Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Kings of Funk

The compilers of THE KINGS OF FUNK, RZA and KEB DARGE, are two genre definers that have created more than just awareness; they are the experts revered for their taste and their pioneering career choices. 2004 saw the deaths of many individuals that were at the forefront of creating funk music and also championing funk, Rick James, John Peel, and Dave Godin. It is the championing of funk that has sustained its presence all around us. Today our lives are tinged with Funk, music charts across the globe are dominated by so-called ‘Urban’ music, the root of which lies in the Funk music of the 60’s & 70’s. Films, computer games, TV advertising, ring tones, and even our local supermarket serve up generous helpings of it.These two aficionados are doing more than carrying on the legacies of the aforementioned individuals; they have both created distinct and unique influences in pop culture by virtue of their immense love and respect of music. KEB DARGE has been passionate about music since birth; in the 70’s, he was a regular visitor to legendary Northern Soul nights at The Wigan Casino, in the 80’s he turned his attention to funk, and is solely responsible for the Deep Funk movement (check out Legendary Deep Funk Vol I , II, and III. If you are still unsure, go to Funk Spectrum I, II, III). RZA is a member of Wu Tang Clan, an actor (Coffee & Cigarettes, Rhyme & Reason) and film composer (Kill Bill Vol I & II, Ghost Dog -The Way of The Samurai). His recent success in music supervision has cemented his reputation as a genre definer and aare further examples of his ability to set a mood through his extensive music knowledge.The Kings of... series by UK's BBE Records (Funk being the second one) are homages, not to ‘lost’ musical genres, but to music that ‘fits’ within a specific genre, which may have either been forgotten, or may only be remembered for the first time. Take two compilers mad on music, have them choose their top tracks of the moment, and before you can put on your dancing shoes, we serve you up the most badassss! Funk tunes you ever heard.

Track Listing:

CD1 mixed by RZA

1. Sly & The Family Stone - Small Talk
2. Hank Ballard - From the Love Side
3. Lyn Collins - Do Your Thing
4. Ohio Players - Climax
5. Ohio Players - Singing In The Morning
6. Harlem Underground - Ain't No Sunshine
7. Booker T & MGS - Melting Pot
8. Anne Peebles - You've Got The Papers
9. Ken Boothe - It's Because I'm Black
10. Jimmy Ponder - While My Guitar
11. Honey Cone - If I Can't Fly
12. Bobby Humphries - Jasper Country Man


1. Sharon Jones - Genuine
2. Quantic featuring Spanky Wilson - Don't Joke With A Hungry Man
3. MFSB - Family Affair 1973
4. Brand New - Party Time
5. Mighty Generation - The MG Beat
6. Zebra - Simple Song (Barney Johnson)
7. Madcliff - You Can Make The Change
8. Skying High - Getting Off On Your Loving
9. Anna Raye - Will You Love My Child
10. Dee Edwards - I Can Deal With That

- Clique Aki:

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