Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bebo Best & Super Lounge Orchestra - Sitar & Bossa © 2007

Bebo Best & Super Lounge Orchestra - Sitar & Bossa © 2007

Brazilian singer Silvania Dos Santos, the south-american guitar player David Soto Chero, the brazilian Double-bass Edu Hebling, Paolo Andriolo on bass, Mark Catinaccio on drums, Bebo Baldan on guitar and percussion and whistle, Maurizio Scomparin on trumpet, Hannah on flute. Alvaiable as orchestra, or as small combo.

A blend of bossa and Bollywood soundscapes with a club ready groove -- composed
Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra -- who do a great job of making an appealing batch of tunes without delving too far into kitsch! Bebo handles most of the instrumental duties for the Orchestra -- guitars, bass, piano, sitar, keys, timbales, congas, drums and more -- with additional vocalists, and some horns and other bits. A groovy blend of cross cultural strings, rhythms & percussion! Titles include "Dolce Vita", "Bollywood Ghost Dance", "Teu Corpo", "Samba Wonder", "La Fleur De La Musique", "Bass 70", "Life Is On The Sea", "Sigo Were Mama", "Whole Lotta Love" and more.


01. Dolce Vita
02. Bollywood Ghost Dance
03. Teu Corpo
04. Samba Wonder
05. Beat Conductor
06. Afinado Rmx
07. Le Fleur De La Musique
08. Entao En Vou
09. Bass 70
10. Life Is On Teh Sea
11. Riempimi Di Baci
12. Sigo Were Mama
13. Magic World Rmx
14. Out Of Myself - Radio Mix
15. Whole Lotta Love

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