Thursday, April 28, 2011

Barrabas - Desperately (1976)

Artist: Barrabas
Title Of Album: Desperately
Year Of Release: 1976
Label: Disconforme
Genre: Soul, Funk, Disco
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: CBR 320kbps
Total Time: 34:37
Total Size: 83MB


01. Broadway Star
02. Take It All
03. Fire Girl
04. Desperately
05. High Light
06. Sexy Lady
07. Better Days
08. Lay Down on Me

- Clique Aqui:

Lee Garrett - Heat For The Feets (1976)

Artist: Lee Garrett
Title Of Album: Heat For The Feets
Year Of Release: 1976
Label: Chrysalis Records
Genre: Funk, Soul, R&B
Format: MP3
Quality: 192 kbps I 44.1 Khz I Joint Stereo
Total Time: 00:41:26
Total Size: 56 mb


1 Better Than Walkin' Out
2 Heart Be Still
3 You're My Everything
4 How Can I Be a Man
5 Broken Down
6 Sad, Sad Story
7 Stop That Wrong
8 Love Enough for Two
9 Don't Let It Get You Down

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The Undisputed Truth - Smokin (1979)

Artist: The Undisputed Truth
Title Of Album: Smokin
Year Of Release: 1979
Label: Whitfield
Genre: Funk, Disco
Format: MP3
Quality: VBR kbps I 44.1 Khz I Joint Stereo
Total Time: 00:40:11
Total Size: 64 mb


01. Show Time (Norman Whitfield)
02. Talkin' To The Wind (Norman Whitfield)
03. Atomic Funk (LaMorris Payne, Robert Justice)
04. I Can't Get Enough Of Your Love (Isadora Martin)
05. Space Machine (Norman Whitfield)
06. Tazmainian Monster (Norman Whitfield)
07. Sandman (Miles Gregory)
08. Misunderstood (Marcy Thomas)

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A Taste Of Honey - Another Taste (1979)

Artist: A Taste Of Honey
Title Of Album: Another Taste
Year Of Release: 1979
Label: Capitol Records
Genre: Funk, Soul, Disco
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: CBR 320kbps
Total Time: 37:32
Total Size: 91MB (Covers)


01. Do It Good (5:32)
02. The Rainbow's End (3:47)
03. Dance (4:10)
04. I Love You (5:11)
05. Race (4:59)
06. Let's Begin (3:51)
07. Take The Boogae Or Leave It (4:42)
08. Your Love (5:20)

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Chain Reaction - Indebted to You (1977)

Artist: Chain Reaction
Title Of Album: Indebted to You
Year Of Release: 1977
Label: Gull
Genre: Soul, Funk
Format: MP3
Quality: 192 kbps I 44.1 Khz I Joint Stereo
Total Time: 00:37:47
Total Size: 51 mb

Great soul and funk LP released by Jamaican players. This album features the highly in demand tune "Hogtied", as well as a terrific version of Lamont Dozier's "Why Can't We Be Lovers" among others.


1 Never Lose Never Win
2 Why Can`t We Be Lovers
3 Quicksand
4 Think I`ll Keep This Song Just Like It Is
5 Cold Steel
6 Miss Lovely Miss Beautiful
7 Hogtied
8 Indebted To You
9 Chase A Miracle

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People's Choice - Turn Me Loose (1978)

Artist: People's Choice
Title Of Album: Turn Me Loose
Year Of Release: 1978
Label: Philadelphia International Records
Genre: Soul, Funk, Disco
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: CBR 320kbps
Total Time: 42:08
Total Size: 101MB


1. Turn Me Loose (5:54)
2. Got That Feeling (5:11)
3. Changin My Life (4:14)
4. Stay With Me (4:00)
5. Rough-Ride (4:32)
6. A Greater Truth (4:27)
7. Your Love Stays On My Mind (4:14)
8. Soft And Tender (6:00)
9. Jam Jam Jam (All Night Long) (Bonus) (3:36)

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The Everyday People - I Like What I Like (1972)


Artist: The Everyday People
Title Of Album: I Like What I Like
Year Of Release: 1972
Label: Unidisc
Genre: Funk, R&B
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps I 44.1 Khz I Joint Stereo
Total Time: 00:59:35
Total Size: 128 mb

01 I Like What I Like
02 Funky Granny
03 Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)
04 Funky Gene-Ra-Tion
05 Everyday People Doing Everyday Things
06 Who's Gonna Take the Weight Who's Gonna Take the Blame
07 Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do
08 Mama Said-Papa Said (Too Young to Marry)
09 Magic Man
10 Gold Smoke
11 Get Down-Get Stank
12 Bump, Pt. 1 ; 2
13 I Like What I Like [Remix]

- Clique Aqui:

An excellent bit of funk that sounds a heck of a lot like early Kool & The Gang! It's no surprise, too, because the album was produced by Gene Redd, has a few Kool & The Gang covers (like "Funky Granny" and "Who's Gonna Take the Weight"), and was issued on the related Red Coach label. The group are head and shoulders above most other early 70s ensemble funk groups – and have a very tight instrumental approach that was only matched by a few other combos, like the early Fatback Band or K & The G. Tracks include "Gold Smoke", "Funky Granny", "Who's Gonna Take The Weight", "Mama Said-Papa Said", and "Funky Gene-Ra-Tion". © 1996-2011, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Funk Revival Orchestra - FRO (2010) EP

Artist: Funk Revival OrchestraTitle Of

Album: FROYear Of

Release: 2010

Label: FRO Rec

Genre: Funk / Jazz / Latin

Format: MP3

Bitrate: CBR 320 kbpsTracks: 4Total

Time: 16:03 minTotal Size: 37 MB



1. FRO Intro (2:50)

2. It's Your World (3:55)

3. ConFunkShun (4:34)

4. Para Ti (4:42)

Founded in Oakland, California in 2008 The Funk Revival Orchestra (F.R.O.) was built for one purpose alone:.... To bring back those rare, funk and latin grooves from the late 60's into the late 70's that you hear sampled on all those old, classic hip hop LP's into clubs and venues throughout the greater bay area..... The band's line-up is a full 9 piece ensemble featuring a three piece horn section, four piece rhythm section and two lead vocalists. ..Header Banner Made with! Click here to make your own!...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Millie Jackson - It Hurts So Good (1973)

Artist: Millie Jackson Title Of Album: It Hurts So Good Year Of Release: 1973 (CD 2006) Label: Southbound, Ace Records Genre: Funk, Soul, R&B Quality: Mp3 Bitrate: CBR 320kbps Total Time: 56:07 Total Size: 146MB (Covers) Tracklist: 01. I Cry 02. Hypocrisy 03. Two-Faced World 04. It Hurts So Good 05. Don't Send Nobody Else 06. Hypocrisy (Reprise) 07. Breakaway (Previously Unreleased) 08. Good To The Very Last Drop 09. Help Yourself 10. Love Doctor 11. Now That You Got It 12. Close My Eyes 13. Breakaway (Reprise) 14. It Hurts So Good (Alternate Mix With Additional Strings) 15. Help Yourself (Unedited Master) 16. Here Comes Love (Demo) 17. That's My Style (Incomplete Demo) 18. Hypocrisy (Alternate Version) 19. Breakaway (Alternate Take) - Clique Aqui:

Cacique '97 - Chapa 97 EP (2011)

Artist: Cacique '97
Title Of Album: Chapa 97 EP
Year Of Release: 2011
Label: Footmovin
Genre: Afrobeat / Funk / Jazz
Format: MP3
Bitrate: V0 VBR Kbps
Tracks: 6
Total Time: 47:35 min Total
Size: 91 MB

01. Chapa 97 (4:58)
02. American Cop (feat. Nastio Mosquito) (7:11)
03. Jorge de Capadocia (Live) (9:12)
04. Come From Nigeria (Live) (10:13)
05. Dragao (Live) (6:49)
06. Chapa 97 (Live) (9:10)

- Clique Aqui:

Lisbon has always been a stage for the meeting of several cultures, mostly due to the past of the city as the capital of a colonial empire in Africa and Latin America. Nowadays it is a huge pot of creativity which attracts artists from all over the World and it is a privileged space where musicians find each other, share ideas and mix rhythms. It is from this mixture that, in 2005, afro beat collective Cacique. 97 is born. With musicians with Mozambican and Portuguese origins, this collective incorporates members from groups such as Cool Hipnoise, Philharmonic Weed and The Most Wanted, well known projects in the areas of funk, reggae and the afro sound. The passion for the music of Fela Kuti and Tony Allen has united these musicians for the pursuance of a common goal: to create a collective that mirrored the Lisbon mixture, by crossing the characteristic urban Nigerian rhythm which is afro beat, with the musical tradition of the African Portuguese speaking countries and of Brazil, whom has always been very present in the Portuguese capital. Cacique'97 intend to give birth to a global soundtrack of the new times without losing the activist approach and the promotion of social awareness so fond to afro beat.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Elis Regina - Elis (Edicao Especial) (1980)

Artist: Elis Regina Title Of Album: Elis (Edicao Especial) Year Of Release: 1980 Label: LATIN Genre: Bossa Nova, Vocal Jazz, Latin Quality: Mp3 Bitrate: CBR 256kbps Total Time: 59:56 Total Size: 113MB Tracklist: 01. Sai dessa (Ana Terra - Nathan Marques) (2:19) 02. Rebento (Gilberto Gil) (5:12) 03. Nova estação (Thomas Roth - Luiz Guedes) (3:22) 04. O medo de amar é o medo de ser livre (Beto Guedes - F. Brant) (4:31) 05. Aprendendo a jogar (Guilherme Arantes) (4:43) 06. Só Deus é quem sabe (Guilherme Arantes) (3:59) 07. O trem azul (Lô Borges - Ronaldo Bastos) (5:04) 08. Vento de maio (Telo Borges - Márcio Borges) (4:05) 09. Calcanhar de Aquiles (Jean Garfunkel - Paulo Garfunkel) (3:12) 10. Se eu quizer falar com Deus (Gilberto Gil) (5:33) - Clique Aqui:

Elis Regina - Samba eu Canto Assim (1965)

Title Of Album: Samba eu Canto Assim Year Of Release: 1965 (1983) Label: Philips Genre: Bossa Nova, Vocal Jazz, Latin Quality: Mp3 Bitrate: CBR 320kbps Total Time: 35:03 Total Size: 84MB Tracklist: 01. Reza (Ruy Guerra - Edu Lobo) (2:50) 02. Menino das laranjas (Théo de Barros) (2:16) 03. Por um amor maior (Ruy Guerra - Francis Hime) (2:37) 04. João Valentão (Dorival Caymmi) (3:09) 05. Maria do Maranhão (Nelson L. e Barros - Carlos Lyra) (3:09) 06. Resolução (Lula Freire - Edu Lobo) (2:33) 07. Sou sem paz (Adylson Godoy) (3:13) 08. Consolação (Baden Powell - Vinicius de Moraes) (2:25) Berimbau (Baden Powell - Vinicius de Moraes) Tem dó (Baden Powell - Vinicius de Moraes) 09. Aleluia (Ruy Guerra - Edu Lobo) (2:55) 10. Eternidade (Adylson Godoy - Luiz Chaves) (2:48) 11. Preciso aprender a ser só (Paulo Sergio Valle - Marcos Valle) (4:18) 12. Último canto (Ruy Guerra - Francis Hime) (2:50) - Clique Aqui:

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

VA - Pulp Fusion: 15th Anniversary Crystal Edition 2CD (2010)

Artist: VA

Title Of Album: Pulp Fusion: 15th Anniversary Crystal Edition 2CD

Year Of Release: 2010

Label: Harmless

Genre: Funk, Jazz

Quality: MP3

Bitrate: CBR 320 kbps 44khz Stereo

Total Time: 01:12:24 + 01:11:12

Total Size: 210 Mb


1. Lope Song, The - Eddie Russ

2. Inner City Blues - Rueben Wilson

3. Super Strutt - Deodato

4. I've Got So Much Trouble In My Mind [parts 1 & 2] - Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul

5. Bottle, The - Gil Scott-Heron

6. We All Got A Mission - Billy Paul

7. World In Which We Live In, The - Politicians

8. It's A Trip - Last Poets (The)

9. If You've Got It You'll Get It - Head Hunters

10. Fairchild - Willie West

11. Tragic Magic - Nathan Davis

12. Diswa - Rudolph Johnson

13. Theme From French Connection - Don Ellis

14. Yellow Sunshine - Yellow Sunshine


1. Captain Connors - Norman Connors

2. Always There - Willie Bobo

3. Life On Mars - Dexter Wansel

4. Mighty Mighty - Doug & Jean Carn

5. La Botella - Joe Bataan

6. Windy City Theme - Windy City Orchestra

7. Let Your Heart Be Free - Patrice Rushen

8. Mysteries Of The World - M.F.S.B.

9. Person To Person - Average White Band

10. Get Down With The Get Down - Melvin Sparks

11. Do It - Los Africanos

12. Afrodesia - Lonnie Smith

13. Time And A Place - Heath Brothers (The)

14. People Make The World Go Round - Milt Jackson