Saturday, August 02, 2008

Brooklin Funk Essentials ( Discografia)

Cool And Steady And Easy

1.Take The L Train (To Brooklyn)
2.The Creator Has A Master Plan
3.The Revolution Was Postponed Because Of Rain
4.Bob Hop
5.Brooklyn Recycles
6.Mizz Bed-Stuy
7.A Headnaddas Journey To The Planet Adidi-Skizm
8.Big Apple Boogaloo
9.Blow Your Brains Out
10.Stickman Crossing The Brooklyn Bridge
11.Dilly Dally
12.Take The L Train (To 8th Ave.)


In The Buzz Bag

1.By And Bye
2.Istanbul Twilight
3.Magick Karpet Ride
4.In The BuzzBag
5.Keep It Together
6.Selling Out
7.Ska Ka-Bop
8.You Don't Know Nothing
9.Freeway To Uskudar
10.Zuma Preserve


Make ´Em Like It

1.Make Them Like It
2.Mambo Con Dancehall
3.Date With Baby
4.Woman Thing
5.I Got Cash
6.Confirm Reservation
7.Kik It
8.Jump Around Sound
9.Hard To Stop/Feelgood
10.Vinyl Crisis
11.To My Peeps
13.Bill's Playground


Watcha Playin'

2.Dance - Free Night
3.Bellybuttons T&a
4.Rude Boy Shuffle
5.The Park
6.Wendell Wedding
7.For A Few Dollars More
8.Work It Out
9.My Jamaican Girl
10.Dibby Dibby Sound
12.The Day Before Adidi

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