Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Deff Jazz - 2005


01 — all i need
02 — hey young world
03 — can i get a...
04 — doin' it
05 — bring the pain
06 — the rain
07 — ghetto jam
08 — get u home
09 — back seat
10 — give it up

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Candido - Beautiful

A beautiful bit of Latin funk — and one of the rarest albums ever from the mighty Candido! The album's one of the first that has Candido stepping out of the straighter Latin jazz mode of earlier years — working with a funky lineup of players arranged by the mad genius Joe Cain, and going for a mixed electric/acoustic sound that reminds us of Mongo Santamaria's best work — only a heck of a lot funkier! In addition to killer conga licks from Candi, the album features some really heavy guitar and organ lines, plus some good choppy sax work — wailing away with a really solid soulful sound. Imagine Booker T & The MGs working in Spanish Harlem — and you've got part of the picture of this one!

- Clique Aki:

Candido - Drum Fever

One of Candido's funkiest albums! The record's got a similar sound to Candido's great albums for Blue Note and Solid State — with short, hard funky tunes that have a really great 70s edge! Chico O'Farrill did the arrangements, and the record chops along nicely with some very funky tracks that feel like they were lifted from a blacksploitation soundtrack — conga mixed with great keyboards, wah wah guitar, and tight blasts of horns in just the right bits! The whole thing's a killer — filled with heavy funky 45-type numbers. Very nice!

- Clique Aki:

Ginger Baker's Air Force 2 (1970)

- Clique Aki:

Ginger Baker's Air Force

Out of the wreckage of Cream came some very hip grooves! Ginger Baker was the hippest of the group's 3 members. He should also get a hats off for his work with the group Air Force — essentially a 10-piece (which seems to have been expanded beyond even that number for this set) that came up with some of the most monstrous jamming we've heard! At its base, the group's in the jazz rock mode — with players that include Brit jazz luminaries Phil Seamen, Harold McNair, and Graham Bond, plus rockers like Baker, Steve Winwood, Denny Laine, and Rick Grech. The tracks are all long groovers in a post-beat group mode — and the best tracks have a jamming sound that's pretty over the top! It's full of the propulsive, Afro-influenced bass and percussion, some wild, jazz funk flute and sax, plus amazing work on violin, guitar and occasional, ephemeral vocals. Awesome stuff — one of the best and most innovative live albums of the era!

Brazilian Groove Band - Anatomy Of Groove (2009)

Artist: Brazilian Groove Band
Album: Anatomy Of Groove
Label: Far Out Recordings
Release date: 19 Oct 2009
Genre: Jazz
Style: Jazz-Funk / Latin Jazz
Format: mp3 320kbit
Tracks: 10

Track list:

1. Safari
2. Pirulito
3. Charlie 1
4. Pau Grande
5. April 7th
6. Dance
7. Prince Samba
8. Groove In The Head
9. Bananeira
10. Hip Baiao

"Anatomy of Groove" is the previously unreleased Leo Gandelman NYC studio band project from renowned musicians including Reuben Wilson and Grant Green Jr. Far Out Recordings have rescued this swinging instrumental jazz funk record, which blends vintage New York brass and smoky jazz with the deep bass, heavy drums and 70s jazz funk organs of Brazil to create big textures and drip realism into these funky, cinematic nuggets.
Leo Gandelman and Far Out Recordings can finally release these ten beautiful and refreshingly old school compositions a decade after they were lovingly pieced together in to this killer groove.

“If ever there was a Latin funk super group, then it was the Brazillian Groove Band. The band included heavyweights like Reuben Wilson and Grant Green Jnr. The only question is why it took so long for this gem to be released? There’s no fat, just lean and mean groove. Friday night records don’t get any funkier than this.” Clash Magazine

"A sweet mix of Brazilian grooves and New York attitude - an overlooked session from the end of the 90s - recorded in the US by Brazilian sax man Leo Gandelman, with soulful help from a variety of American players - including Reuben Wilson on organ and both Charlie Hunter and Grant Green Jr on guitar. There's a rich 70s vibe to the record - a tight, funky blend of jazzy riffing and Brazilian percussion, all put together at a level that recalls Kudu Records at its best - lean, soulful, and surprisingly focused throughout - a great step forward for Gandelman,
and for percussionist Juliano Zanoni, who co-arranged the set with Leo, and also wrote most of the tunes. The record never saw the light of day when it was recorded, making this Far Out package its first-ever release." Dusty Groove

TM Juke And The Jack Baker Trio - Boto And The Second Liners (2008)

Artist: TM Juke And The Jack Baker Trio
Album: Boto And The Second Liners
Label: Tru Thoughts
Released: 08 Sep 2009
Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul, Latin
Style: Nu Jazz / Broken Beat / Soul / Downtempo / Dancehall
Format: mp3 vbr
Tracks: 12
Total Size: 73.5 Mb

Track list:
1. Portion Of A Recording (1:22)
2. That Gut Feeling feat. Andreya Triana (5:02)
3. Echo’s From The Surface (2:46)
4. Spread It On feat. Alice Russell (4:59)
5. Heads High(er) (5:04)
6. The Train (6:16)
7. Omak Besar (Big Waves) (6:51)
8. Rolling Stone To Landslide feat. Kathrin DeBoer (5:20)
9. Fortune Favours The Bold (3:32)
10. Party Favours feat. Gecko Turner (4:55)
11. Swamp Ska’s (3:26)
12. Yeah The Crab! (3:01)

Press Release:
TM Juke and The Jack Baker Trio present 'Boto And The Second Liners'. A feast of carnival-spirited songs, this is an original album of pure party music that pays homage to the different rhythms of the Americas, moving from the '80s New York street party feel of junkyard, go-go music and old school inspired hip hop; through the funk and soul of Memphis and the Mardi Gras of New Orleans; and south to Latin America and Brazilian samba. The record boasts some great guest performers - most notably singers Alice Russell, Kathrin deBoer of Belleruche and Andreya Triana, and genre-bending Spanish singer Gecko Turner (Lovemonk).

The 'Boto And The Second Liners' project was born when TM Juke and Jack Baker were on tour with the Alice Russell band, passing their time in airports and vans by cataloguing songs that could be reworked in a South American stylee. The original plan was for an album of covers, but once the pair got to work, the covers were dropped in favour of original rhythmic masterpieces. Written and recorded in less than two months, the album was all played live - not a sample in sight - and nearly all the percussion and drums are single takes. The pair avoided ironing out too many creases and tried not to over-produce, and as a result the recordings have a rough and ready feel and that unique, palpable live energy.

TM Juke has built a reputation as a prolific and acutely talented musician, producer and DJ. His previous solo projects have encompassed soul, funk, hip hop and jazz; with sublime hooks and a spirit of experimentation. With two acclaimed solo albums for Tru Thoughts under his belt, he also produced and co-wrote some of Alice Russell's most highly acclaimed releases and he is one half of dancefloor-destroying duo Me&You. The Jack Baker Trio is, in fact, just Jack Baker, percussionist extraordinaire. His other high profile musical endeavours include playing in the Bonobo Live Band, which is how he became acquainted with the magical powers of Andreya Triana and Kathrin deBoer (Andreya is currently co-producing her first solo album with Bonobo, and Kathrin is the band's live frontwoman of choice).

Big Boss Man - Full English Beat Breakfast (2009)

Artist: Big Boss Man
Album: Full English Beat Breakfast
Label: Blow Up Records
Release date: 07 Sep 2009
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Funk / Indie / Psychedelic
Format: mp3 vbr v0
Tracks: 14
Total Time: 37:18
Total Size: 80.4 MB

Track list:

1. Triumph of the Olympian (2:57)
2. Beat Breakfast (2:51)
3. Black Eye (I Believed in Love) (2:56)
4. Full Brazilian (2:46)
5. C'est Moi (1:54)
6. Clown Face (2:03)
7. VIP 233 (1:37)
8. Hairy Mary (2:55)
9. Pies and Pastiche (3:16)
10. Vampyros Twist (2:55)
11. Trilby of Fun (1:42)
12. Slap Head's Demise (2:15)
13. The Bloater (3:22)
14. Luna 2 (3:49)

It’s time to switch on the lava lamp and crack open the Babycham, because Big Boss Man are back and groovier than ever.
The ever-present Hammond Organ ensures that ‘Full English Beat Breakfast’ is a seriously greasy affair and the perfect start to any weekend. The boys keep the pace fast and tight, with a bit of psychedelic rock, samba and Northern Soul thrown in for good measure. It certainly puts the ‘swing’ back into the swinging 60s, with plenty of Georgie Fame-esque grooves.
If Charlie Croker from the ‘Italian Job’ was still alive – gawd bless his soul – he would be dancing to this, and recommendations don’t come any better than that!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Don Julian - Savage! (1973)

One of the greatest blacksploitation soundtracks of the 70s — and one of the rarest too! The album's a crowning achievement for the mighty Don Julian — an artist who's best known for his earlier LA soul with The Larks, but who steps out here with a hip, hard-grooving sound that's really amazing — kind of a small combo take on the bigger orchestrations you might hear in other films of the time — served up with lots of heavy drums and sharp-edged guitar in the mix! The rhythm section is especially great — bad-walking along with a blend of bass, drums, and congas — and other instrumentation includes flute, sax, and trombone — plus guitars from both Arthur Wright and Julian.

- Clique Aki:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Teddy Pendergrass - Teddy (1979)

Track List

01 - Come Go With Me
02 - Turn Off The Lights
03 - I'll Never See Heaven Again
04 - All I Need Is You
05 - If You Know Like I Know
06 - Do Me
07 - Set Me Free
08 - Life Is A Circle

- parte 1:
- parte 2:
- parte 3:

Teddy Pendergrass - Workin' It Back (1985)

Track List

01 - Love 4/2
02 - One of Us Fell in Love
03 - Never Felt Like Dancin'
04 - Let Me Be Closer
05 - Lonely Color Blue
06 - Want You Back in My Life
07 - Workin' It Back
08 - Love Emergency

- parte 1:
- parte 2:
- parte 3:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Gaturs - Wasted (1970)

An essential bit of funkiness from this obscure New Orleans funk combo! The Gaturs' frontman was keyboardist Willie Tee — who went on to greater fame as a jazz and session player — but we like him best at this early point, when he was wailing away on organ in a tight choppy small group setting. The Gaturs clearly deserve any praise you could heap on them — and their work on this album's a perfect match with the New Orleans funk of Eddie Bo and The Meters. Most of the material was recorded in New Orleans, but only ever issued on 7" singles — and this is the first LP that the group have ever had under their name.

- Clique aki:

VA - Beretta 70: Roaring Themes From Thrilling Italian Police Films 1971-80

A classic CD containing some of the finest tracks from the 70's poliziotteschi (violent police/crime) movies from Italy. Music to drive recklessly and beat-up criminals to! Fantastic stuff!

- Clique Aki:

Ananda Shankar - Ananda Shankar (1970)

Insanely fantastic! Ananda Shankar was one of the hippest sitar players of the 60s — an artist who was not only steeped in the strongest traditions of Indian music heard in other more mainstream players, but one who also had a keen ear for modder and funkier grooves of the time! This rare American set by Ananda is one of his greatest ever — a brilliant mix of funky backings and tripped out sitar work — done in a way that blends together soul, funk, and rock — all given a particularly cool Indian twist. The vibe is very much in the best funky Bollywood style — but was actually done years before most Bollywood funk

- Clique Aki:

Ananda Shankar - Ananda Shankar & His Music (1975)

One of the greatest albums ever by one of the most compelling figures in Indian music! Ananda Shankar's been chronicled elsewhere and often on these pages — so by this point, you probably already know that he's a renegade pioneer who combined funky grooves with sitars and tablas, forging a whole new sound in Indian music that's still having quite a bit of influence today. This 1975 album is a stunner — way more open-minded than his other album for Reprise (which we've also got on reissue!), with tracks that push the funky groove a lot farther than you'd expect, swirling percussion, organ, guitar, tablas, moog, and sitar all together into an unbelievable sound that will leave you breathless!

- Clique Aki :

VA - The Fatboy Slim / Norman Cook Collection (2000)(Lossless)


01. Beats International — Won't Talk About It 4:36
02. Pierre Henry — Psyche Rock (Fatboy Slim Malpaso Mix) 6:30
Remix — Fatboy Slim
03. Deeds Plus Thoughts — The World's Made Up Of This & That (Fatboy Slim Mix) 5:46
Remix — Fatboy Slim
04. Beats International — Echo Chamber 5:54
05. Beats International — Dub Be Good To Me 3:38
06. Jean-Jacques Perrey — E.V.A. (Fatboy Slim Remix — Radio Edit) 3:45
Remix — Fatboy Slim
07. A Tribe Called Quest — I Left My Wallet In El Segundo (Vampire Mix) 3:44
Remix — Fatboy Slim
08. Beats International — The Sun Doesn't Shine 3:53
09. Shinehead — Start An Avalanche 4:28
10. Wildchild — Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim Old Skool Mix) 5:59
Remix — Fatboy Slim
11. Lunatic Calm — Roll The Dice (Fatboy Slim Vocal Remix) 6:39
Remix — Fatboy Slim
12. James Brown — Payback (The Final Mixdown) 5:54
Remix — Norman Cook , Streetsahead
13. Beats International — Tribute To King Tubby 3:39

- Parte 1 -
- Parte 2 -
- Parte 3 -

Pass: Hoger

9five Eyewear 2009 Lookbook

9five Eyewear 2009 Lookbook from Mike Metcalf on Vimeo.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Piquenique - Ed Motta 2009

Piquenique com Ed Motta

Depois de Poptical,Ed Motta ao Vivo e Aystelum, a Trama lança Piquenique, décimo álbum da carreira de Ed Motta, que chega às lojas em outubro e deve surpreender grande parte do público, já há muito tempo ansioso por um trabalho pop do artista. As canções que compõem a obra foram escritas a quatro mãos e marcam a estréia da parceria entre Ed e Edna Lopes, com quem ele é casado há 18 anos. A única exceção é a faixa “Nefertiti”, uma parceria com Rita Lee.

Narrativas de quadrinhos, humor, cinema noir e amor são temas de canções como “Pé Na Jaca”, “Nicole Versus Cheng” e “A Turma da Pilantragem”. Essa última, dueto de Ed Motta com a cantora Maria Rita.

Mas essas não são as únicas surpresas. A faixa título conta com a participação de Marya Bravo, famosa nos anos 70 por dar voz ao single “Cremogema”. A produção é assinada por Ed com a co-produção de Silvera. A masterização foi feita por Herb Powers Jr., considerado um dos melhores masterizadores do mundo.

Piquenique traz 12 faixas e, segundo João Marcello Bôscoli, “é uma safra tão popular, bem humorada e dançante quanto àquela da época do Manual Prático. Talvez mais. E quando um artista como ele grava uma determinada obra, é porque representa realmente aquilo que vive e sente no momento”.


1- "Minha Vida Toda Com Você"
2- "Mensalidade"
3- "Pé na Jaca"
4- "Carência no Frio"
5- "A Turma da Pilantragem" (participação Maria Rita)
6- "Piquenique"
7- "O Mestre e o Aprendiz"
8- "Nefertiti"
9- "Compromisso"
10- "Bel Prazer"
11- "Nicole Versus Cheng"
12- "Tanto Faz"

- Clique Aki:

Friday, January 01, 2010

Dj Uilson Present's - Bossa Nueva

1- Incognito - Barumba
2- Nicole Conte - Bossa Per Te
3- Sambada - Live Wire
4- D.Beran - Dasken Schen
5- Azymuth - Saudade do Doutor
6- Marcos Valle - On Line
7- Janita - I'm Be Fine
8- Bahia Sunset - Somewere Not Here
9- Ronny Jordan - Rio
10-The Pharcyde - Otha Fish
11-Mo'Horizons - Bar Rhumba
12-Brand New Heavies - Day At The Seaside
13-Street Jazz unit - What The Best Thing
14-D'Influence - Running Away
15-Jazz Nova - Blue Skat samba
16-Lalo Schifrim - Rumors