Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Diplomats of Solid Sound featuring The Diplomettes (2008)

The Diplomats Of Solid Sound have really grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years -- starting as more of a garage/mod instrumental combo, but now emerging fully formed as a razor-sharp funk act! They've still got plenty of roots in the 60s, and there's a definite soulful vibe to their music -- but the drums are even harder than before, and they've really turned some of their energy towards more 70s-styled grooves. This set features the core combo with really great organ and electric piano lines from Nate Count Basinger -- plus tenor, baritone sax, guitar, and drums -- and some tracks also feature vocals from the The Diplomettes female trio, a group with a sharper edge than you might expect! Titles include "Lights Out", "Smokey Places", "Soul Connection", "Trouble Me", "Budget Fro", "Plenty Nasty", "Come In My Kitchen", and "If You're Wrong". (Image shown is from CD, LP has the title on a red background.)

1 Plenty Nasty (3:49)
2 Come In My Kitchen (3:21)
3 Hurt Me So (3:36)
4 Budget Fro (3:26)
5 Trouble Me (2:12)
6 Soul Connection (2:26)
7 Smokey Places (3:16)
8 Lights Out! (3:58)
9 B-a-b-y (2:56)
10 If You're Wrong... (I Don't Want To Be Right) (3:10)
11 Hurt Me So (Lack Of Afro Rmx) (3:36)

- Clique Aki:

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