Monday, December 28, 2009

Dj Uilson Grooves e Dj Zinco - Tequila

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Tour de divulgação da Radio SuperGroove em Latino América.

Tour de divulgação da Radio SuperGroove em Latino América.

11/12 Niceto Club - Buenos Aires - Argentina

12/12 Tr3es/Cu4rto - Colonia - Uruguai

13/12 Makena Cantina Club - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Produção e discotecagen a cargo dos Dj´s Uilson e Zinco.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

VA - DJ Spinna Presents the Boogie Back

DJ Spinna
The Boogie Back – Post Disco Club Jams
Label: BBE
Release Date: November 24, 2009

Boogie Music is the dance music genre that was wedged between 70’s disco music and the electronica explosion of the 90’s. Some call it Post Disco, some call it Electro Funk, but the characteristics that define Boogie Music (funk, soul and R&B) would form the building blocks of proper house music. This is the kind of music that was coming out of the inner city clubs of the time and there’s a whole lot of culture and emotion built into these songs. Hell, Michael Jackson’s classic Off The Wall is a boogie record!

A child of the 80’s DJ Spinna (aka Vincent Williams) lived through the boogie heydays. With a global resurgence in vintage club music, Italo disco, alt dance and dance rock, Spinna felt it was his duty to pay homage to the original artists who inspired so many of today’s hottest DJs and musical acts. The jams on this compilation rocked the airwaves in Brooklyn back in the day and now it’s ripe from a brand new crop of music lovers across the world.

This package really satisfies all tastes and moods. Disc One is DJ Spinna’s ready made block party DJ Mix for getting it all going right. These crispy, funky tracks are lined up side-by-side for a vibe that takes you straight to the streets, circa 1982. A second disc is prime meat for all you crate diggers and features 12 unmixed classics; many of which are unavailable on CD, Vinyl or even digitally!

One again DJ Spinna delivers a product that’s not just 4/4 beats or empty tracks. Rather, through all his many releases over the years he’s proven to be the authority on providing real music for real people. DJ Spinna is one of a few active DJs today whose versatility and all round knowledge covers so much ground. From Rock to Jazz, Reggae to Hip-Hop, soundtracks to House, Soul, Funk, Disco or Techno this man has the knowledge and can rock parties as good as any leading lights in any of the aforementioned scenes.

BBE releases DJ Spinna Presents The Boogie Back – Post Disco Club Jams on November 24, 2009


01 60:06 Dj Spinna - The Boogie Back (Continuous Mix)
02 06:02 South Bronx - The Bottom Line
03 04:48 Foxy - Tena's Song
04 07:37 Tj Swann - And You Know That
05 06:29 Final Edition - Betcha Can't Love Just Can't Keep Running Aw
06 05:15 Masurrati and Huey Harris - Super Duper (Lovin)_ Don't Stop
07 09:15 Community People - Education Rap (DJ Spinna Edit)
08 08:55 War - World Is A Ghetto (Special Us Disco Mix)
10 07:14 Ronnie Dyson - All Over Your Face (Special M&m Mix)
11 05:50 Stargaze - You Can't Have It
12 09:32 Slyck - Love It (Or Beat The Bush)
13 07:44 Slyck - Love It (Or Beat The Bush) (Instrumental)
14 06:17 Jan Leslie Holmes - I'm Your Superman
15 08:23 Jan Leslie Holmes - I'm Your Superman (DJ Spinna Refreak)
16 08:20 Jan Leslie Holmes - I'm Your Superman (DJ Spinna Refreak Ins
17 08:18 Jan Leslie Holmes - I'm Your Superman (DJ Spinna Refreak Key
18 08:49 Jan Leslie Holmes - I'm Your Superman (DJ Spinna Galactic So
19 08:34 Jan Leslie Holmes - I'm Your Superman (DJ Spinna Actic Soul
20 05:22 Eddy Rosemond - Wake Up and Move Funky

Parte 1:
Parte 2:
Parte 3:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dj Uilson -Selecta Funk Vol. 2

DJ UILSON - SELECTA FUNK 2 by djuilson

1 - Super Erotica - Erotic Rhythm (Macumba)
2 - Super Erotica - Jungle Fever
3 - Super Erotica - Le Couple
4 - Waltel Branco - Meu Balanço
5 - João Donato ( A Bad Donato ) - Straight Jacket
6 - Free Sound Orquestra* - Tracisiu´s Theme
7 - Ed kennedy * - I´ll Never Fall In love Again
8 - Orquestra CBD - Tema da Zorra
9 - Raulzito & Impacto 8 (Raul de Souza) - Cantaloope Island
10 - Azymuth - Melô da Cuíca
11 - Waltel Branco - Luar do Sertão
12 - Claudia - Vai Baby (Peter Gunn)
13 - Bertrami e Conjunto Azimute (Azymuth) - Pela Cidade
14 - Marcio Montarroyos - Makaha
15 - Airto* - Zuei
16 - Azambuja @ Cia* - Tema de Azambuja
17 - Wanderlea - Ginga da Mandinga
18 - Airto fogo* - Black Soul
19 - Helio Matheus - Boi da Cara Branca
20 - Odair José* - Nunca Mais
21 - Claudia - Poeta do Medo
22 - Trio Mocotó - O Xamego de Iná
23 - Tamba 4 - Samba Blim
24 - Super Som T.A - Agora Chega
25 - Tony Bizarro - Não Vai Mudar
26 - Marcos Valle - Mentira
27 - Eumir Deodato - West 42nd Street
29 - Paulinho da Costa - Toledo Bagel

* Dirigido e produzido por Waltel Branco
* Outro nome artistico de ED Lincoln
* Airto Moreira
* Dirido e produzido por Jose Roberto Bertrami e Azymuth
* Airto Fogo e outro nome de Waltel Branco
* Disco Produzido por Azymuth

Clique aqui:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

VA - Thai Funk ZudRangMa Vol.1 (Compiled By Maft Sai)

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Thai Funk ZudRangMa Vol.1
Year Of Release: 2008
Label: ZudRangMa Records
Genre: Funk, World, Oldies
Quality: MP3 / Joint Stereo
Bitrate: VBR kbit/s / 44.1 Khz
Total Time: 66:59 min
Total Size: 66,4 mb

Hand numbered and limited edition of 1300 copies.
The record comes packaged in a handmade cotton sleeve presented in a plastic sleeve sealed with a cardboard and staples.
Includes a cardboard inner sleeve for the CD with the copies number and a black & white poster (420 x 594 mm, A2 format).
Each copies contains a unique cotton sleeve artwork.

01. Louis Kennedy -- Pu Yai Lee (Chief Lee) (2:24)
02. Meesak Nakaratch -- Luk Ron (Love Hot) (2:54)
03. Chantana Kittiyapan -- Chee Vit Kon Dum (A Life of A Black Person) (7:42)
04. The Hot Pepper -- Kun Rod Fai Pai Rod Bus Kee Chang Kang Tent (Get on Train Go with Bus Elephant Ride Put Up Tent) (5:06)
05. Ongart Jeerapan -- Ka Ma Kon Deay (I Come Alone) (2:37)
06. Plearn Promdan -- Sam Bai (Jolly) (3:45)
07. Royal Sprite -- Yang Hai Mun Kong (Don't Let Them Cheat) (5:05)
08. Kana TNT -- Kod Hang Kam (the Circle of Karma) (3:13)
09. Panadda Chayapark -- 5000 Nut (5000 Shots) (2:29)
10. Pranee Thanasri -- Chown Thur Ten Rum (Ask You for A Dance) (3:01)
11. Panadda Chayapark -- Rus Pu Tin (4:50)
12. Nakplang Krumklowna -- Disco Tour (2:21)
13. Champoo -- Arai Arai Kor Disco (Everything is Disco) (3:05)
14. Buppa Saichol -- Sheng Ra Bert (Bored Explosion) (2:16)
15. Chairai Chaiyata and Sawanee Pattana -- Khown Tai Doey Loak Puin (You Should Die by Bullets) (2:57)
16. Chantana Kittiyapan -- Sa Ra Wan (2:53)
17. Sroeng Santi -- Nam Man Pang (Expensive Gasoline) (3:34)
18. The Impossible -- Do it (Till You Satisfied) (4:41)

- Clique Aki:

Joe Bataan - King Of Latin Soul (2009)

Artist: Joe Bataan
Title Of Album: King Of Latin Soul
Year Of Release: 2009
Genre: Latin / Jazz / Funk
Format: MP3
Bitrate: VBR ~200 kbps
Tracks: 12
Total Time: 47:28 min
Total Size: 67 MB


01. Subway Joe (3:31)
02. Mestizo (4:48)
03. The Bottle (4:02)
04. Johnny's no good (4:17)
05. Special girl (2:45)
06. Rap-o-clap-o 2008 (4:27)
07. Latin soul square dance (3:56)
08. I wish you love (4:35)
09. Gipsy woman (3:33)
10. Puerto rico me llama (4:12)
11. The prayer (4:29)
12. It's a good feeling (riot) (2:45)

- Clique Aki:

Joe Bataan is like the CD title says, "King Of Latin Soul". The Afro-Fillipino singer, born and raised in Spanish Harlem, New York, was as tough as his neighbourhood. His two loves were his gang and music. The music of Harlem split into two -West Harlem was African-American soul/funk/rhythm & blues/doo-wop, East Harlem was Cuban and Puerto Rican. In the 1960s, Joe alongside a host of 2nd generation Latinos, loved equally soul, funk and rhythm and blues AND mambo, guaguanco and guaracha. It was inevitable that a new US latin sound would emerge that fused these different genres, and that sound was latin soul, eventually becoming boogaloo (or bugalu). Joe Bataan was right there at the start, recording for Fania Records in 1967, until 1973, then as latin soul and bugalu became latin funk and latin disco, he switched to Mericana Records, which became the legendary disco label Salsoul Records. The rest is history.

This new CD is Joe re-recording all his big hits with Spanish rare groove band Los Fulanos and its on Madrid funk/soul label Vampi Soul. If you like Joe Bataan or latin soul or latin disco, buy it. Its good. The band are kicking, Joe's voice is still strong (though wobbles on a couple of tracks), and the production is BIG! The new versions of classics are excellent - "Subway Joe" sounds almost as good as the original, as do "Mestizo" and "Gypsy Woman". He does a good version of "The Bottle", which is a vocal unlike his mid-70s instrumental "La Botella" hit. There's a kicking salsa-jam, the uptempo "Puerto Rico Me Llama" - nice descarga. I was well impressed by the whole CD - Joe Bataan, the punchy arrangements, the firing band, the excellent crisp production. Like the title says, Joe Bataan is still "King Of Latin Soul".

The Tarantino Experience: The Ultimate Tribute to Quentin Tarantino

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Tarantino Experience
Year Of Release: 2008
Label: Music Brokers
Genre: Soundtrack
Style: Blues, Funk / Soul, Rock
Quality: MP3 / Joint Stereo
Bitrate: VBR kbit/s / 44.1 Khz
Total Time: 72:12 min
Total Size: 103,3 MB



01 Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) 02:41
02 Urge Overkill - Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon 03:11
03 Ladybug Transistor - Always On The Telephone 03:55
04 The Hurricanes - Out Of Limits 02:06
05 Geater Davies - Sad Shades Of Blue 04:13
06 Joe Cocker - Woman To Woman 04:26
07 Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Put A Spell On You 02:25
08 The Surf Coronados - Pipeline 02:12
09 Bilie Jo Spears - Fever 02:55
10 Chris Farlowe - Paint It Black 03:29
11 Scremin' Lord Such - Murder In The Graveyard 02:57
12 Duane Eddy - Rebel Rouser 02:16


01 Dick Dale & The Del-Tones - Misirlou 02:16
02 Fendermen - Ghost Riders In The Sky 04:40
03 Dennis Yost & Classic IV - Spooky 02:48
04 The Meters - Look-Ka-Py-Py 03:13
05 Wilson Pickett - Something You Got 02:54
06 1910 Fruitgum Co. - Indian Giver 02:35
07 Lobo - You Me And A Dog Named Boo 03:07
08 The Grass Roots - Midnight Confessions 02:47
09 John Fred & His Playboy Band - Judy In Disguise 02:54
10 Nino Tempo & April Stevens - Deep Purple 02:43
11 Richard Twang & His Cadilacs - Apache 02:48
12 Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line 02:41

- Clique Aki:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Big Pimp Jones - Bad Bad Jimmy Ruckus (2009)

Artist: Big Pimp Jones
Title Of Album: Bad Bad Jimmy Ruckus
Year Of Release: 2009
Label: LP Record
Genre: Funk / Hip Hop
Format: MP3
Bitrate: CBR 320 kbps
Tracks: 27
Total Time: 40:22 min
Total Size: 102 Mb


01. The Busiest Chicken Stand in Town - dialogue (0:04)
02. Fry Chicken in Your Hot Pants (1:43)
03. Fistfight in the Master Bath (3:17)
04. Good Morning - dialogue (0:05)
05. Dunk It Down Chocolate Thunder (3:46)
06. I Know Karate and I Know White People (0:07)
07. Deadly Ruckus Crane Strike (2:16)
08. Git Jimmy Ruckus Now - dialogue (0:09)
09. U.F.HO (2:14)
10. Car Chase 92 (2:47)
11. This Cat's About to Make the Cover - dialogue (0:09)
12. Slip N Slide (4:28)
13. The Pimp Stroll (2:31)
14. Jimmy Ruckus Must Be In Town - dialogue (0:04)
15. Takin' Off (2:53)
16. Funky Santa (2:39)
17. Even My Socks... (0:04)
18. Matt the Mack's Theme (2:59)
19. I'll Hit You So Hard - dialogue (0:07)
20. South and 41st (2:51)
21. You're Directing Me - dialogue (0:07)
22. Cocoa Butter (3:00)
23. How Many Plate Glass Windows... - dialogue (0:08)
24. The Alleyway (1:41)
25. Sunday Afternoon (1:36)
26. His Skull Flew Out the Dude's Head! (0:04)
27. Three Color Collar (2:41)

- Clique Aki:

About Big Pimp Jones
Our goal has always been taking some hip-hop lyrics and putting them on top of funk. We're talking about that funk where you interrupt yourself to say something like "aaaaawwwwwWWWW YEAH!", stop macking, then run across the room to the DJ booth to see what that funky-ass record is, cause you gotta have it! We've been doing this thang for about 10 years now, just doing our best to give some funk back to hip-hop (since hip-hop's been in a taking mood with the funk). >>>>Now, for some fun facts about Big Pimp Jones: 1. We used to go by the name 'K.R.O. and the House band of the Apocalypse'. 2. We've released 2 albums on tape (on longer available), 8 albums on CD, 1 single under the name K.R.O. and 2 double-sided singles under assumed names. 3. We reside in the Philadelphia area. 4. We're the only band in history to have all five band members be named People magazine's 'Sexiest man of the year' (over different years, of course). 5. We're from the future. 6. Our malt liquor of choice is Hurricane. 7. We would run up on people, do a rambo, whip out the jammy and flat-blast them fools, but we don't want to mess up our $3700 Lynx coats.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Mr. Woodnote - Winter of Woodshed (2009)


1. Busted — ft. K.P
2. Alt-Etude
3. The Gift — ft. LilRhys
4. Bring Back
5. Interlude Double Bass Jam
6. Get Down — ft. Dub fx, LilRyhs, Theo Weywood & The Flower Fairy
7. Woodshed — ft. LilRhys
8. Stories — ft. LilRhys
9. Monkey — ft. Theo Weywood & Dub fx
10. Redman
11. Little Bit More — ft. Dub fx, Monsoon & Lyric
12. In with Flynn

- Clique Aki:

Stefanie Heinzmann - Roots To Grow (2009)

Artist: Stefanie Heinzmann
Title Of Album: Roots To Grow
Year Of Release: 2009
Genre: Pop / Soul / Jazz
Format: MP3
Bitrate: V2 VBR Kbps
Tracks: 16
Total Time: 55:39 min
Total Size: 75 Mb


01. Bag It Up
02. No One (Can Ever Change My Mind)
03. Bet That I'm Better
04. How Does It Feel
05. Unbreakable
06. World On Fire
07. Love Fever
08. Roots To Grow
09. There's A Reason
10. No Substitute
11. Stop
12. How Things Change
13. I Don't Know How To Hurt You
14. Wasting My Time
15. Ain't No Mountain High Enough
16. Since You've Been Gone (Baby, Baby, Sweet Baby)

- Clique Aki:

Miles Davis & John Lee Hooker - The Hot Spot(1990)


1. John Lee Hooker / Coming to town (3:07)
2. Taj Mahal / Empty bank (2:21)
3. John Lee Hooker / Harry's philosophy (2:46)
4. Earl Palmer / Dolly's arrival (1:19)
5. John Lee Hooker / Harry and Dolly (2:50)
6. John Lee Hooker / Sawmill (3:06)
7. Miles Davis / Bank robbery (4:34)
8. John Lee Hooker / Moanin' (3:22)
9. Miles Davis / Gloria's story (3:26)
10. John Lee Hooker / Harry sets up Sutton (1:43)
11. John Lee Hooker / Murder (4:11)
12. Miles Davis / Blackmail (2:11)
13. End credits (5:22)

- Clique Aki:

Jazz Liberatorz - Fruit Of The Past (2009)

Style: Jazz, Jazz-rap, Hip-Hop
Size: 98,4 mb (+3 % recovery)
Quality: VBR v2
Release Date: 2009


1. Music Is My Mind Pt. 1
2. Loop Prisoner
3. What’s Real (feat. Emanon)
4. Dark Keys (feat. M’Selem)
5. What’s Next On The Menu
6. Music Makes the World Go Round (20SYL Remix) (feat. Declaime)
7. Force Be With You (feat. T.Love)
8. Diggin Sound
9. It Was Only A Song
10. Always Something
11. My Style Is Fly (feat. Fat Lip)
12. Capture Your Mind
13. A Paris
14. After Party (Jazz Lib Remix) (feat. Wildchild)
15. That’s Right
16. Mountain Sunlight (feat. Mos Def)
17. Breathing Pleasure (feat. Rico)
18. Music In My Mind Part 2
19. That’s Reality
20. Blue Avenue
21. Back Packers (feat Fat Lip)
22. Slow Down
23. Force Be With You (Drum Brothers Remix)
24. My Style Is Fly (Dela Remix)
25. Music Makes The World Go Round (feat. Declaime)
26. What’s Next

- CliQue Aki:

Friday, September 25, 2009

Let's Go Get It - FOREVER

Hoje hasteamos essa bandeira no blog, com o preto do luto pela perda de um dos maiores parceiros que nosso universo de blogs musicais já teve até hoje: LET’S GO GET IT.
Inadvertidamente, e cogita-se até mesmo que por motivações pessoais de alguns pseudo-artistas da nova safra de música, o blog LET’S GO GET IT (dirigido por Hank) foi retirado do ar, juntamente com seu conteúdo.
Today we sten up this flag, with the black color for the mourning in losing one of the most important partners in the universe of music blogs: LET’S GO GET IT.
Inadvertently, and maybe for personal motivations of one of this pseudo-artists of the new generation of music, the blog LET’S GO GET IT (headed by Hank) was shut off.

O protesto que fazemos hoje, tem com base um novo modelo de consumo de músicas, que se dissemina a cada dia, por cada canto do planeta. Enquanto nossos blogs forem vistos como vilões nessa cadeia de consumo, nós do AFBJ estaremos de pé para a luta. Nós e muitos, muitos outros blogs parceiros.
The protest that we do today, is based on a new model of consumption of music, that spreads every day, every corner of the planet. While our blogs are seen as villains in this chain of consumption, we in AFBJ will stand up for the fight. We and many, many other blogs partners.

Abaixo, temos um breve (e muito esclarecedor) retrato de como um disco vaza na internet. Avaliando essa cadeia, percebemos que os blogs, são apenas a ponta final da história toda.
Below is a brief (and very enlightening) picture of how a record leaks on the Internet. Evaluating this chain, we realize that blogs are just the tip end of the story.

Nós do AFBJ, nunca fomos radicais, e sempre abrimos espaço para que o artista se manifeste caso não lhe agrade ter seu disco divulgado por nós. Entretanto, podemos assegurar-lhes, que dos mais de 200 discos já postados aqui no blog, apenas 3 artistas solicitaram a retirada dos links de download. Ou seja, menos de 2% dos artistas por nós divulgados GRATUITAMENTE, avaliam nossa atividade como sendo negativa, diante das expectativas financeiras que há por trás dos seus trabalhos. Os outros 98%, já conseguem avaliar novas formas de fazer a engrenagem capital do mundo musical girar, apenas mudando peças do processo, e conceitos ultrapassados.
We at AFBJ, have never been radical, and always open space for the artist to be revealed if they do not like to have their disc released by us. However, we can assure you that in more than 200 recordings already posted here on the blog, only 3 artists requested the withdrawal of the download links. That is, less than 2% of the artists we disclosed FREE, evaluate our business to be negative, given the financial expectations that are behind their work. The other 98%, can evaluate new ways to gear the music capital of the turn, just changing parts of the process, and outdated concepts.

O trabalho que nossos blogs fazem, é o de disseminar cultura a quem antes não teria acesso.
O trabalho que nossos blogs fazem, é o de divulgar os novos artistas que surgem em um contexto que já não mais reconhece barreiras geográficas.
O trabalho que nossos blogs fazem, é o de democratizar o acesso a arte, na esperança de que se criem novas gerações mais conscientes de seu papel no mundo.
The work that our blogs do, is to spread culture to those who previously would not have access.
The work that our blogs do, is to promote the new artists to emerge in a context that no longer recognizes barriers.
The work that our blogs do, is to democratize access to art, hoping to create new generations aware of their role in the world.

A música tem o poder de realizar grandes revoluções, e nós estamos vivendo uma exatamente agora.
Music has the power to make major breakthroughs, and we are living one right now.

Convidamos todos os visitantes do blog, a “hastearem” simbolicamente essa bandeira em seus blogs, seus espaços de trabalho, suas casas, ou em qualquer outro espaço relevante de suas vidas.
Juntos, somos maiores do que todos eles.
We invite all visitors to the blog, the "stem" symbolically that flag on your blogs, your workspaces, your homes, or in any other area relevant to their lives.
Together, we are bigger than all of them.


Registrem seus protestos, e mandem as fotos para
Publicaremos todas em um novo blog, que será criado para registrar o protesto com a participação real de todos nós.

Register your protests, and send the photos to
We'll publish all in a new blog, which will be created to register the protest with the real participation of all of us.

- texto tirado desde blog:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Etta James - Let's Roll - 2003

Year: 2003
Style: blues-rock, blues, soul
Country: USA
Format: mp3@320 CBR Stereo + covers
Size: 136 MB


Password: Juergen

Review by Alex Henderson
These days, the blues market often functions as a sanctuary for R&B artists who still provide soul and/or funk as we knew it in the '60s and '70s. Sounding a lot like Sam & Dave or Wilson Pickett won't get you on urban contemporary radio — actually, it will probably keep you off urban radio — but it might result in a gig at the Chicago Blues Festival or a contract with Alligator Records. For Etta James, refusing to embrace urban contemporary-style R&B has meant two things: (1) zero airplay on modern black stations, and (2) an enthusiastic following in the blues market. James has always been more of an R&B singer than a blues singer, but because she's so rootsy by today's standards, this 2003 release will get much of its support from blues fans. James, who turned 65 on January 25, 2003, is in fine form throughout the CD. Over the years, James has worked with a variety of producers, but she produced Let's Roll herself — and the result is one of her most rock-minded releases. A few of the tracks have a blues-rock outlook, including "The Blues Is My Business" and a gutsy performance of Billy Beck's early-'50s hit "Stacked Deck." But much of the time, James favors a rock-influenced approach to Southern soul. In fact, many of the selections recall Ike & Tina Turner's '60s and early-'70s output, especially "Strongest Weakness," "Lie No Better," and "Somebody to Love" (not to be confused with the psychedelic Jefferson Airplane classic). James' longtime fans will be happy to know that she is very much on top of her game throughout this excellent CD.

James Brown - There It Is

Label: Polydor
Catalog#: 314 517 986-2
Format: CD
Country: US
Released: 23 Mar 1993
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Funk, Soul
Notes: Original Polydor PD-5028 released in June 1972.


1 There It Is (Parts 1 & 2) (5:47)
2 King Heroin (3:58)
3 I'm A Greedy Man (Parts 1 & 2) (7:04)
4 Who Am I (4:59)
5 Talkin' Loud And Sayin' Nothing (7:47)
6 Public Enemy #1 (Part 1) (5:05)
7 Public Enemy #1 (Part 2) (5:07)
8 I Need Help (I Can't Do It Alone) (3:29)
9 Never Say Goodbye (3:02)

- Clique Aki:

One of the best James Brown soul LPs from the 70's, with a great mix of funky tracks and deeper soul tracks. The latter is represented by the classics "Public Enemy #1" and "King Heroin", both hard soul political tracks. The funk is represented by "Talkin' Loud & Sayin' Nothing", "There It Is", and James's version of "I Need Help" (which was also recorded by Bobby Byrd). Another great reissue of an album we hardly ever see in good shape.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fast And Furious 4 Soundtrack (OST 2009)

1. Brian Tyler — Judgement
2. Brian Tyler — Crossing The Border
3. Brian Tyler — It's On A
4. Brian Tyler — Outta Sight
5. Brian Tyler — Tunnel
6. Brian Tyler — Brian Vs. Dom
7. Brian Tyler — Revenge
8. Brian Tyler — It's On B
9. Pitbull & Pharrell — Blanco
10. Does It Offend You, Yeah? — We Are Rockstars
11. Pitbull & Tego Calderon — You Slip, She Grip (Mstr.)
12. Soulja Boy — Crank that (Travis Barker Remix)
13. Rye Rye — Bang (feat. M.I.A.)
14. Busta Rhymes — G-Stro
15. Kenna — Loose Wires
16. Pitbull — Krazy (feat. Lil Jon)
17. Shark City Click — Head Bust
18. Pitbull — Bad Girls (feat. Robin Thicke)
19. Don Omar — Virtual Diva
20. Tasha — La Isla Bonita
21. Pitbull — Blanco (feat. Pharrell) (Spanish Version-Bonus Track)
22. Acafool — Ride
23. Angel & Khriz — Muevela
24. Enmicasa — Street Code
25. Don Omar — Bandoleros
26. Run DMC — Raising Hell
27. TVXQ — Rising Sun
28. Def Con Dos — Los Dias Pasan Mal
29. Common — Universal Mind Control
30. Mala Rodriguez — Volvere
31. Kumbia Kings — Boom Boom
32. Don Omar — Anda Sola
33. Orquesta Guayacan — Amor Traicionero

Score soundtrack
1. Landtrain
2. Fast And Furious
3. The Border
4. Letty
5. The Tunnel
6. Amends
7. Dom Vs. Brian
8. Hanging with Dom
9. Suite
10. Revenge
11. Accelerator
12. Vaya Con Dios
13. In the Name of the Father
14. Outta Sight
15. Brian And Mia
16. Tracer
17. Letty's Cell Phone
18. Real Drivers
19. Fate
20. The Exchange
21. No Goodbyes
22. Vengeance
23. Memorial
24. The Showdown
25. Judgment

- Clique Aki:

Sex And The City

1. Fergie — Labels Or Love
2. Jennifer Hudson — All Dressed In Love
3. Duffy — Mercy
4. Nina Simone — The Look Of Love (Madison Park VS Lenny B Remix)
5. Morningwood — New York Girls
6. The Weepies — All This Beauty
7. Kaskade — I Like The Way
8. Jem — It's Amazing
9. The Bird & The Bee — How Deep Is Your Love
10. India.Arie — The Heart Of The Matter
11. Mairi Campbell & Dave Francis — Auld Lang Syne
12. Bliss — Kissing
13. Al Green Featuring Joss Stone — How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
14. Run D.M.C Featuring Steve Tyler And Joe Perry Of Aerosmith — Walk This Way
15. Pfeifer Broz Orchestra — Sex And The City — Movie Theme

- Clique Aki:

Reservoir Dogs

1. And Now Little Green Bag [Dialogue] (Steven Wright)
2. Little Green Bag (George Baker Selection)
3. Rock Flock Of Five [Dialogue] (Steven Wright)
4. Hooked On a Feeling (Blue Swede)
5. Bohemiath [Dialogue] (Steven Wright)
6. I Gotcha (Joe Tex)
7. Magic Carpet Ride (Bedlam)
8. Madonna Speech [Dialogue] (feat. Harvey Keitel & Steve Buscemi & Lawrence Tierney & Eddie Bunker) (Quentin Tarantino)
9. Fool For Love (Sandy Rogers)
10. Super Sounds [Dialogue] (Steven Wright)
11. Stuck In The Middle With You (Stealers Wheel)
12. Harvest Moon (Bedlam)
13. Let's Get A Taco [Dialogue] (feat. Tim Roth) (Harvey Keitel)
14. Keep On Truckin' [Dialogue] (Steven Wright)
15. Coconut (Harry Nilsson)
16. Home Of Rock [Dialogue] (Steven Wright)

- Clique Aki:

Sin City

- Clique Aki:

Men In Black/ The Original Soundtrack

01. Will Smith — Men In Black
02. Snoop Doggy Dog featuring JD — We Just Wanna Party With You
03. Ginuwine — I'm Feelin' You
04. Alicia Keys — Dah Dee Dah (Sexy Thing)
05. Will Smith — Just Cruisin'
06. The Roots feat. D`Angelo — The 'Notic
07. Trey Lorenz — Make You Happy
08. NAS — Escobar '97
09. Emoja — Erotik City
10. A Tribe Called Quest — Same Ol' Thing
11. Destiny`s Child — Killing Time
12. 3T — Waiting For Love
13. De La Soul — Chanel No. Fever
14. Buckshot Lefonque — Some Cow Fonque (More Tea,Vicar?)
15. Danny Elfmann — M.I.B. Main Theme
16. Danny Elfmann — M.I.B. Closing Theme

- Clique Aki:

Rock'n'Rolla / Original soundtrack


01. Dialogue Clip — People Ask the Que
02. Black Strobe — I'm a Man
03. Sonics — Have Love Will Travel
04. Dialogue Clip — No School Like the
05. Clash — Bankrobber
06. Kim Fowley — The Trip
07. Dialogue Clip — Slap Him!
08. Steve Isles — Ruskies
09. War — Outlaw
10. Flash And The Pan — Waiting for A Train
11. Dialogue Clip — Junkies
12. Subways — Rock & Roll Queen
13. Lou Reed — The Gun
14. Hives — The Stomp
15. Scientists — We Had Love
16. Dialogue Clip — Sausage & Beans
17. Beat — Mirror In the Bathroom
18. Wanda Jackson — Funnel of Love
19. 22-20s — Such a Fool
20. Sector Gaza — Dopilsya
21. Miguelito Valdes — Negra Leono

- Clique Aki:

VA - Discovered - A Collection Of Daft Funk Samples

Label: Rapster Records
Format: CD, Compilation
Country: Germany
Released: Oct 2007
Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul
Style: Soul, Funk, Disco


1. Breakwater – Release The Beast ("Robot Rock")
2. George Duke – I Love You More ("Digital Love")
3. Edwin Birdsong – Cola Bottle Baby ("Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster")
4. Cerrone – Supernature ("Verdis Quo")
5. Tata Vega – Get It Up For Love ("Da Funk")
6. Karen Young – Hot Shot ("Indo Silver Club")
7. Chaka Khan – Fate ("Music Sounds Better With You" – by Stardust)
8. Sister Sledge – II Macquillage Lady ("Aerodynamic")
9. Oliver Cheatham – Get Down Saturday Night ("Voyager")
10. Eddie Johns – I Put A Spell On You ("One More Time")
11. Little Anthony & The Imperials – Can You Imagine ("Crescendolls")
12. Jerry Goldsmith – The Rec Room ("Around The World")

- Clique Aki:

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Hoje faz 1 ano que Dj Primo nos deixou,ja li muita coisa hj, muita coisa de conteúdo outras nen tanto,vi muito ''rip'' aqui ''rip'' ali,e engracado a iproquisia de certas pessoas "djs" muitos que falavan mal do cara agora so fica nesse tal de ''rip'' aqui e ali....
Vo contar a minha experencia, no ano de 2004 começei um projeto na cidade que morava na época São José dos Campos. O projeto comecou no antigo Café Cancun,que me deu a quinta-feira o dia + esculhanbado que tinha la não ia ninguen no pico esse dia.
Eu e o meu parceiro dj cirilo que tocava neste dia e tivemos a ideia de começar trazer un djs convidados,andando la pela galeria estávamos na cash beat da saudosa flora quando chegou o Primo conversamos ele saiu e o cirilo falo mano vamo chamar o Primo !!! falei po cirilo o cara e dj do D2 vai meter a faca não temos grana pra pagar...mesmo assin conversamos e fechamos um valor lembro q ele me disse que queria tocar na cidade.
Tudo fechado data e tudo + mandei fazer os flyers,mas aconteceu a parada + loca que ja vi,a casa abriu normalmente quinta sexta e sabado quando acabou a festa de sábado o dono do pico que e o mesmo maluco que e dono do cafe cancun de Goiania,feechou o pico encostou uns caminhoes empacotaran tudo e ja era o cafe cancun,detalhe a festa seria na proxima quinta.
Nesse meio tempo abriu uma nova casa e eu fiquei na cabeça do dono deste pico pra transferir o projeto para la,consegui no ano seguinte,e e deran a quinta porque do mesmo jeito do cafe cancun era o pior dia da casa e la pior ainda, no exato dia 14 de janeiro de 2005 começou a festa Black Deluxe na Aquarius Club com dj Primo tocando em 4 toca-discos e casa estrunbada.
Para a cidade foi um evento que ninguen acreditava, nem os donos da casa nem a imprensa,nem os "manos "do rap alias esses torceran contra...enfim ninguen.
E a festa ficou por 2 anos bombada Dj Primo tocava a cada 45 60 dias, e por la passou os melhores dj do brasil.

Obrigado Dj Primo por acreditar em nos.

Stones Throw X Serato (Vinyl) (2009)

Limited to 2000 copies release double 12″ from Stones Throw. Comes in a clear pack, containing:
2 X 12″ (with Serato Control Signal intended solely for use in conjunction with Serato Scratch Live Software on sides B and D, and exclusive Stones Throw artist tracks sides A + C)
2 X White slipmats with gold ‘Stones Throw’ logo.

Saiba +:

Pô levei un sabão da Stones Trown por ter postado o novo disc0 do Madlib,nen sou tão fã dele assin... então resolvi da uma puxada de saco pros cara...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

VA - The Ultimate Italian Disco Funk Collection Vol. 1

Label: PTG
Format: CD, Compilation
Style: Disco, Funk
Quality: MP3 320 CBR
Total Size: 181 Mb


01. BOEING — Dance On The Beat (4:46)
02. TRANCE — Hang On It (5:49)
03. SELECTION — Ride The Bream (6:15)
04. RAINBOW TEAM — Stay (4:10)
05. METROPOLE — Miss Manhattan (7:57)
06. THE ARMED GANG — Love Shot (Club Version) (4:32)
07. KORJA — My Mind (4:30)
08. GEORGE AARON — Silly Reason (5:05)
09. ASSO — Don't Stop (5:36)
10. KANO — Can't Hold Back Your Lovin' (Dance Mix) (4:54)
11. KASSO — Dig It (5:25)
12. MICHAEL BAKER — Don't You Want My Lovin' (Dance Mix) (4:54)
13. THE GONG´S GANG — Gimme Your Love (Vocal Disco Mix) (6:42)

- Clique Aki

A wonderfully wicked collection of tunes — all solid 80s groovers from a variety of Italian groups — most of whom we'd never heard before! The style here isn't the cheesy electronic Italian disco you might know from crossover chart hits — but a bass-heavy, boogie-grooving, post-disco style that's filled with the same great jazzy riffs and keyboard parts you'd expect from American club soul of the time. Grooves often roll into some tightly snapping rollerskating rhythms — and although most instrumentation is electric, including the percussion, the overall sound is wonderfully soulful throughout. Titles include "Don't You Want My Lovin (dance mix)" by Michael Baker, "Gimme Your Love (voc disco mix)" by The Gong's Gang, "Dig It" by Kasso, "Silly Reason" by George Aaron, "My Mind" by Korja, "Love Shot (club)" by The Armed Gang, "Miss Manhattan" by Metropole, "Ride The Beam" by Selection, "Hang On It" by Trance, and "Dance On The Beat" by Boeing.

Rick James - Street Songs


1. Give It To Me Baby
2. Ghetto Life
3. Make Love To Me
4. Mr. Policeman
5. Super Freak
6. Fire And Desire (with Teena Marie)
7. Call Me Up
8. Below The Funk Pass (Pass The J)
9. Give It To Me Baby (12" mix)
10. Give It To Me Baby (instrumental)
11. Super Freak (12" mix)
12. Super Freak (instrumental)

- Clique Aki

Street Songs became the biggest R&B album of that year, staying at the top of the charts for 20 consecutive weeks and since then the album has gone multi-platinum.

The sound quality is amazing, much clearer than the first copies of this CD in the mid-80s.The songs are all here!
There's the bass-heavy "Give It To Me, Baby", the street anthem "Ghetto Life" (which surely inspired a lot of the hip-hop that was soon to follow),the nice slow jam "Make Love To Me", and the reggae-tinged "Mr. Policeman", which, must have inspired latter rap songs about police brutality.
Then there is the masterpiece, the New Wave-styled "Super Freak", which still sounds fresh and new after all these years. The duet with Teena Marie "Fire and Desire" is steamy and intense, even if they do go a little overboard, vocally. "Call Me Up" is sexy and to the point, while "Below The Funk(Pass The J)" is a perfect album closer, another badass street anthem that reflects the mood of the album. Fortunately, the fun doesn't end there.
At the end of this first disc, there are bonus 12" versions of the hits "Give It To Me Baby" and "SuperFreak". The 7-minute remix of "SuperFreak" is particularly fierce, with the catchy sing-along hook "SuperFreak,the girl's a SuperFreak....SuperFreak,the girl's a SuperFreak".

Rick James had already reached the top of the R&B charts numerous times before STREET SONGS, but this 1981 release was the crossover breakthrough that earned him pop stardom. This is where his mix of P-Funk grooves and Blowfly lyrics hitched ... Full Descriptionits wagon to some surefire pop hooks without losing any of the funk. The album is best remembered for its two enduring hits, "Give It To Me Baby" and "Super Freak," but the action doesn't stop there. James unleashes his inner Barry White on "Fire and Desire," a romance-dripping slow-jam duet with Teena Marie, and the tight, funky grooves of "Below the Funk" and "Call Me Up" are as irresistible as those of the album's better-known tracks. Oh, and just in case anyone wants to stop dancing long enough to think about it, STREET SONGS is supposedly a concept album about the street life of ladies of the night and their, um, business managers.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Biga - Som Barato

Mixta-Tape "Phodastica" ( com Ph mesmo pra dar + moral ... ) Confesso que desde a (Cultura Copia) do Dj Nuts não tinha ouvido algo tão consistente,a proeza é do meu amigo da Italia, Francesco ,o nome "Som Barato" e uma alusão aos discos que foi usado na mix-Tape geralmente raros e muito caros aqui e na europa.....
Nela voce encontra o funk,Psicodelia e Samba-rock Brasileiro tudo bem selecionado e mixado por esse exelente Dj.

Acesse o Blog do cara.

Aqui fica a sugestão pra nós brasileiros,vamos fazer como os gringos vamos pesquisar a nossa cultura musical....

01- intro
02. mpb4 - palhaços e reis
03. marcos resende & index - vidigal
04. arthur verocai - caboclo
05. pedro santos - desengano da vista
06. wilson das neves - jornada
07. waltel branco - luar do sertao
08. marku ribas - orange lady
09. ed kennedy - angra
10. erlon chaves - carly & carole
11. doris monteiro - se questao de adeus ate logo
12. abilio manoel - luiza manequim
13. paulinho boca de cantor - vestido da prata
14. wilson simonal - coisa de louco
15. s samba - eu bebo sim
16. elizeth cardoso - eu bebo sim
17. os incriveis - vendedor de bananas
18. amado maita - samba de amigo
19. erasmo carlos - preciso dar um jeito, meu amigo
20. gal costa - pontos de luz
21. angela valle paulo sergio valle - o cafona
22. osmar milito & quarteto forma - corpo sano em mente sa
23. osmar milito - mais cedo ou mais tarde
24. silvio cesar - agarre seu homem
25. som nosso - levante a cabeça
26. edson frederico - bobeira
27. helio matheus - eu reu me condeno
28. burnier & cartier - mirandolina
29. ed lincoln - se voce quiser
30. orlandivo - bolinha de sabao
31. azambuja & cia - tema de azambuja
32. marilia medalha - xaxado de espantar tristeza
33. cravo & canela - iboru iboya
34. secos e molhados - assim assado
35. antonio adolfo e a brazuca - caminhada
36. emilio santiago - bananeira
37. erasmo carlos - mane joao
38. ivan lins - hei voce
39. gal costa - vou recomençar
40. trio esperança - nao aguento voce
41. sivuca - ponteio
42. conjunto roberto menescal - influençia do jazz
43. agostinho do santos - ?
44. gilberto gil - futurivel
45. orquestra afro-brasileira - india
46. outro

- Clique Aki

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dj Uilson Presents Isaac Hayes

1- Intro
Theme Fron Shaft
Shaft II
The End Theme Shaft
2- Persuit of the Pimpmobile ( truck Turner )
3- Joe Bell ( Tough Guys )
4- Breakthrough ( Truck Turner )
5- Hung up on My Baby ( Tough Guys )
6- Café Regio’s ( Shaft )
7- Joy - Part. 1 ( joy )
8- Never Gonna Give You Up ( Black Moses)
9- A Friend’s Place ( Shaft )
10- Medley – “ Ike’s Rap” “ Help Me Love “ ( Black Moses )
11- Run Fay Run ( Tough Guys)
12- Dorinda’s Party ( Truck Turner)
13- Title Theme( Tough Guys)
14- Do Your Thing ( Shaft )

- Clique Aki

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fiesta Del Funk Naciente

Apesar da "gripe suina" frio e varios conselhos de amigos para não viajar,eu fui pra Buenos Aires neste ultimo dia 2 de julho,a festa aconteceu no dia 3 uma sexta feira no Niceto Club uma casa de espetaculos enorme no baiiro de Palermo,um bairro como o jardins aqui de Sampa,alén de min teve a presença de uma super Banda de Funk "troimaclur"
e os Rapers " Sutil y Benja" do selo portenho "Raptores Records" entre outros.
A produção fica por conta dos meus amigos Lenni e Sebasian.
O albun de fotos esta disponivel no meu Flickr .

VA - Sensacional Soul Vol.2

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Sensacional Soul Vol.2
Year Of Release: August 11, 2009
Label: Vampisoul
Genre: Spanish funk, soul, r&b

Hard hitting Spanish funk, soul, r&b and moddish gems - the second volume of Sensacional Soul from the late 60s and into early 70s, even better than the first volume - and a treasure from the folks at Vampi Soul! The Spanish soul sound here is rugged and raw, usually with furious drums, gritty, usually Spanish language vocals and punchy bits of horn - some with fuzzed out guitar and organ grooves that give them more of a garagey r&b style. Whether it's primarily in a funk mode or more of a mod r&b dancefloor style, it's really exciting stuff all the way! Includes "Hey Hey Bunny" by Los Gatos Negros, "Sintonia En Soul" by Jae's Soul, "Bugulu" by Los Albas, "Soul" by Chus Martinez, "Rudi's In Love" by Los Bravos, "Limon Y Sal" by La Nueva Banda De Santisben, "Donkey" by Henry C Martin, "El Sol Es Una Droga" by Los Kifers, "No, No, No" by Los Pops, "Para Siempre" by Wagon, "I'm Walking High" by Evolution", "El Fuegy" by Los 5 Diablos and much more. 32 tracks on 2CDs with a thick booklet of notes & photos.

01. Los Gatos Negros - Hey, Hey Bunny 2:54
02. Jae's Soul - Sintonia En Soul 2:27
03. Los Albas - Bugulu 2:20
04. Conjunto Brillant's - Las Bellas Ilusiones 3:12
05. Karlo Y Su Conjunto - Abandonado 2:05
06. Los Go-Go - Tu Lo Tienes, Mi Amor 2:23
07. Chus Martinez - Soul 2 2:17
08. Ossie Lane - Higher & Higher 4:04
09. Los Bravos - Rudy's in Love 3:16
10. Las 4 Monedas - Perdoname 2:41
11. Los Roberts - El Saltamontes 3:13
12. Gino - La Vida Es Un Juego De Azar 2:39
13. La Nueva Banda De Santisteban - Limon Y Sal 3:05
14. Henry C Martin - Donkey 2:31
15. Los Brisks - Stone Free 2:51
16. Los Roller - Camino Cortado 3:38

01. Los Kifers - El Sol Es Una Droga 2:42
02. Henry - Lo Que Puede Ocurrir Con El Cafe 2:04
03. Los Pops - No, No, No 1:43
04. Lone Star - La Maquina Infernal 3:12
05. Conexion - I Don't Know What to Do 3:55
06. Evolution - I'm Walkin' High 4:03
07. Wagon - Para Siempre 3:38
08. Los Pekenikes - Polucion 2:59
09. Los Ros - áyeah! 2:05
10. Manolo Y Ramon - Lagrimas, Sonrisas 2:53
11. Joe Cogra Group - Darkness 2:02
12. Ritmo Pile - Pile Beat 2:49
13. Peter Soto - Boom Boom 2:46
14. Los Talismanes - East Side Story 2:10
15. Los 5 Diablos - El Fuego 2:45
16. Alex Y Los Findes - Es Mejor Dejarlo Como Esta 3:15

- Clique Aki:

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Chris Joss - Dr Rhythm (2002)

Artist: Chris Joss
Title Of Album: Dr Rhythm
Year Of Release: 2002
Label: Irma
Genre: Acid Jazz / BreakBeat / Electro / Funk


1 Table Of Contents (1:55)
2 Dr Rhythm (5:18)
3 The Gnomes (5:49)
4 Back On Stage (3:54)
5 The Sequel (6:51)
6 The Break In (1:08)
7 The Fuse (4:06)
8 No Sampling Allowed (5:04)
9 Woolly Waltz (4:40)
10 Blizzard White Out (2:41)
11 I'm So Electric (3:31)
12 Constant Vibration (4:24)
13 Lesson One (6:28)
14 Bakara (3:30)
15 Bombay Revisited (5:37)

Download from

Password : DenLenZ

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Souljazz Orchestra - Freedom No Go Die (2007)

Artist: The Souljazz Orchestra
Title Of Album: Freedom No Go Die
Year Of Release: 2007
Genre: Acid Jazz / Funk / Afro-Beat

1. The Souljazz Orchestra - Mista President (6:36)
2. The Souljazz Orchestra - Blind Leading the Blind (3:27)
3. The Souljazz Orchestra - Insurrection (3:39)
4. The Souljazz Orchestra - Freedom No Go Die (5:48)
5. The Souljazz Orchestra - Mojuba (5:11)
6. The Souljazz Orchestra - Secousse Soukous (5:08)
7. The Souljazz Orchestra - Little Habana (5:03)
8. The Souljazz Orchestra - Mugambi (4:10)
9. The Souljazz Orchestra - Creator Has a Masterplan (7:34)

Download (flyfile)

Download (rapidshare)

Legend has it that, in the mid-sixties, James Brown's exposure to West African highlife musicians, such as Orlando Julius and Tony Allen, led him to transform his already potent brand of soul into a new music now referred to as funk. Likewise, during his 1969 trip to the United States, Fela Kuti's introduction to American funk and soul, in particular the Godfather’s own music, compelled him to reshape his highlife jazz into a controversial new style he would call afrobeat.

Noticing this undeniable link, the Souljazz Orchestra thus decided to bridge the gap between the worlds of funk and afrobeat, all the while staying open to the exploration of related genres, from boogaloo to soul, from highlife to jazz. Combined with lyrics touching on politics and spirituality, the resulting music is raw and dirty afrofunk like you've never heard before.

Formed in 2002, the Ottawa-based band has since had the honour of sharing the stage with Femi Kuti, Dele Sosimi (of the Egypt 80), Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, Etta James, Alpha YaYa Diallo, John Lee Hooker Jr., and more. The group has toured across the Canadian nation, from Halifax's Atlantic Jazz Festival to Calgary’s Afrikadey. Now, with international dates in the works, the Souljazz Orchestra is set to bring its earthquaking afrofunk sound to the rest of the world.

The group released its latest album, Freedom No Go Die, in September of 2006. This high-energy release features the vocal stylings of Rwandan/Burundian musician Mighty Popo, as well as those of soul sisters Marielle Rivard and Alanna Stuart. The album has since created quite a stir on the international DJ scene: "firing horns, funky keyboards and polyrhythmic beats to rock dance floors" enthused Straight No Chaser, "a sound as tight as the power fists that adorn the cover" raved Exclaim. IDJ has also sung the album’s praises: "A marching groove and firing horns evoke not only the spirit of a certain Mr. Anikulapo-Kuti, but also a packed shrine going nuts. Amazing stuff." The listeners of Gilles Peterson’s BBC radio show actually voted the album’s opening track, Mista President, as one of the top ten tracks of the year.

Chris Joss - Teraphonic Overdubs (2008)

Artist: Chris Joss
Title Of Album: Teraphonic Overdubs
Year Of Release: 2008
Label: Eighteenth Street
Genre: Acid Jazz / BreakBeat / Electro / Funk
Quality: MP3


01. Magic Tubes
02. I Want Freedom
03. Count The Daisies
04. Get With It
05. Jungle Dolls
06. Fatality Strikes
07. Atomic Tape
08. Slack The Slammer
09. Summer Springs
10. Luna Rides Back
11. A Room With a VU Meter
12. Surgelator Action
13. Granted

Download from

VA - Mojo Club - Dancefloor Jazz Vol.10: Love Power (2001)

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Mojo Club - Dancefloor Jazz Vol.10: Love Power
Year Of Release: 2001
Genre: Jazz-Funk / Soul / Latin / Oldies

CD 1:

01. Dusty Springfield - Love Power (2:08)
02. Esther Satterfield - Love Music (2:22)
03. Bobby Bloom - Fanta (2:09)
04. Gary Mcfarland - Bloop Bleep (2:21)
05. Earl Grant - House Of Bamboo (2:35)
06. Manny Corchado - Chicken And Booze (2:58)
07. Lou Rawls - Everywhere I Go (2:41)
08. Davy Jones - Sophisticated Sissy (2:43)
09. Brian Auger, Julie Driscoll & The Trinity - Break It Up (3:01)
10. Rob Agerbeek Quintet - The Chair Dance (4:54)
11. Eddy Louiss - Mazurka Cocadou (3:59)
12. Georgia Fame - Hot Stuff (2:24)
13. Nara Leão - Carcara (1:50)
14. Gato Barbieri - Fiesta (5:06)
15. Joao Donato - Bananeira (2:29)
16. Tim Maia - I Don't Know What To Do With Myself (3:40)
17. Smoked Sugar - I'm A Winner (3:49)
18. Lenny Williams - Choosing You (6:04)
19. Peaches & Herb - Freeway (5:34)
20. Miracles - Ain't Nobody Straight In L.A. (3:46)

CD 2:

01. The Younghearts - Wake Up & Start Standing (4:05)
02. 1619 B.A.B. - For Your Love (3:12)
03. Candido - Candido's Funk (4:13)
04. Wilson Simonal - Noves Fora (2:18)
05. Alcione - Acorda Que Eu Quero Ver (2:56)
06. Nelson Riddle - It's Your Turn (3:10)
07. Milton Nascimento - Gira Girou (3:19)
08. Lyn Collins - Me And My Baby Got Our Own Thing Going (3:13)
09. Shorty Long - Here Comes The Judge (2:34)
10. T-Boone Walker - Poontang (2:50)
11. Dave Mackay & Vicky Hamilton - Blues For Hari (5:09)
12. Friedrich Gulda - Blues Fantasy (4:01)
13. Irene Reid - Hey World, Let Love In (4:28)
14. Etta James - Quick Reaction & Satisfaction (2:34)
15. Arthur Prysock - Another Time, Another Place (1:39)
16. Edie Kendricks - Girl You Need A Change Of Mind (7:29)
17. Marvin Gaye - You're The Man (3:09)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (rapidshare)
Download (hotfile)

A fantastic bunch of grooves -- and one of the best installments in our favorite compilation series ever! The genius DJs at Hamburg's Mojo Club have always had a great ear for a song -- and that ear gets better and better with each new compilation. This package is a brilliant assortment of tunes that runs from heavy funk to sweet soul to funky jazz and groovy 60s tunes. There's loads on here that you've probably forgotten about -- or just plain never heard -- and the pacing of the compilation means that the tracks maintain a very cool vibe throughout, making the set always a fresh listen for the discerning ear!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brenda Boykin - Chocolate & Chili (2008)

Artist: Brenda Boykin
Title Of Album: Chocolate & Chili
Year Of Release: 2008
Genre: Lounge / Nu Jazz / Vocal

01. Brenda Boykin - Be My Lover (4:26)
02. Brenda Boykin - Chocolate and Chili (3:32)
03. Brenda Boykin - Wonderful (5:31)
04. Brenda Boykin - Love is in Town (5:21)
05. Brenda Boykin - Hard Swing Travellin' Man (4:55)
06. Brenda Boykin - Talk with your Hands (4:43)
07. Brenda Boykin - State Side Blues (3:23)
08. Brenda Boykin - Across the Stars (4:34)
09. Brenda Boykin - He doesn't know (4:37)
10. Brenda Boykin - Moaning (4:02)
11. Brenda Boykin - Listen to the Beat (4:46)
12. Brenda Boykin - Freedom Song (5:05)
13. Brenda Boykin - Rockabye Me (3:55)
14. Brenda Boykin - Be my Lover (Acoustic Bossa Remix) (3:27)

- Clique Aki:

Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P - Michael Jackson

- Confesso que fiquei profundamente triste com a morte de Michael Jackson,que me lembre a ultima vez que estive assim foi com a morte de Airton Senna.
Obrigado por tudo "Jacko".

Michael Jackson - 2008 - King of Pop (German Editi )

Artista: Michael Jackson
Titulo: King of Pop (German Edition) (2 CD)
Ano: 2008

CD 1
01 Billie Jean (4:54)
02 Beat It (4:18)
03 Thriller (5:14)
04 Smooth Criminal (4:19)
05 Bad (4:10)
06 Dirty Diana (4:43)
07 Black or White (4:18)
08 Men in the Mirror (5:21)
09 Earth Song (5:04)
10 Heal the World (4:36)
11 They Don't Care About Us (4:14)
12 Who is It (4:02)
13 Speechless (3:21)
14 The Way You Make Me Feel (5:00)
15 Weve Had Enough (5:48)
16 Remember the Time (4:02)

CD 2
01 Whatever Happens (4:58)
02 You are Not Alone (4:59)
03 Say Say Say (3:59)
04 Liberian Girl (3:50)
05 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (4:22)
06 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (4:03)
07 I Just Can't Stop Loving You (4:15)
08 Give in to Me (5:32)
09 Dangerous (7:02)
10 Will You Be There (3:41)
11 Scream (4:43)
12 You Rock My World (5:09)
13 Stranger in Moscow (5:24)
14 Rock With You (3:25)
15 Got the Hots (4:30)
16 Thriller Megamix (9:15)

- Clique Aki Parte 1:
- Clique Aki Parte 2:

The Herbaliser - Same As It Never Was (2008)

Artist: The Herbaliser
Title Of Album: Same As It Never Was
Year Of Release: May 27, 2008
Label: K7
Genre: Soul, Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop
Quality: MP3


1. Same As It Never Was
2. On Your Knees
3. Just Won't Stop
4. The Next Spot
5. Can't Help This Feeling
6. Amores Bongo
7. Street Karma
8. You're Not All That
9. Blackwater Drive
10. Game Set and Match
11. Clap Your Hands
12. Stranded on Earth

- Clique Aki:

Originally a jazzy trip-hop act, The Herbaliser now makes a kind of horn-drenched hyperfunk. The songs- and they are real songs, not just tracks- reference everything from Tower of Power and Chicago to Aretha Franklin and Quincy Jones.

In this release, The Herbaliser is moving away from rap. There are only three rap tracks on the CD and they are bearable. The rest of the album is all excellent, with great instrumentals and vocal tracks.

The formula is an energetic and upbeat mix of hip-hop and funk, with a lot of inspiration/sampling from seventies film music and fifties big band sound.

Opening is the title track which is largely a funky instrumental with darting horns, organ and an incredible bassline. There are 3 other instrumentals; "The next spot" (with an almost Afrobeat feel), the awesome "Amores Bongo" (a delightful guitar/horn/percussion mix that sounds like it should be some movie soundtrack), and the more mellow "Blackwater drive".

Five songs feature vocalist Jessica Darling, "On your knees", "Can't help this feeling", "You're not all that", "Clap your hands" (these four are retro funk ditties James Brown/Sly & The Family Stone-style) and the sprawling 6 minute plus opus "Stranded on Earth" (a psychedelic sounding number with deep bass, Hip hop beats kicking in about 2 minutes in, and Jessica's few vocals coming in the final 2 minutes). This song is simply amazing!

There are a trio of Hip hop numbers "Just won't stop" features Yungun aka Essa, a Rap touching on the changes technology has brought to social life (Youtube, Myspace, etc). "Street karma (a cautionary tale)" is a midtempo rap with a creepy vibe, horns and sound effects (a car revving, kids playing, etc) adding to the drama. It features Jean Grae on vocals, and is a tale about the violent life on the streets. "Game set and match" features More or Les in a spitfire Rap delivery and some nice guitar effects.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

VA - New Funk Voices ( 2009 )

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: New Funk Voices
Year Of Release: 19.03.2009
Label: Clubstar
Genre: Soul/Funk, R&B


01 Nils Landgren Funk Unit - Gimme, Gimme, Gimme 4:09
02 The Brand New Heavies - Boogie 3:49
03 The Herbaliser feat. Jessica Darling - Can't Help This Feeling 3:20
04 Candy Dulfer - Summertime 4:25
05 Kraak And Smaak feat. Ben Westbeech - Squeeze Me 3:13
06 Andy Lewis feat. Loleatta Holloway - Devastated (Mr. Comicstore Remix) 3:55
07 The Snugs - Strugglin' (Original) 3:49
08 The Sweet Divines - Don't You Ever 2:46
09 Club des Belugas feat. Brenda Boykin - Wildcats Gotta Move 5:26
10 Diesler feat. Afrika Fuentes - Passion 4:16
11 Femi Kuti - Tell Me 4:32
12 The New Mastersounds - Hey Fela ! (Diesler feat. Laura Vane Remix) 4:47
13 Lefties Soul Connection - Get Back (Drum & Clap) 3:02
14 Speedometer feat. Ria Currie - Am I Your Woman ? 3:09
15 Kutiman feat. Karolina - Music Is Ruling My Life 3:57
16 Quantic feat. Alice Russell - Sound Of Everything (Senorlobo & Watch TV Remix) 4:00
17 Jeff Cascaro - Try 3:30
18 The Sweet Vandals - I got you, Man 5:29
19 Rad. - Next To You 4:00

- Clique Aki: