Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brazilian Groove Band - Anatomy Of Groove (2009)

Artist: Brazilian Groove Band
Album: Anatomy Of Groove
Label: Far Out Recordings
Release date: 19 Oct 2009
Genre: Jazz
Style: Jazz-Funk / Latin Jazz
Format: mp3 320kbit
Tracks: 10

Track list:

1. Safari
2. Pirulito
3. Charlie 1
4. Pau Grande
5. April 7th
6. Dance
7. Prince Samba
8. Groove In The Head
9. Bananeira
10. Hip Baiao

"Anatomy of Groove" is the previously unreleased Leo Gandelman NYC studio band project from renowned musicians including Reuben Wilson and Grant Green Jr. Far Out Recordings have rescued this swinging instrumental jazz funk record, which blends vintage New York brass and smoky jazz with the deep bass, heavy drums and 70s jazz funk organs of Brazil to create big textures and drip realism into these funky, cinematic nuggets.
Leo Gandelman and Far Out Recordings can finally release these ten beautiful and refreshingly old school compositions a decade after they were lovingly pieced together in to this killer groove.

“If ever there was a Latin funk super group, then it was the Brazillian Groove Band. The band included heavyweights like Reuben Wilson and Grant Green Jnr. The only question is why it took so long for this gem to be released? There’s no fat, just lean and mean groove. Friday night records don’t get any funkier than this.” Clash Magazine

"A sweet mix of Brazilian grooves and New York attitude - an overlooked session from the end of the 90s - recorded in the US by Brazilian sax man Leo Gandelman, with soulful help from a variety of American players - including Reuben Wilson on organ and both Charlie Hunter and Grant Green Jr on guitar. There's a rich 70s vibe to the record - a tight, funky blend of jazzy riffing and Brazilian percussion, all put together at a level that recalls Kudu Records at its best - lean, soulful, and surprisingly focused throughout - a great step forward for Gandelman,
and for percussionist Juliano Zanoni, who co-arranged the set with Leo, and also wrote most of the tunes. The record never saw the light of day when it was recorded, making this Far Out package its first-ever release." Dusty Groove


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