Monday, April 19, 2010

Fanga - Sira Ba (2009)

Artist: Fanga
Album: Sira Ba
Label: Underdog Records
Released: Nov 2009
Style: Afro-beat / Funk
Format: mp3 vbr v0
Tracks: 10
Total Time: 62:35
Total Size: 88 Mb

-Clique Aqui:

Track list:
1. Dounia Part 1 (12:32)
2. Yeleko (6:58)
3. Bassi Te (5:55)
4. Follow Me (4:38)
5. Corruption (8:12)
6. Illumination (1:33)
7. I Go On Without You Feat Winston Mcannuf (5:18)
8. Tiogho Tiogho (6:26)
9. Ni Ya Wouele (3:59)
10. Dounia Part 2 Feat The Togo All Stars (7:04)

...Empassioned and passionate, their music contains alluring promise. Fanga takes on an entire dimension on stage. Those who’ve had the chance of seeing the group live can only agree. Under the ongoing artistic direction of Serge Amiano, Fanga has recorded its third album in spring 2009 in Montpellier, entitled ‘Sira Ba’ (The Long Road).
Over the course of nine pieces, the collective Fanga offers a look at the past through the eyes of the present and the future. The Jamaican singer Winston McAnuff infuses a reggae accent in I Go On Without You, whereas the Togo All Stars orchestra shines out like a thousand fires on Dounya, one of the strongest and most jubilant of the album, resonating in the afro-funk echos of Moussa Doumbia and Amadou Ballake.
Alternating drawn-out lyrical climaxes, explosive brass passages, killer riffs and melodic ease, ‘Sira Ba’ displays a powerful force of conviction, reflecting an uncompromised musical complicity and an impressive flow of energy. Julien Raulet’s guitar work reacts perfectly with the keyboards of David Rekkab and the percussion of Eric Durand.
Martial Reverdy’s baritone reinforces the energy and persuasive power exuded by Fanga, along with the lyrics that take us straight back to the most glorious hour of the golden age of afrobeat, laced with the influences of that ‘great black music’. Once fallen under the spell of this strength of conviction, all that remains is to dance.


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