Tuesday, April 29, 2008

VA - Gilles Peterson Digs America Vol. 2 (2007)

1 Lorez Alexandria - I'm Wishin' 3:01
2 Bethlehem Progressive Ensemble - Call To Worship (Make Straight) 3:53
3 Irene Kral - Going To California 3:34
4 Mary Lou Williams - You Know Baby 2:52
5 Carrie Cleveland - Make Love To Me 3:11
6 Dee Edwards - Why Can't There Be Love 2:44
7 RAMP - The Old One, Two 3:13
8 The Diddys feat. Paige Douglas - Intergalactic Love Song 4:34
9 Ray Camacho - Movin' On 3:04
10 Steve Parks - Sadness In My Samba 3:06
11 Gap Mangione - Boys With Toys 2:46
12 Reverie - In Every Way 5:08
13 DB Shrier - East 7:41
14 James Tatum - Lord Have Mercy 6:12
15 Al Jarreau - My Favorite Things 5:06
16 The Love Affair - Never In My Life 6:10
17 Mary Lou Williams - The Pussy's In The Well 1:48
18 Musicians from the Summer Program for Youthful Musicians - Brougham 4:44

Gilles P Digs America, and we dig him plenty too -- so the feeling is mutual! This time around, Mr P's shown us again that he still has an amazing talent for picking up a groove -- as most of the tracks on this set were shopped by Peterson in the year or so before the compilation -- proving that there's still plenty of great grooves in the record racks, as long as you've got your eyes and ears open! The vibe here is great -- very jazzy, very deep -- and a reminder that although he's a key tastemaker for contemporary grooves, Gilles can still wend his way through older jazz, soul, and vocal tracks better than anyone else. Many of the tracks are of west coast origin, and like the first volume, this set's supported by great notes, and even a few great photos of key Bay Area record stores too. Titles include "Going To California" by Irene Kral, "Call To Worship" by Bethlehem Progressive Ensemble, "You Know Baby" by Mary Lou Williams with Leon Thomas, "Make Love To Me" by Carrie Cleveland, "Why Can't There Be Love" by Dee Edwards, "Intergalactic Love Song" by The Diddys, "Movin On" by Ray Camacho, "Sadness In My Samba" by Steve Parks, "In Every Way" by Reverie, "Boys With Toys" by Gap Mangione, "My Favorite Things" by Al Jarreau, "The Pussy's In The Well" by Mary Lou Williams, "Never In My Life" by The Love Affair, "Brougham" by Musicians For The Summer Program, and the LP debut of "The Old One Two" by Ramp.

- Clique Aki:

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