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DJ Soares - A Long Walk On The Motherland's Waves by djsoares

Monday, June 28, 2010

George Duke - Follow the Rainbow

Artist: George Duke
Title Of Album: Follow the Rainbow
Release Date: 1979
Label: Epic
Genre: Funk
Format: MP3
Bitrate: VBR 256 kbps
Tracks: 10
Total Time: 64:53 min
Total Size: 51 MB

George Duke - Follow the Rainbow

Not so easy to get record and one of his funkiest !

01- Party Down.mp3
02- Say That You Will.mp3
03- Funkin' For The Thrill.mp3
04- Sunrise.mp3
05- Festival.mp3
06- I Am For Real.mp3
07- Straight From The Hart.mp3
08- Corine.mp3
09- Pluck.mp3
10- Follow The Rainbow.mp3

- Clique Aqui:

Johnny Guitar Watson - Funk beyond the call of Duty

Artist: Johnny Guitar Watson
Title Of Album: Funk beyond the call of Duty
Release Date: June 1977
Label: DJM
Genre: Funk
Format: MP3
Bitrate: CBR 192 kbps
Tracks: 10
Total Time: 54:05 min
Total Size: 73 MB

01.Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty
02.It's About The Dollar Bill
03.Give Me My Love
04.It's A Damn Shame
05.I'm Gonna Get You Baby
06.Barn Door
07.Love That Will Not Die

- Clique Aqui:

Johnny Guitar Watson,

He is the man ! He is Mr. Funk himself ! Hes is the King of Funk ! Here a rare not so popular Record where he plays his best Tunes !

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Robert Walter - Cure All (2008)

Artist: Robert Walter
Album: Cure All
Label: Palmetto / Iris
Released: 2008
Genre: Jazz / Funk
Format: mp3, CBR 320kbps
Tracks: 13
Total Time: 51:05 min
Total Size: 120 Mb

Track list:
1. Snakes and Spiders (4:29)
2. Money Changes (3:10)
3. Cure All (3:26)
4. Coupe (3:31)
5. Scores of Spores (4:07)
6. Parts and Holes (5:36)
7. Rivers Of Babylon (3:23)
8. Maple Plank (4:15)
9. Box of Glass (2:23)
10. Measure Up (3:24)
11. Hillary Street (4:15)
12. Bulldog Run (5:26)
13. t (3:40)

- Clique Aqui:

Robert Walter has no problem getting into funky, down-home soul-jazz when he wants to, but the organist/keyboardist/pianist also has his intellectual side. He obviously appreciates the soul-jazz that B-3 icons like Jimmy Smith, Richard "Groove" Holmes, Johnny "Hammond" Smith, and Jack McDuff offered in the '60s, but he has also shown his appreciation of Medeski, Martin & Wood as well as the post-bop and fusion that Larry Young explored after he moved beyond soul-jazz. And both sides of Walter's artistry serve him well on Cure All. If Walter (who forms a trio with bassist James Singleton and drummer Johnny Vidacovich) set out to offer a healthy balance of intellect and funkiness, he achieves that goal on enjoyable tracks such as "Maple Plank," "Snakes and Spiders," "Measure Up," and "Coupe." Most of the material is more cerebral than a typical soul-jazz performance would be, but at the same time, Cure All is less cerebral than Medeski, Martin & Wood's albums. Whether he is on organ, acoustic piano, or electric keyboards, Walter usually avoids becoming either too simple or too abstract. Not that there is anything wrong with either simplicity or abstraction; the straightforward, groove-loving bluesiness of Big John Patton and Gene Harris is every bit as valid a part of jazz as the most challenging pieces that John Medeski has had to offer. But Walter obviously wanted to avoid going too far in either direction, and that outlook yields consistently worthwhile results on Cure All.

James Brown - Time for Payback 2CD (2010)

Artist: James Brown
Title Of Album: Time for Payback
Year Of Release: 06.20.2010
Genre: Funk
Label: pure / universal
Quality: VBR kbps
Tracks: 33
Total Time: 141:19 min
Total Size: 194,1 MB


01 i am james brown (o-ton james brown) 00:08
02 the payback part 1 (original single-version) 03:33
03 i started singing (o-ton james brown) 00:46
04 give it up or turnit a loose (remix) 06:11
05 talkinТ loud & sayinТ nothing (remix) 07:44
06 james brown invented soul music (o-ton sting) 00:26
07 people get up and drive your funky soul (remix) 09:05
08 itТs a manТs manТs manТs world 02:59
09 introduction to star time 00:43
(von frankie crocker; live)
10 cold sweat (live) 06:04
11 get up (and feel like being a sex machine) (live) 05:09
12 get up, get into it, get involved (live) 03:28
13 one of the most magnetic performers 00:27
(o-ton paul young
14 my thang 04:23
15 i canТt stand it Т76 08:14
16 the hardest-working man in showbiz 00:15
(o-ton bryan ferry)
17 all for one 06:41
18 fight against drug abuse 00:37
(public service announcement von james brown)


01 my name is danny (o-ton danny ray) 00:52
02 itТs a new day so let a man come in (live) 03:51
03 for goodness sakes, look at those cakes 11:04
04 i refuse to lose 07:34
05 i donТt wanna beЕ (o-ton james brown) 00:36
06 people who criticize 04:27
07 singing is (o-ton james brown) 00:37
08 bessie 03:16
09 jam 11:48
10 big influence (o-ton larry blackmon) 00:55
11 super bull, super bad 06:55
12 no static (full force def mix) 08:03
13 nature 10:21
14 iТm colorblind (o-ton james brown) 00:21
15 the payback (live) 03:46

- Clique Aqui:

Monday, June 21, 2010

VA - Disco Discharge - Disco Boogie

Label: Harmless
Catalog#: HURTCD095
Format: CD, Compilation
Country: UK
Released: 2010
Genre: Electronic, Funk/Soul
Style: Disco, Funk, Soul
Quality: MP3 320 CBR
Size: 308.36MB


1. Let's Go Around [Original 12” Mix] 6:28 Average White Band 1980
2. I'd Like To [Original 12” Mix] 6:37 Feel 1982
3. Funky Bee Bop [Original 12” Mix] 6:53 Vin Zee 1981
4. Rescue Me [Original 12” Mix] 6:38 Sybil Thomas 1983
5. Inner Feelings [Original Album Version] 5:58 Cashmere 1983
6. Hard Times [Original 12” Mix] 5:00 Al McCall 1982
7. Love How You Feel [Original 12” Mix] 7:01 Sharon Redd 1983
8. Do You Like It Like That [Original 12” Mix] 5:45 Carte Blanche 1978
9. Switch [Original 12” Instrumental Mix] 6:25 Benelux And Nancy Dee 1979
10. Do As I Do [Original 12” Mix] 10:22 Donna McGhee 1978

1. Georgy Porgy [Original 12" Disco Mix] 5:08 Toto 1978
2. You Make It Heaven [Original 12" Mix] 5:26 Terri Wells 1983
3. Autumn Leaves [Original 12" Mix] 4:27 Illusion Orchestra 1982
4. Night Cruiser [Original 12" Mix] 6:16 Deodato 1980
5. Call Me [Original 12" Mix] 6:21 Skyy 1981
6. You Can't Run From Love [Original 12" Mix] 6:42 Maxine Singleton 1982
7. Give It To Me (If You Don't Mind) [Original 12" Mix] 6:54 Conquest 1981
8. Keep On [Francois Kevorkian 12" Remix] 9:28 D Train 1982
9. Straight Ahead [Original 12" Mix] 6:43 Nick Straker Band 1982
10. Baby Talk [Special Remix By Shep Pettibone] 6:47 Alisha 1985

- Clique Aqui:

The third instalment Disco Discharge: Disco Boogie features 20 full length Funk, Soul and Boogie Jams. Disco didn’t really die at the end of ‘79 it just morphed into a number of new styles and that’s what Disco Boogie is all about. The cuts on this album are mostly culled from the early 80’s with a smattering of 70’s tracks to add to the mix. Key tracks include the rarities ‘I’d Like To’ by Feel, ‘Rescue Me’ by Sybil Thomas, ‘Inner Feelings’ by Cashmere, ‘You Make It Heaven’ by Terri Wells and ‘Straight Ahead’ by the Nick Straker Band. Tracks appearing on CD for the first time include the instrumentals ‘Switch’ by Benelux And Nancy Dee and a cover of the standard ‘Autumn Leaves’ By Illusion Orchestra (otherwise known as Jolley and Swain of Imagination fame.) And if you’re wondering what AOR band Toto are doing on this compilation just take a listen to ‘Georgy Porgy’ which features Cheryl Lynn and you’ll see why we couldn’t miss it out. All tracks are 12” of long album versions.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes And The Isley Brothers - The Very Best Of (2010)

Artist: Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes / The Isley Brothers
Title Of Album: The Very Best Of
Year Of Release: 2010
Label: Strategic Marketing
Genre: R&B / Soul / Funk
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: VBR
Total Time: 152:26
Total Size: 217 MB


CD 1
01. Harold Melvin - Wake Up Everybody (7:34)
02. Harold Melvin - Dont Leave Me This Way (6:05)
03. Harold Melvin - If You Dont Know Me By Now (3:27)
04. Harold Melvin - The Love I Lost (6:25)
05. Harold Melvin - Yesterday I Had The Blues (7:34)
06. Harold Melvin - Satisfaction Guaranteed (3:29)
07. Harold Melvin - I Miss You Part1 (3:17)
08. Harold Melvin - Imweak For You (3:25)
09. Harold Melvin - Be For Real (7:30)
10. Harold Melvin - Ebony Woman (3:41)
11. Harold Melvin - Is There A Place For Me (7:01)
12. Harold Melvin - Let Me Into Your World (2:40)
13. Harold Melvin - Everybodys Talkin (3:51)
14. Harold Melvin - Dont Leave Me This Way Moulton Mix (7:06)
15. Harold Melvinft Sharon Paige - Hope That We Can Be Together Soon (3:42)
CD 2
16. Isley Brothers - Summer Breeze (6:13)
17. Isley Brothers - Live It Up Part 1 And 2 (6:16)
18. Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets (4:58)
19. Isley Brothers - Footsteps In The Dark (5:07)
20. Isley Brothers - Fight The Power Part 1 And 2 (5:20)
21. Isley Brothers - That Lady Aprt 1 And 2 (5:37)
22. Isley Brothers - Its Your Thing (2:47)
23. Isley Brothers - The Pride (3:25)
24. Isley Brothers - Harvest For The World (3:56)
25. Isley Brothers - I Turned You On (2:38)
26. Isley Brothers - I Wanna Be With You Part 1 And 2 (6:22)
27. Isley Brothers - Love The One You Re With (3:39)
28. Isley Brothers - Shout (4:29)
29. Isley Brothers - Who Loves You Better (5:57)
30. Isley Brothers - Work To Do (3:12)
31. Isley Brothers - Caravan Of Love (5:43)

- Parte 1 :
- Parte 2 :

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sage - Funksway (2007)

Artist: Sage
Album: Funksway
Label: Sage Music Company
Released: 2007
Genre: Funk/Soul, R&B
Format: mp3, CBR 192kbit
Tracks: 11
Total Time: 45:41 min
Total Size: 64.8 Mb

Track list:

1. Knock You Out (4:56)
2. Something Righteous (3:42)
3. One For Me (3:57)
4. Straight Up Fine (5:29)
5. You Make Me Feel (2:00)
6. Funksway (4:19)
7. Way That You Say (3:48)
8. Waiting For Your Love (4:24)
9. Soul Patrol: 2007 (4:12)
10. Small Wonder (4:11)
11. Ants (4:43)

- Clique Aki:

Released on July 1, 2007, Sage's project, "Funksway" takes the Sage legacy to a new level with eleven all-new funk grooves featuring some very special guest musicians.
Musical influences from Tower of Power, Chicago, Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, Quincy Jones, and many other great artists - combined with the personal finesse of the Sage band members, bring some exciting sounds and licks to these all-original CDs.

Stoned Soul Picnic - The Erotic Cakes of Stoned Soul Picnic (2006)

Artist: Stoned Soul Picnic
Album: The Erotic Cakes of Stoned Soul Picnic
Label: Soul Cookers
Released: 15 Nov 2006
Genre: Funk / Soul, Jazz
Format: mp3, 256kbit
Tracks: 12
Total Time: 39:08 min
Total Size: 74 Mb

Track list:
1. Boogaloo Baby (2:56)
2. Count Me Out (3:56)
3. Ain't Gonna Tell No-One (3:29)
4. Get Off The Bus (2:30)
5. Soul Food Preacher (3:31)
6. The Grinder - Part 1 (3:10)
7. The Grinder - Part 2 (2:56)
8. Hip Joint (2:11)
9. Hardtop 22 (4:55)
10. Ready For Seven (3:24)
11. Vote For Number 6 (2:22)
12. Erotic Cakes (3:48)

-Clique Aqui:

Stoned Soul Picnic is an instrumental Hammond organ combo who plays an exciting blend of Soul influenced grooves and big beats.
The band was formed in 1999 by 4 musicians who shared a mutual enthusiasm for the funky soul music of the late 60's and early 70's.
After their super heavy gig at the first Saint Paul Soul Jazz Festival (only Hammond Funk and Raw Soul) which leads the audience to choose them as “the revelation of the festival”, Stoned Soul Picnic goes further with this super heavy album which proves that they are highly skilled to groove hard.
Dynamite Hammond Funk, Fat Beats et Wah Guitar : here are the favorite ingredients of these 4 super Cooks from Nottingham which will help you to lose some weight enjoying their new recipes.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dennis Coffey - Big City Funk (2006)

Artist: Dennis Coffey
Album: Big City Funk: Original Old School Breaks & Heavy Guitar Soul
Label: Vampi Soul
Release Date: 27 Nov 2006
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Psychedelic, Funk
Format: mp3 192kbit
Tracks: 15
Total Time: 53:19
Total Size: 73.5 Mb

Track list:
1. Son of Scorpio (3:07)
2. Guitar big band (3:26)
3. Theme from Enter the Dragon (3:08)
4. Chicano (5:07)
5. Lonely moon child (3:17)
6. Impressions of (4:37)
7. Ride Sally ride (3:02)
8. Taurus (2:54)
9. Scorpio (4:10)
10. Getting it on (2:24)
11. Big city funk (2:50)
12. Whole lot of love (2:26)
13. Garden of the moon (3:15)
14. Capricon's thing (2:09)
15. Outrageous (7:27)

- Clique Aqui:

Dennis Coffey (born in Detroit, Michigan) is an American guitarist, notable as a prominent studio musician for many soul and R&B recordings. Coffey learned to play guitar when he was 13 in Ontonagon County in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. At 15 he played on his first record session backing Vic Gallon on "I'm Gone" on the Gondola label. In the early 1960s he joined The Royaltones who had had hits with "Poor Boy" in 1958 and "Flamingo Express" in 1961. The Royaltones played sessions with other artists including Del Shannon. As a member of the Funk Brothers studio band, Coffey played on dozens of recordings for Motown Records, and introduced the wah-wah guitar sound to Motown producer Norman Whitfield's recordings. He also played on Edwin Starr's "S.O.S. (Stop Her on Sight)”, The Isley Brothers' "It's Your Thing", and Freda Payne's "Band of Gold". In addition, Coffey scored the blaxploitation film Black Belt Jones. In 1971, Coffey recorded Scorpio which was a million selling single and in 1972 Taurus, both with The Detroit Guitar Band. Since then, he has recorded several solo albums, most of them for the Sussex and Westbound labels.

In the early 70’s, Dennis Coffey, Motown ‘Funk Brother’ and super-session guitar man, seemed determined to write soundtracks – even if he wasn’t commissioned by a Hollywood studio. Indeed, the four studio albums he cut for the Sussex label between 1971 and 1974, from which this compilation is culled, are like a big personal advertisement for potential film score work.

Coffey’s raw, compressed guitar style – his big city breakbeat funk - certainly evokes a tough, urban landscape inhabited by tough, urban gangsters.

The Baker Brothers - Transition Transmission (2008)

Artist: The Baker Brothers
Title Of Album: Transition Transmission
Year Of Release: 2008
Label: Peddler Records
Genre: Funk / Soul
Format: MP3
Bitrate: VBR ~240 kbps
Tracks: 14
Total Time: 01:06:33
Total Size: 119 MB


01. Why Oh Why (5:09)
02. Chance And Fly (4:03)
03. Aargh, Aargh-Aargh (4:17)
04. Soul Shine (5:20)
05. Would I Be Wrong (4:54)
06. If You Want Me To Stay (4:01)
07. So Said, So Done (5:57)
08. B Bro Super 8 (4:08)
09. Beat Feat (4:05)
10. Kick Back (3:27)
11. It's Not Me (4:41)
12. Roll Up Your Sleaze (4:33)
13. Transition Transmission (8:20)
14. Home Life (3:30)

- Clique Aqui:

About The Baker Brothers
The Baker Brothers have been rocking dance floors far and wide for nearly 10 years and with 6 albums (and numerous other releases) under their belt they deliver an explosive, killer funk show! Their infectious, raw beats and bass lines underpin edgy melodic section horns and soulful, winding vocals.

To date they have recorded six albums and a full-length live DVD. They have toured Japan six times and have played at a wide range of venues across the UK and Europe. The Band consists of the following full and part-time members:-Chris Pedley- Bass, Guitar and VocalsChris carries most of the Baker Brothers production duties in the studio and enjoys eating brownies at home. He also DJs funk, reggae, ska, afro and all things soulful. He also produces remixes.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mezzoforte - Anniversary Edition (2007)

Artist: Mezzoforte
Title Of Album: Anniversary Edition
Year Of Release: 2007 (2CD)
Label: BHM Records
Genre: Jazz / Funk / Fusion
Format: MP3
Bitrate: CBR 192 kbps
Tracks: 30
Total Time: 02:29:07
Total Size: 203 MB


Disc: 1
01. Surprise Surprise
02. Garden Party
03. Take Off
04. Midnight Sun
05. Nightfall
06. Drive
07. High Season
08. Icebreaker
09. Prime Time
10. Journey's End
11, Day Break
12. Monkey Fields
13. Later On
14. Beyond The Horizon
15. Crystal Rain

Disc: 2
01. Double Orange Juice
02. E.G. Blues
03. Expressway
04. Action Man
05. Roller Coaster
06. Blow
07. Fiona
08. Weather Ahead
09. Cobra
10. Early Autumn
11. Observations
12. Hard Wired
13. Summer Dream
14. Rockall
15. In A Word

- Parte 1:

- Parte 2:

About Mezzoforte
Mezzoforte was formed 1977 in Reykjavik Iceland by 4 teenage friends with a mutual interest in fusion and funk music. In 1983 the world wide hit, Garden Party, from their 4th album made Mezzoforte the first Icelandic band ever to achieve international recognition. 30 years, 11 albums and over a thousand concerts later, the band is still going strong with 3 of 4 original members (sometimes all 4) touring regularly with a 6-10 piece band.

Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - Keep Reachin' Up Remixed (2007)

Artist: Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators
Title Of Album: Keep Reachin' Up Remixed
Year Of Release: 2007
Label: Above the Clouds
Genre: Soul / Funk
Format: MP3
Bitrate: V2 VBR Kbps
Tracks: 11
Total Time: 54:41 min
Total Size: 68 MB


01. Feeling Free (Aaron Jerome Remix) (5:44)
02. If This Aint Love (Mr Scruff Remix) (6:54)
03. Keep Reachin Up (Rob Life Remix) (3:42)
04. My 4 Leaf Clover (The Dynamics Remix) (4:35)
05. Soul Investigators Theme - Mike Slott (Heralds Of Change Remix) (3:31)
06. No Ones Gonna Love You (Blacxkbeard Remix) (5:55)
07. Invisible Man (Simbad Remix) (5:29)
08. A Perfect Kind Of Love (Lack Of Afro Remix) (4:30)
09. Holding On (Afronaut Remix) (5:37)
10. Soul Investigators Theme (Ghost Remix) (3:46)
11. If This Aint Love (Elizabeth Shepherd Trio Remix) (4:52)

- Clique Aqui:

About Nicole Willis
Nicole Willis is a soul singer. Although Willis was born in Brooklyn, NY December 26, 1963, she started out in London in the mid-80's where she teamed up with members of Washington Week In Review. Prior to that she was a member of The Hello Strangers and Blue Period, based in New York. She then toured with The The. Nicole Willis was the lead vocalist of the new soul group Repercussions.

Singles and albums were released on Mo' Wax, Warner Brothers USA, Pony Canyon Japan and together with the legendary Curtis Mayfield, the band recorded a version of Mayfield's "Let's Do It Again". She has also collaborated with Leftfield singing the vocal contribution for Swords on the Rhythm and Stealth LP. In 1999 she moved to Europe. She is married to Jimi Tenor, who has often been a producer of her music and collaborator. On Sahko/Puu Recordings she released her first solo albums Soul Makeover and Be It.

In 2005 she began collaborating with the Soul Investigators and released "Keep Reachin’ Up" on Helsinki’s Timmion Records. The album has been since released in the UK on Above The Clouds Records, France on Differ-ant, USA on Light In The Attic Records. Their song Feeling Free was chosen 2006 Worldwide Winner on the Gilles Peterson's BBC show.