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Erma Franklin - Super Soul Sister '1969

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VA - Stay On The Groove (2005)

Artist: VA
Album: Stay On The Groove (FSRCD007)
Label: Freestyle Records
Released: 2005
Genre: Funk/Soul
Style: Funk / Revival
Format: mp3 vbr
Tracks: 20
Total Time: 67:47
Total Size: 93.7 Mb

- Clique Aqui:

Track list:
1. The New Mastersounds - Stay On The Groove (3:00)
2. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - What If We All Stopped Paying (4:25)
3. Troubled Soul - Funky Me Pt 1 & 2 (4:55)
4. The New Process - Freedom (2:24)
5. Jaguar - Battle Of Funk (4:01)
6. Breakestra - Show And Prove Pt 1 (2:59)
7. Lefties Soul Connection - Doin' The Thing (2:23)
8. Cookin On Three Burners - Gravel Rash (3:20)
9. Poets of Rhythm - Ham Gallery (3:21)
10. Quantic ft. Spanky Wilson - Don't Joke With A Hungry Man (5:17)
11. M.F.O.S - El Padrino (4:18)
12. Speedometer - Work It Out (3:00)
13. Quantic Soul Orchestra - Hold It Down (2:51)
14. Context - If I Had A Band (3:12)
15. Ria Currie & The Deep Soul Mes - Everything's Gonna Be Alright (2:30)
16. The New Mastersounds - Two Note Brown (2:26)
17. Lee Fields & The Dap Kings - Give Me A Chance (3:13)
18. B.D.M - No Rest For The Wicked (2:34)
19. Sharon Jones & The Soul Destroyers - Fakin' It (3:48)
20. The Bamboos - Tighten Up (3:50)

Groove. What is it? As complex and diverse as mood; as infectious and innovative as melody and as inclusive and instinctive as rhythm itself, Groove is a term often lacking in todays MTV saturated and easily digestable pop consumerism. It is when an artist or band slips into a relaxed yet uniform swagger and things that usually wouldn't start fitting into place, it's what brings all pieces of the pie together perfectly and when everything seems so right you wish it would never end. It is also something that makes you want to shake your ass, whatever time of day it is and it is to these attributes that this compilation is dedicated.
Since the late eighties funk revival when hip hop artists truly started paying dues (and cheques!) to the masters of days gone by, funk has retained its rightful place at the forefront of modern music. Just listen to the production of the Neptunes or Timbaland to see where it fits into todays market. But it is not just within the memory banks of Akai's and million selling producers that the funk lives on?
This compilation focuses solely on modern day bands who are not just re-living but also re-defining the funk sound. Taking its title from the New Mastersounds storming opening track, the CD aims to show how these bands, whilst steeped in retro-ism, are pushing a new and exhilarating take on the blueprint laid down by seminal artists such as Eddie Bo, The Meters and of course James Brown.
Featuring tracks from artists from all corners of the globe, such as Sweden's Jaguar, Germany's Poets of Rhythm, New York's Dapkings, LA's Breakestra, The Bamboos from Australia and the UK's very own New Mastersounds and Quantic Soul Orchestra, it is also obvious to see that this is a worldwide phenomena we are talking about.' Freestyle

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Fanga - Sira Ba (2009)

Artist: Fanga
Album: Sira Ba
Label: Underdog Records
Released: Nov 2009
Style: Afro-beat / Funk
Format: mp3 vbr v0
Tracks: 10
Total Time: 62:35
Total Size: 88 Mb

-Clique Aqui:

Track list:
1. Dounia Part 1 (12:32)
2. Yeleko (6:58)
3. Bassi Te (5:55)
4. Follow Me (4:38)
5. Corruption (8:12)
6. Illumination (1:33)
7. I Go On Without You Feat Winston Mcannuf (5:18)
8. Tiogho Tiogho (6:26)
9. Ni Ya Wouele (3:59)
10. Dounia Part 2 Feat The Togo All Stars (7:04)

...Empassioned and passionate, their music contains alluring promise. Fanga takes on an entire dimension on stage. Those who’ve had the chance of seeing the group live can only agree. Under the ongoing artistic direction of Serge Amiano, Fanga has recorded its third album in spring 2009 in Montpellier, entitled ‘Sira Ba’ (The Long Road).
Over the course of nine pieces, the collective Fanga offers a look at the past through the eyes of the present and the future. The Jamaican singer Winston McAnuff infuses a reggae accent in I Go On Without You, whereas the Togo All Stars orchestra shines out like a thousand fires on Dounya, one of the strongest and most jubilant of the album, resonating in the afro-funk echos of Moussa Doumbia and Amadou Ballake.
Alternating drawn-out lyrical climaxes, explosive brass passages, killer riffs and melodic ease, ‘Sira Ba’ displays a powerful force of conviction, reflecting an uncompromised musical complicity and an impressive flow of energy. Julien Raulet’s guitar work reacts perfectly with the keyboards of David Rekkab and the percussion of Eric Durand.
Martial Reverdy’s baritone reinforces the energy and persuasive power exuded by Fanga, along with the lyrics that take us straight back to the most glorious hour of the golden age of afrobeat, laced with the influences of that ‘great black music’. Once fallen under the spell of this strength of conviction, all that remains is to dance.

Uptown Funk Empire - The Empire Strikes Back (2009)

Artist: Uptown Funk Empire
Title Of Album: The Empire Strikes Back
Year Of Release: 2009
Label: Soulab
Genre: Funk
Quality: mp3
Bitrate: VBR kbps
Total Time: 71:50 min
Total Size: 90 mb
WebSite: Myspace


01. The Empire Stikes Back Intro 01:03
02. Boogie 05:26
03. N.O.W. Featuring Juan Rozoff 05:28
04. We Stand at the Back of the Bus Featuring 04:31
Janice & Ange
05. You've Got to Have Freedom Featuring Janice 05:49
& Ange
06. Keep on Givin'it Up 05:03
07. No One Gonna Stop Us Now Featuring Noel Mc 04:47
08. Take You Out (Interlude) 02:33
09. I'm A Manchild 04:40
10. I Guess that You Don't Mind Featuring Jrm 06:28
11. Celestial Blues Featuring Ange 04:40
12. Please Mr Postman 05:04
13. Walking Like the Ginger 04:51
14. Good Time (Bye Bye Mr Dynamit)E 05:52
15. I Used to Spend My Time 03:08
16. The Empire Strikes Back Outro 02:27

- Clique Aqui:

Release Notes:

After Metropolitan Jazz Affair, The Dynamics and Mr President, master of musical ubiquity Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart proudly presents Uptown Funk Empire, a burning tribute to one of his all time greatest loves: Funk.

Bruno ?Patchworks? Hovart, as a self-taught musician and typical teenager, started playling guitar, bass and keyboards at age 15, covering James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and Cream in his bedroom and, later in college bands. His first releases are in the mid 90s, with deep house and disco live bands and various electronic projects. He quickly evelops and shows very special skills for vintage disco/funk productions with a contemporary flavor.
This gifted boy's been working with artists such as Amp Fiddler, Archie Shepp, Mr Day, Paul Randolph... and for many recording labels such as I Still Music (usa), Favorite Recordings (france), Infracom (germany), Further Out (uk)...

Uptown Funk Empire is an exciting and ambitious project, worthy of its name. While the first album is simply called "The Empire Strikes back", it's no joke... Forget the whole revival thing, this sounds like an actual rebirth of the real funky stuff.

It's like being back to the better days of Funk without a travel machine... the vibe is vintage but the sound is fresh...That's not funky music, that's FUNKY MUSIC ! This album is huge and it covers all the golden age Groove styles : Boogaloo, Soul,
Disco, Boogie, Funk... but the music flows in the hands of a gifted modern producer. Bruno " Patchworks" Hovart plays bass, keyboards, computers... handling with love all composition, programming, arrangements, vocals...

With brilliant vocal featurings by silky Juan Rozoff, Brit-Soul legend Noel Mc Koy at his best, high-voltage divas Ange & Janice... and the funkysoul brother Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart himself on the mic... it's pure funkiness !

Beware, "The Empire Strikes Back" and is kicking... so get up & dance !

Uptown Funk Empire's music has been playlisted by radio stations such as: Radio Nova (France), Jazz Fm (UK), Nu Cool Show on Hed Kandi Radio (UK), Saturday Night Experience on Jazz FM with Mike Chadwick (UK), Craig Charles Funk & Soul show on
BBC6, Wicked Jazz Sounds on Arrow Jazz FM (Holland), Soul Jazz Meeting on Radio X with Dj Jazzmadass (Germany), Soul Food radioshow on Jazz Radio (France), Hang Time radioshow on Radio Grenouille (France), The Loud Minority radioshow on Superfly FM (Austria), Rui Vargas radioshow on Antena 3 (Portugal), Deep House Mafia radioshow on Superfly Fm (Austria), The Basic Soul radioshow with Simon Harrison (UK), Bogaloo radioshow with Matthias Desch (Germany)... Supported by DJs such
as: Joey Negro, Recloose, Dj Bobbito, Jazztronik, Rich Medina, Osunlade, Rainer Truby, Femi Fem, Nik Weston, Wicked Jazz Dj's, Stereotonic dj's, Simbad, Dj Pharoah, Kiko Navarro, Bob Jones...

Tony Allen - Secret Agent (2009)

Album: Secret Agent
Label: World Circuit
Released: 2009
Genre: Funk/Soul
Style: Afrobeat /Jazz / World Music
Format: mp3 256 kbit
Tracks: 12
Total Size: 111 Mb

Track list:
1. Secret Agent (5:20)
2. Ijo (5:13)
3. Swift (4:49)
4. Celebrate (7:53)
5. Ayenlo (4:57)
6. Busybody (4:34)
7. Pariwo (5:52)
8. Nina Lowo (5:43)
9. Atuwaba (0:49)
10. Alutere (3:43)
11. Elewon Po (5:43)
12. Elewon Po (Instrumental) [Bonus Track] (5:39)

- Clique Aqui:

The drummer Tony Allen helped create the sounds of Afro-beat. With his solo recordings, however, Allen has refused to remain stagnant, incorporating dub and avant-garde hip-hop influences into his modern African dance music.

Raw and uncut, foursquare in the roots Afrobeat tradition, Secret Agent has all the ingredients that combine to make the style so special. Fat, full-throated, hard riffing horns, nagging tenor guitars, jazz- and funk-informed saxophone and trumpet solos, effervescent chicken-shack keyboards, lyrics rich in folk metaphors and proverbs—some of which confront state corruption and oppression, Kuti's most frequent targets, still alive and toxic in Nigeria today—call and response vocals, and, of course, energising everything around it, Allen's magnificent drumming.

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Janko Nilovic – Soul Impressions (Montparnasse 2000) ‘1975


01 Hippocampus (3:00)
02 Open Country (1:46)
03 Crazy Enterprise (2:00)
04 Soul Impressions (3:22)
05 Lettre De Mer (2:18)
06 Drug Song (3:14)
07 Man Of Genius (3:07)
08 Push Push (2:12)
09 Black Swan Lake (2:12)
10 Lady Day (2:39)
11 To And Fro (1:57)
12 Family Tree (2:09)

- Clique Aqui:

Janko Nilovic is a pianist, poet and composer extraordinaire from Montenegro who has lived in France since 1960. He is one of those musicians who devote themselves to music fanatically. This resulted in a great number of published works, but most of them are on library labels not available for sale. His opus stretches from Classical, Jazz and Funk to Pop, Psyche and Easy Listening. He touches all these styles in a characteristic way.
Soul Impressions is his funky instrumentals masterpiece! Half tracks on album are groovy killers! Including Blaxploitation style trilla-drivers “Hippocampus” and “Crazy Enterprise”!

Willie Hutch - The Mack OST [Motown] '1973


1 Vampin' 2:45
2 Theme of the Mack 5:36
3 I Choose You 3:42
4 Mack's Stroll/The Getaway (Chase Scene) 3:08
5 Slick 3:36
6 Mack Man (Got to Get Over) 5:11
7 Mother's Theme (Mama) 3:56
8 Now That It's All Over 4:32
9 Brother's Gonna Work It Out 4:46

- Clique Aqui:

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Mark Drummond and Grooveometri - Six Strings, One Love (2008)

Artist: Mark Drummond and Grooveometri
Title Of Album: Six Strings, One Love
Year Of Release: 2008
Label: Mark Drummond Creative
Genre: Funk / R&B / Smooth Jazz
Format: MP3
Bitrate: CBR 192 kbps
Tracks: 19
Total Time: 01:10:42
Total Size: 97 MB


01. Flow (4:06)
02. Power (3:56)
03. Skin Tight (4:21)
04. Change My Plane (3:38)
05. Cowboy Souljer Part 1 (3:10)
06. Cowboy Souljer Part 2 (2:26)
07. Drummadu (4:04)
08. Open (5:46)
09. Mo' Flow - Interlude (0:45)
10. P.r.g. - Phunky Radio Groove (3:58)
11. Habit (3:01)
12. Lookin' Back (4:43)
13. Mkd's Cruise (3:11)
14. Diggin' (4:45)
15. Without Love (5:36)
16. Wrasslin' (2:35)
17. Jingle Jazz (5:23)
18. Grooveometri Theme (4:24)
19. Keep On Flowin' (0:46)

- Clique Aqui:

Album Notes
Mark Drummond is a Southern California-based guitarist and producer with a funky, soulful approach to smooth jazz and R&B. He spent years honing his style in Mid-South show bands before relocating to Southern California to pursue a career in broadcast radio.

The lure of performing too strong, he joined a country-influenced original R&B group called "Cowboy Soul", as a sideman on lead guitar. It was with this band that Drummond's Southern blues-rock roots were best heard, on several tracks he wrote and produced for the band's CDs.

During this time, Mark also hit his production stride, partnering with a successful Nigerian record company for a string of successful remixes that fused the energy of itinerant Nigerian performers with digital production techniques into genre-bending dance and AfroPop compositions. With lifelong songwriting partner Aljay Boyd, Drummond composed and produced the soundtrack to the film short "Bringing Up BayBay" for Soleil Films. Mark also contributed production skills and guitar to gospel jazz pianist Daniel A. Nelson's CD "Just A Touch". This collaboration yielded such a pleasing result that the two musicians teamed up for a smooth jazz CD, "2 Smoov 4 Words", released in early 2009.

After giving so much of himself to so many successful projects, the next natural next step is for Mark Drummond to offer his own musical vision on the CD "Six Strings One Love". With an eclectic track listing variously described as "R&B", "Funk", and "smooth jazz", SSOL is at once all and none of the above. It is an aural representation of one guitarist's influences, ranging from echoes of Wes montgomery's octave melodies drifting through the leadoff track, "Flow", to the all-out finger-licking funk of Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner's (of the Ohio Players) iconic "Fire" motif installed into the ridiculously funky "P.R.G.".Six Strings, One Love manages to touch on several subgenres of R&B, but everything is glued together by Drummond's guitar: tasteful, textured, and always rhythmically in the pocket.

Speedometer - Soul Groovin' (2009)

Artist: Speedometer
Title Of Album: Soul Groovin'
Year Of Release: June 5, 2009
Label: Freestyle Records
Genre: Funk / Jazz / Soul
Format: MP3
Bitrate: VBR ~230 kbps
Tracks: 12
Total Time: 49:40 min
Total Size: 85 MB


01. Speedopener
02. At The Speakeasy
03. Kool To Be Uncool
04. What Am I Gonna Do?
05. Answer To Mother Popcorn
06. Make It Alright
07. Kool & The Gang / Let The Music Take Your Mind
08. Four Flights Up
09. Soul Grooving
10. Am I Your Woman (Tell Me So)
11. No Man Worries
12. Work It Out

- Clique Aqui:

The UK's premier funk band started out as a quartet gigging in small clubs in the Southeast of England in 1999, playing classic funk tunes by artists such as The Meters and The JB's. The band soon expanded, adding the now renowned horn section (The Rev Horns) and vocalists (The Speedettes) in 2001, which has enabled them to deliver the powerhouse deep funk sound they're known for today.

In 2000, the first single was released "Soul Safari" on Soul Fire Records and soon followed several other releases by other labels. Each of the limited run 45 singles sold out to a rapidly growing funk audience.
Three years later the band joined forces with Blow it Hard Records to record the first Speedometer LP. THIS IS SPEEDOMETER (VOL.I) which blended their love of heavy deep funk with Soul and fused this with Latin grooves that gave the eagerly awaiting funk fans and DJ's one of the best new authentic funk albums since the 1970's.

2005 saw the follow up album "THIS IS SPEEDOMETER (VOL. 2)".This second volume proved the bands credentials in delivering unrivalled heavyweight funk grooves and super-soul vocals from soul diva Ria Currie and the Speedettes. The funky re-work of Beyonce’s “Work it out” has been one of the most successful new funk 45’s to date and in the top 10 of most funk/soul DJ’s around the globe. The album also led them to Japan for a fantastic sellout tour playing 8 shows in Nagoya & Osaka. Check out 'Speedometer live in Japan' video on u tube. Just type Speedometer funk into the search box.

2006 saw Freestyle Records in the UK release “Diggin Deeper”. A compilation of all of Speedometer’s early 7" 45 releases in one place on CD for the very first time. It also saw them back in Big Noise Studios to start laying tracks for the next album "4 Flights Up" due out in early 2007 on Freestyle Records. Over the years, Speedometer has worked with many of the US funk legends including Sir Joe Quarterman, Eddie Bo, Marva Whitney, Sharon Jones, James Bell (The Highlighters), Lee Fields, Billy Wooten and most recently, gigging and cutting two tracks in the studio with Robert Moore. (To be released soon)All the artists were blown away by Speedometer's authenticity to the original soul-funk sound The 2007 album "Four Flights Up" is widely regarded as one of the best funk albums of the last 10years. The band will be releasing a live album in March 2009 and start recording their 5th studio album in summer 2009 for release end of the year. The heaviest funk is yet to come........

Band Members:

Leigh Gracie – guitar/percussion
Professor Chris Starmer – drums
Matt Wilding – percussion
Richardo Hindes - bass
Sting Davies – hammond/rhodes
Simon Jarrett – tenor sax
Matt McKay – alto,baritone sax/flute
Neil Penny – trumpet
Ria Currie – lead vocal

Speak Low - I'm Gonna Groove Ya (2006)

Artist: Speak Low
Album: I'm Gonna Groove Ya
Label: Acid Jazz
Released: 2006
Genre: Funk/Soul, Jazz
Style: Deep Funk / Jazz / Latin
Format: mp3 vbr
Tracks: 10
Total Time: 39:03
Total Size: 59.1 Mb

Track list:

1. In The Fridge (1:17)
2. Trouble Maker (3:43)
3. Funky Falafel (3:44)
4. To My Friend Georgie (4:53)
5. Meters Bread (Speak Low) (4:38)
6. Booganova (4:18)
7. I'm Gonna Groove Ya (3:18)
8. If You'd Be Mine (6:35)
9. Moon Cresta (5:04)
10. Aceituning (1:33)

- Clique Aqui:

In 2002 , three friends joined to set a Hammond trio: Julian Maeso (hammond organ), Jose Garcia (guitar) and Antonio Pax (drums). Starting with covers from Lonnie Smith, Brian Auger, Georgie Fame, Lou Donaldson, The Meters.... the trio would find their own sound and new compositions. After two years burning clubs all around SPAIN, they decided to record 10 songs with a new member in the band, a young talented saxofonist and horns arranger called Martin Garcia. With a 5 piece horn section and new crazy percusionist David “el Indio” on board, they completed their fresh and deep first album “I ..M GOONA GROOVE YA”, that would be released by ACID JAZZ RECORDS (London) in May 2006. After this successful release they supported James Taylor Quartet, Sugarman 3 with Lee Fields, and Big Boss Man in their hot appearances in Madrid, and were invited to play in Gijón International Euro Ye-Ye Weekend, Purple Weekend and Soul Ascension in Berlin as well as important clubs in Europe.

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Phat Fred - Don't Spoil The Soup! (2006)

Artist: Phat Fred
Album: Don't Spoil The Soup!
Label: Hammondbeat Records
Released: 14 Nov 2006
Genre: Funk, Jazz
Style: Deep Funk
Format: mp3 320 kbit
Tracks: 11
Total Time: 48:45
Total Size: 115.6 Mb

Track list:
1. Stay On The Groove (4:29)
2. I Turned You On (4:04)
3. Yo Mama (6:13)
4. Yu Nou Rili (3:45)
5. Titos Buga (3:40)
6. Get Downg (4:53)
7. Beefsteak (5:03)
8. Starforce (4:39)
9. Stop Your Jive (3:30)
10. Home Sweet Home (4:02)
11. Hand Brake [Bonus Track] (4:27)

- Clique Aqui:

Phat Fred is 4 guys from different parts of the world united by their love of music. The music they create is catagorised as funk. But Phat Fred is never limited by catagories. Mixing funk with blues, disco, jazz, rock and psychedelia their music is 100% "dance-able" and the live show, bordering on the bizzare, has had them described as "Punk Funk!" One thing's for sure, not content with "chasing ghosts" and trying to sound like bands been and gone, Phat Fred is about dancing, getting down and dirty, partying, letting loose from social and musical constrictions and generally having fun!

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Osibisa - Welcome Home (1997)

Artist: Osibisa
Title Of Album: Welcome Home
Year Of Release: December 12, 1997
Label: Aim Records
Genre: Afro-Rock, Afro-Pop, WorldBeat , Funk/Soul, Tribal, Disco
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: lossless/320 kbps
Total Time: 40:45 min
Total Size: 344mb / 130mb (+5% rec.)


1. Sunshine Day (5:00)
2. Welcome Home (4:22)
3. Densu (5:23)
4. Chooboi (Heave Ho!) (5:10)
5. Do It (Like It Is) (4:24)
6. Right Now (3:11)
7. Seaside - Meditation (5:18)
8. Uhuru (3:27)
9. Kolomashie (4:35)
10. Bum To Bum
11. Agoro
12. Sunshine Day (Single Edit)

- Clique Aqui Parte 1:

- Clique Aqui Parte 2:

The most rare of Osibisa's releases, originally only released in Africa.

The brainchild of Teddy Osei, a Ghanaian sax player, composer, and drummer who came to London to study music, Osibisa was one of the first African bands to win worldwide popularity. Their mix of African (especially highlife) and Caribbean forms made them a sensation in the mid 70s and their popularity continues today, even though recording dates have fallen off. ~ J. Poet, All Music Guide

Osibisa: Teddy Osei (drum); Kofi Ayivor, Kiki Gyan, Mike Odumusu, Mac Tontoh, Sol Amarfio, Wendel Richardson.

Personnel: Wendel Richardson (vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar); Teddy Osei (vocals, flute, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, percussion); Mike Odumusu (vocals, bass guitar); Paul Golly (guitar); Mac Tontoh (didjeridu, trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion); Kiki Gyan (clarinet, piano, Clavinet, organ, keyboards); Wiki Gyan (piano, Clavinet, organ); Ray Allen, Robert Bailey , Barbara Thompson (vibraphone); Jean-Karl Dikoto Mandengue (bass guitar); Sol Amarfio (drums, congas, bongos, percussion, bells); Kofi Ayivor (congas, percussion).

Recording information: Roundhouse Recording Studios, London, England (1975).

Osibisa: Wendell Richardson (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars); Teddy Osei (vocals, tenor saxophone, flute, african drums); Mike Odumosu (vocals, bass guitar); Mac Tontoh (trumpet, flugelhorn, prenpresua, digereedo, percussion); Kiki Gyan (clarinet, piano, organ); Sol Amarfio (drums. percussion, bells); Kofi Ayivor (congas, percussion).

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The New Mastersounds - Plug & Play (2008)

Artist: The New Mastersounds
Album: Plug & Play
Label: One Note Records
Released: Jun 2008
Genre: Funk/Jazz
Style: Deep funk/Revival
Format: mp3 320 kbit
Tracks: 11
Total Time: 45:10
Total Size: 104 Mb

Track list:

1. Hole In The Bag (3:22)
2. I Mean It So feat. Dionne Charles (3:45)
3. Thermal Bad (4:09)
4. Looking For An Answer feat. Dionne Charles (3:29)
5. Altitude (5:58)
6. Kuna Matata (3:19)
7. Chrysalis (3:29)
8. Idris (3:49)
9. All We Can Do feat. Dionne Charles (4:45)
10. Beyond The Bleak Horizon (5:14)
11. King Comforter feat. Dionne Charles (3:51)

- Clique Aqui:

"Like Fred Wesley & The New JB's, Bobby Byrd, Marva Whitney or Maceo & The Macks in their day, the Mastersounds know groove and furrow it out like hogs on truffles." Jambase Review

"Here's a marriage made in heaven: The New Mastersounds with Dionne Charles." Mark Lamarr - BBC Radio Two

"There is a good reason why these guys are the daddies of the UK scene and it is all in this album. Soul, Afro-funk, New Orleans-Funk and one blinding piece of Soul-Jazz. Plug & Play is simply a non-stop party". Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show

"The New Mastersounds are an organ-heavy group from Northern England who are in love with old American boogaloo records of all stripes (jazz, soul, funk and whatever else gets you on the dancefloor). Beloved for their energetic live shows, the New Mastersounds are joined here (about half the time) by Dionne Charles, a ferocious R&B belter who triumphs on tunes like "All We Can Do" and "Looking For An Answer." While it may initially seem like the band's appeal is limited to mod-suited soul nostalgia, jam rockers, crate diggers and night clubbers will definitely dig the New Mastersounds". Nick Dedina,

Monday, April 05, 2010

VA - Dig The New Breed (2010)

Artist: VA
Album: Dig The New Breed
Year: 2010
Label: Acid Jazz
Genre: Funk
Length: 60:41 min
Quality: mp3 (vbr kbps)
Size: 77.36 Mb (recovery 5%)


01 Smoove - The Revolution Will Be Televised 05:38
02 Twisted Tongue - Got A Really Good Thing 03:52
03 Pleasure Beach - Smells Like Teen Spirit 04:03
04 The Third Degree - Mercy 03:20
05 Andy Lewis And Paul Weller - Are You Trying To Be Lonely
06 Jess Roberts And Smoove - Coming Back 06:26
07 Missing - Three Black Bros 06:17
08 Leleo - Ella Briga Comigo 02:50
09 Grand Union - Jane Jane 02:55
10 Jinrai - Someplace Else 03:01
11 Andy Lewis - One By One 03:25
12 Lord Large - Stuck In A Wind Up 03:14
13 Steve Marriott And The Moments - Money Money 02:19
14 Andy Lewis And Keni Burke - (Love Is) Alive In My Heart
15 The Past Present Organisation - Itchy Feet 04:01
16 Lord Large And Dean Parrish - Left Right And Centre 03:09

- Clique Aqui:

Antibalas - Security (2007)

Artist: Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra
Album: Security
Label: ANTI-
Released: Mar 2007
Genre: Funk / Soul, Jazz
Style: Afrobeat, Funk
Format: mp3 vbr
Tracks: 7
Total Time: 57:15
Total Size: 92 Mb

Track list:
1. Beaten Metal (5:52)
2. Filibuster X (11:54)
3. Sanctuary (12:53)
4. Hilo (4:49)
5. War Hero (5:26)
6. I.C.E. (8:16)
7. Age (8:05)

- Clique Aqui:

What do you get when you pair up one of the most critically acclaimed and hardest-working bands on the planet, Antibalas, with one of indie rock's most intricate and innovative producers, John McEntire (Tortoise, Stereolab, Tom Ze)...and let them play sonic tug-of-war in a studio for a month? The answer is Security, the fourth and newest full-length gem from this twelve-strong Brooklyn collective, who over the last decade have become known worldwide as much for their riveting afrobeat-laden concerts and social consciousness as for their previous albums and unique collaborations. Enticed by McEntire to explore and unleash sides not previously mined on earlier recordings, the seven new original compositions presented here illustrate perhaps a darker, more dynamic approach that's guaranteed to shock and dazzle new and old fans alike. This is music that was made to linger long after the party's over.

Alphonse Mouzon - Funky Snakefoot

Artist: Alphonse Mouzon
Title Of Album: Funky Snakefoot
Year Of Release: 1973
Genre: Jazz, Funk
Quality: mp3
Bitrate: 192kbps
Total Size: 60,7 Mb
WebSite: MySpace


1. I've Given You My Love
2. You Don't Know How Much I Love You
3. I Gotta Have You
4. My Life Is Os Blue
5. Funky Snakefoot
6. My Little Rosebud
7. A Permanent Love
8. Beggar
9. Oh Yes I Do
10. Tara Tara
11. Where I'm Drumming From
12. Ism

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El Michels Affair - Truth & Soul presents A Tribute to Isaac Hayes

Artist: El Michels Affair
Title Of Album: Truth & Soul presents A Tribute to Isaac Hayes
Year Of Release: 17 Mar 2009
Label: Truth & Soul
Genre: Funk, Instrumental
Quality: MP3 / Joint Stereo
Bitrate: CBR 320 kbit/s / 44.1 Khz
Total Time: 27:36 min
Total Size: 63,3 MB


01. Shaft (3:26)
02. Walk on by (6:14)
03. Run Fay Run (3:43)
04. Hung Up on My Baby (3:14)
05. Red Rooster (2:31)
06. Bumpys Lament (4:08)
07. Walk on by (Short version) (4:17)

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Cymande - Second Time Around

Artist: Cymande
Title Of Album: Second Time Around
Year Of Release: 1973
Label: Janus Records
Genre: Funk / Soul, Rock
Style: Blues Rock, Funk
Quality: mp3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Total Size: 100 mb (+5% rec.)


1. Anthracite - 5:32
2. Willies' Headache - 4:50
3. Genevieve - 3:60
4. Trevorgus - 3:25
5. To You - 3:31
6. For Baby Ooh - 2:17
7. Fug - 4:25
8. Crawshay - 4:21
9. Bird - 4:25
10. Them And Us - 5:25

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Cymande (Sah-mahn-day) were an electric funk band who released several albums throughout the early 1970s. The group was formed in 1971 in London, England by musicians from Guyana and Jamaica. The name Cymande is derived from a Calypso word for Dove, which symbolizes peace and love.

The group developed a subtle and complex, deep funk style influenced by calypso rhythms, jazz, African music, American soul and UK rock of the time. Cymande can now be seen as one of the most sophisticated of the funk acts that evolved in the early 1970s. By the mid-70s the band members were going their separate ways and the group was disbanded in 1974. It wasn't until 20 years later that they reaped any financial rewards, as their music became a popular source for samplers. Cymande's original albums are still widely sought-after by DJ's and funk aficionados. Perhaps the band's best known recording is the soulful dancefloor filler called "Bra", which was later sampled by the American hip-hop group De La Soul and used as a breakbeat record by the godfathers of hip-hop Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

VA - Kyoto Jazz Massive - 10th Anniversary (2CD) (2006)

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Kyoto Jazz Massive - 10th Anniversary
Year Of Release: June 13, 2006
Label: Compost
Genre: Free Jazz, Broken Beat, Future Jazz, Deep House, Contemporary Jazz
Quality/Bitrate: MP3 / VBR kbps / 44.1 Khz / Joint Stereo
Total Time: 2 h 22 min 09 sec
Total Size: 201 mb



1. Kyoto Jazz Massive - The Brightness Of These Days Quantic Remix (8:10)
2. Incognito - Where Love Shines (8:27)
3. Kyoto Jazz Massive - Endless.. (5:20)
4. Restless Soul - Time To Fly (6:56)
5. Mind Expansions Blaze Shelter Sundae Mix (6:58)
6. Shine Kenny Dope Remix (6:50)
7. Domu - Taking Flight (6:40)
8. Afronaught - Now Or Never (6:04)
9. Dego & Kaidi Tatham - Come With Me (4:42)
10. Reel People - Tomorrow Never.. (9:15)


1. Da Lata - Ronco Da Cuica (11:20)
2. Jazztronic - Shine (10:59)
3. Louie Vega & The Eol Band - Aphrodite (4:51)
4. Monday Michiru - A Calmarita (9:37)
5. Dj Mitsou The Beats - Spiredown 2004 (4:46)
6. Sleep Walker - Eclipse (8:56)
7. Toshio Matsuura Group - Behind The Shadow (9:07)
8. Electric Sheep Feat Ua - The.. (6:58)
9. Aurora - Nacel Do Sol (6:13)

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That's really what this is. In 2004, Kyoto Jazz Massive celebrated 10 years of their music, and with loads of friends from around the world, they came up with a three cd series. They were titled "RE: KJM" (Red Cover), "For: KJM" (White Cover), and "By: KJM" (Black Cover). These three discs were straight imports, and initially retailed at about $30-$40 state-side. Re: KJM had artists re-interpreting many of their songs. For: KJM had songs dedicated to them and even had a song done by them. By: KJM featured KJM's remixes. This one, the gold covered "10Th Anniversary", is a double disc set released by Compost Records (their label in 2002) featuring many of the songs from there along with a mix from a random 12" of their tunes. Yup - the three discs came out in 2004, and this gold one came out in 2006. A bit of a delay.

The music here's good. Energetic and neat broken beats on the tracks. CD1 starts out with Quantic's rendition of "Brightness of These Days", followed up by a neat broken beat mix of "Where Love Shines" by Incognito - given the trademark Kyoto Jazz Massive percussion treatment. It's such an alive sort of sound... the cut kind of reminds me of a Jiva song. That's followed up with Phil Asher & Rasiyah in "Time to Fly", the opening track on "For: KJM". Great song, nice glide, gentle soul. Other highlights were Kenny Dope's take on "Shine" (man, I miss THAT Guida De Palma, where it wasn't forced!). Other hits were Domu's, Kaidi Tatham/Dego and Afronaught's tracks. Basically, a broken beat fest of cuts.

CD 2 starts out with Da Lata's take on "Ronca de Cuica" which was solid, but not that impressive to me. Jazztronik's crazy beat-heavy version of "Shine" pumped up the album quite a bit. Strange song, but interesting, all the same although the beats, after a while, feel distorted (and it wasn't my speakers... take great care of those!). "Aphrodite" by Louie Vega and EOL was one of my favorites though of the three disc series... really nice latin vibe to it with the drums, xylophone and guitar in harmony. Nice little cocktail jam. Monday Michiru put in a very nice take on one of KJM's biggest cuts, "A Calmaria", with a poem as she does. Would've been even tighter without some of the electronic in it - but still a wonderful song. Other highlights from disc 2 were Sleep Walker's version of "Eclipse" and I lked Aurora's "Nacel Do Sol"... Nacel Do Sol in particular takes me back to the good old "Bossa Tres... Jazz" days.