Thursday, October 23, 2008

Buena Vista - The Next Generation

Track List

1. Los Herederos - Intro
2. Los Herederos
3. Si Son Con el Son
4. Rompe Saraguey
5. Pa Los Rumberos
6. De Todo un Poco
7. Palmira
8. Sasauma Coco
9. Chan Chan
10. Como Esta el Mantecao
11. Chivirico
12. Que Rico Son

Musicians / Músicos:

Ruben Gonzáles, Jr.
Ecos de Siboney (grandsons of / Nietos de Compay Segundo)
Manuel Licea Puntilla, Jr.
Tata Güines
JP Torres
Generoso Jiménez
Miguelito Cuni, Jr.
Pancho Amat
And more / y más!


When I first received this CD I said to my self, "oh no, not another remake album." Boy was I wrong. With an ensemble comprised of the children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of members of the Buena Vista Social Club, what we have here is perhaps one of the most lively, exciting, impressive, energetic and just plain off the hook releases coming out of Cuba.

With a small intro by trombone masters Generoso Jiménez and Juan Pablo Torres, the projects kicks into gear with "Los herederos" composed by Elsa Torres (she's the sole composer for 11 of the 12 songs on the CD). This songs pits veterans Raúl Planas and Pío Leiva with new comers Lázaro Reyes and María Elena, who are reassuring the older generation that they are going to keep the tradition alive, knowing how to swing and improvise. The songs boasts the talents of master conguero Tata Güines, master timabalero Changuito and trumpeter extraordinaire Julio Padrón. This will be a classic!

Women vocalists dominate this project as is the case with "Pa los rumberos" sung by the sister of Barbarito Torres, Conchita Torres. With her guajira style vocals and with one of his most aggressive tres playing Pancho Amat, this song proves that good music will never die.

While on "Qué rico son" María Lazo and young Arienys Lazo (we need to keep an eye on this young singer) gives you goose bumps. They are on point with their soneos and phrasing, wishing the song was longer.

This CD should be heard from beginning to end, nonstop. Not one bad song, no filler material here. If orgasms lasted this long, the world would be a better place.


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