confronts the erosion of American civil liberties in the name of national security. “Are We Safe Yet?” questions our current administration’s misdirected military aggression in Iraq and its perpetuation of a culture of fear in the name of counter-terrorism. Furthermore, “No Go Sell Me” is a tirade against consumer culture and the advertising industry’s pollution of the media. Finally, “Puppet Boy” skewers a certain incompetent, fraudulently elected Chief Executive by pulling back the curtain to expose the ominous forces Roving behind this figurehead.

- Clique Aki:


The SF Music Award-winning ALBINO! is a ten-piece Afrobeat ensemble that honors the fiery legacy of Nigerian musical revolutionary Fela Kuti. ALBINO's high-energy grooves and explosive stage show thick with hypnotic percussion, a heavy horn section, African dance, outrageous costumes, and infectious group choreography have established the band as the West Coast's premier Afrobeat act.

- Clique Aki:

- Introducing the Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble

"Excellent debut!" - The Village Voice

"Dancers crowded the stage until the last downbeat." - New York Times

"The band tears through a propulsive set of original horn and percussion driven compositions." - Global Rhythm Magazine

"In Akoya's debut CD, Afrobeat's cross-cultural rhythm materials are as intense as rhythmic energies fused with modern jazz tonality and musicality. This is a great album that everyone will truly enjoy." - Lawrence Nii Nartey, The African Show, WKCR 89.9FM NYC

"In 2005, Voted as one of Next 100 Upcoming Bands. Akoya is developing a reputation for whipping dance floors into a frenzy with their fusion of African, Afro-Cuban, Jazz and Funk music...Akoya is poised to make an impact in the budding global Afrobeat movement." – URB Magazine

Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble takes to the stage an explosion of dance rhythms. Featuring members from Panama, Ghana, Benin, South Africa, Japan and the US, this 13-piece ensemble embraces unity and positive vibrations. The group features lead vocalist Kaleta, who for 10 years performed and recorded with the immortal Fela Kuti and Egypt 80. He has also toured with Femi Kuti as well as the legendary King Sunny Ade. Their debut CD "Introducing The Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble" has been very well received, as it has been getting regular airplay on radio stations in South Africa, Nigeria, Benin, France, London and Panama, as well as New York's WKCR, WBLS, WBAI, and WFMU.

- Clique Aki:

Kokolo - Heavy Hustling

KOKOLO AFROBEAT ORCHESTRA's fourth album, HEAVY HUSTLING, finds the NYC powerhouse group expertly mashing up Fela Kuti stylings into James Brown classics with a twist of Latin and Jamaican flavors thrown into the mix. This album is without question their best offering to date and showcases KOKOLO at the height of its innovative powers. Kokolo, one of the most well known and with best reputation afrobeat act around with 4 albums, 14x 7" and 12" releases and numerous worldwide tours under the belt, made not just another by-the-numbers homage to "The Godfather of Soul": this record breathes new life into the genre and demonstrates what the contemporary deep funk scene sounds like.

Anticipated by heavily playlisted first single "Soul Power", on Heavy Hustlyng you'll find other great classics from "Mr.Dynamite" such as "please please please", "think", "it's a new day" and "bring it up" all coocked with the unique Kokolo Afrobeat Orchestra style. More than an album...HEAVY HUSTLING is a sign of the times. If it doesn't make you wanna move, consider yourself officially dead!

Kokolo will do a worldwide tour starting from March 08 to launch the new album.

"Kokolo have got the groove.. Anyone wanting to get low down and dirty, should look no further. This will get the bodies on the dance floor moving like never before" **** Clash"
"This is absolutely red-hot. The best thing that Kokolo have done by far." Dj Snowboy (Blues & Soul Magazine)
"A big fat take on james brown classics. Funk for the 21st century!" Eddie Piller (Q Radio)

- clique Aki:

Kaleta - Zozo Afrobeat : Get Up 7''

"ZOZO"Taken from the goun or fon dialects in the republic of Benin west Africa meaning something steaming hot truly keeps the Afrobeat fire burning.13 piece ensemble led by Kaleta real name Leon Ligan-Majek is a renown world music/afrobeat producer,arranger,guitarist,percussionist and singer born in the republic of benin but lived all his adolescent life in Lagos Nigeria,a city STONE THROW from his native country Benin,where the culture is similar in terms of language and music to that of Nigeria where he grew up.with ZOZO AFROBEAT,Kaleta music pays homage to the greats and yet still maintains his distinctive sound and energy.
He had performed,toured and recorded albums with legendary FELA KUTI,king SUNNY ADE,SHINA PETERS,and lately went on world tour with Lauryn Hill mention but a few.
He is frontman to New York based AKOYA AFROBEAT for the past 5 years.

Kaleta - Zozo Afrobeat : Get Up 7''

- Clique Aki:

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Def jazz (2005)

01 — all i need
02 — hey young world
03 — can i get a...
04 — doin' it
05 — bring the pain
06 — the rain
07 — ghetto jam
08 — get u home
09 — back seat
10 — give it up

- Clique Aki:

Erykah Badu - Discography (1997-2008)

Erykah Badu - Baduizm Live (1997)

1 Rimshot (Intro) 3:48
2 Other Side of the Game 8:22
3 On & On 5:25
4 Reprise 2:14
5 Apple Tree 2:54
6 Ye Yo 6:07
7 Searching 4:26
8 Boogie Nights / All Night 6:03
9 Certainly 7:07
10 Stay 4:57
11 Next Lifetime (Interlude) 1:27
12 Tyrone 3:55
13 Next Lifetime 12:06
14 Tyrone (Extended Version) 5:40

- Clique Aki:

Erykah Badu - Worldwde Underground (2003)

1 Intro - World Keeps Turnin' 1:39
2 Bump It 8:49
3 Back in the Day (Puff) 4:46
4 I Want You 10:53
5 Woo 3:14
6 The Grind 2:49
7 Danger 5:49
8 Think Twice 3:02
9 Love of My Life Worldwide 5:26
10 Outro - World Keeps Turnin' 4:04
Bonus Track :
11 Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip Hop) 3:50

- Clique Aki:

Jump Back: A Tribute To James Brown 2008

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Jump Back: A Tribute To James Brown
Year Of Release: 25 August, 2008
Label: Le Smoke Disque Portugal
Genre: Funk / Reissues
Quality: MP3 / Joint Stereo
Bitrate: VBR kbit/s / 44.1 Khz
Total Time: 61:58 min
Total Size: 92 mb


01. Os Incriveis - I Feel Good (2:52)
02. Jr. and the Preludes - Papas Got A Brand New Bag (2:19)
03. Soul Sounds - Lickin Stick (2:04)
04. Showmen - Voglio Restare Solo (2:17)
05. Rabbits and Carrots - Give it Up or Turn it Loose (3:55)
06. Rabbits and Carrots - Sex Machine (2:27)
07. Kashmere Stage Band - Super Bad (2:53)
08. Soul Sound - I Got the Feelin (2:34)
09. Esquires Now - Think About (2:34)
10. The Presidents - It's My Thing (2:41)
11. Victor Olaiya and His International All Stars - There was A Time Cold Sweat (Medley) (9:23)
12. Victor Olaiya and His International All Stars - Mother Popcorn (1:05)
13. Impalas - Soul (2:31)
14. Big Boe and the Nighthawks - My Thing (2:54)
15. The Invaders - Big Payback (3:22)
16. Get Up with the Dancer -- Sex Machine (5:16)
17. University of Illinois Jazz Band featuring Don Smith -- I Got the Feelin(4:01)
18. Harrison High School -- Get on the Good Foot (5:47)
19. Les Watson and the Panthers -- Mother Popcorn (0:44)

- Clique Aki:

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De Volta

- Fiquei meio sumido por esses dias,estive fazendo uma viagen pelo sul do pais e passei por Porto Alegre ( Brasil), Chuí(Brasil),Chuy ( Uruguay)Montevideo (Uruguay),Punta Del Este ( Uruguay),Colonia Del Sacramento ( Uruguay),Buenos Aires ( Argentina) e Laguna em Santa Cararina ( Brasil),Postei alumas fotos no meu "Flickr" e .
Queria agradecer aos amigos que fiz e aos que são de alguma data.
Dj Platos Voladores e Dj RC de Montevideo
German, Federico e Dj. Lenni de Buenos Aires
Salutos Desde Brasil