Monday, April 19, 2010

Tony Allen - Secret Agent (2009)

Album: Secret Agent
Label: World Circuit
Released: 2009
Genre: Funk/Soul
Style: Afrobeat /Jazz / World Music
Format: mp3 256 kbit
Tracks: 12
Total Size: 111 Mb

Track list:
1. Secret Agent (5:20)
2. Ijo (5:13)
3. Swift (4:49)
4. Celebrate (7:53)
5. Ayenlo (4:57)
6. Busybody (4:34)
7. Pariwo (5:52)
8. Nina Lowo (5:43)
9. Atuwaba (0:49)
10. Alutere (3:43)
11. Elewon Po (5:43)
12. Elewon Po (Instrumental) [Bonus Track] (5:39)

- Clique Aqui:

The drummer Tony Allen helped create the sounds of Afro-beat. With his solo recordings, however, Allen has refused to remain stagnant, incorporating dub and avant-garde hip-hop influences into his modern African dance music.

Raw and uncut, foursquare in the roots Afrobeat tradition, Secret Agent has all the ingredients that combine to make the style so special. Fat, full-throated, hard riffing horns, nagging tenor guitars, jazz- and funk-informed saxophone and trumpet solos, effervescent chicken-shack keyboards, lyrics rich in folk metaphors and proverbs—some of which confront state corruption and oppression, Kuti's most frequent targets, still alive and toxic in Nigeria today—call and response vocals, and, of course, energising everything around it, Allen's magnificent drumming.

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