Saturday, January 16, 2010

Big Boss Man - Full English Beat Breakfast (2009)

Artist: Big Boss Man
Album: Full English Beat Breakfast
Label: Blow Up Records
Release date: 07 Sep 2009
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Funk / Indie / Psychedelic
Format: mp3 vbr v0
Tracks: 14
Total Time: 37:18
Total Size: 80.4 MB

Track list:

1. Triumph of the Olympian (2:57)
2. Beat Breakfast (2:51)
3. Black Eye (I Believed in Love) (2:56)
4. Full Brazilian (2:46)
5. C'est Moi (1:54)
6. Clown Face (2:03)
7. VIP 233 (1:37)
8. Hairy Mary (2:55)
9. Pies and Pastiche (3:16)
10. Vampyros Twist (2:55)
11. Trilby of Fun (1:42)
12. Slap Head's Demise (2:15)
13. The Bloater (3:22)
14. Luna 2 (3:49)

It’s time to switch on the lava lamp and crack open the Babycham, because Big Boss Man are back and groovier than ever.
The ever-present Hammond Organ ensures that ‘Full English Beat Breakfast’ is a seriously greasy affair and the perfect start to any weekend. The boys keep the pace fast and tight, with a bit of psychedelic rock, samba and Northern Soul thrown in for good measure. It certainly puts the ‘swing’ back into the swinging 60s, with plenty of Georgie Fame-esque grooves.
If Charlie Croker from the ‘Italian Job’ was still alive – gawd bless his soul – he would be dancing to this, and recommendations don’t come any better than that!


Starsky! said...

Gracias Uilson, nos veremos en BA?

Dj Uilson said...

por nada hermano,si nos veremos estarei em niceto clun dia 24 de deziembro