Monday, April 12, 2010

Phat Fred - Don't Spoil The Soup! (2006)

Artist: Phat Fred
Album: Don't Spoil The Soup!
Label: Hammondbeat Records
Released: 14 Nov 2006
Genre: Funk, Jazz
Style: Deep Funk
Format: mp3 320 kbit
Tracks: 11
Total Time: 48:45
Total Size: 115.6 Mb

Track list:
1. Stay On The Groove (4:29)
2. I Turned You On (4:04)
3. Yo Mama (6:13)
4. Yu Nou Rili (3:45)
5. Titos Buga (3:40)
6. Get Downg (4:53)
7. Beefsteak (5:03)
8. Starforce (4:39)
9. Stop Your Jive (3:30)
10. Home Sweet Home (4:02)
11. Hand Brake [Bonus Track] (4:27)

- Clique Aqui:

Phat Fred is 4 guys from different parts of the world united by their love of music. The music they create is catagorised as funk. But Phat Fred is never limited by catagories. Mixing funk with blues, disco, jazz, rock and psychedelia their music is 100% "dance-able" and the live show, bordering on the bizzare, has had them described as "Punk Funk!" One thing's for sure, not content with "chasing ghosts" and trying to sound like bands been and gone, Phat Fred is about dancing, getting down and dirty, partying, letting loose from social and musical constrictions and generally having fun!

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