Friday, January 15, 2010

Don Julian - Savage! (1973)

One of the greatest blacksploitation soundtracks of the 70s — and one of the rarest too! The album's a crowning achievement for the mighty Don Julian — an artist who's best known for his earlier LA soul with The Larks, but who steps out here with a hip, hard-grooving sound that's really amazing — kind of a small combo take on the bigger orchestrations you might hear in other films of the time — served up with lots of heavy drums and sharp-edged guitar in the mix! The rhythm section is especially great — bad-walking along with a blend of bass, drums, and congas — and other instrumentation includes flute, sax, and trombone — plus guitars from both Arthur Wright and Julian.

- Clique Aki:

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King Megatrip said...

looks like another winner!