Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ginger Baker's Air Force

Out of the wreckage of Cream came some very hip grooves! Ginger Baker was the hippest of the group's 3 members. He should also get a hats off for his work with the group Air Force — essentially a 10-piece (which seems to have been expanded beyond even that number for this set) that came up with some of the most monstrous jamming we've heard! At its base, the group's in the jazz rock mode — with players that include Brit jazz luminaries Phil Seamen, Harold McNair, and Graham Bond, plus rockers like Baker, Steve Winwood, Denny Laine, and Rick Grech. The tracks are all long groovers in a post-beat group mode — and the best tracks have a jamming sound that's pretty over the top! It's full of the propulsive, Afro-influenced bass and percussion, some wild, jazz funk flute and sax, plus amazing work on violin, guitar and occasional, ephemeral vocals. Awesome stuff — one of the best and most innovative live albums of the era!


Mark said...

I totally agree. I saw them live at The Royal Albert Hall. What a great night!!

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