Thursday, April 24, 2008

Miles Davis and Gil Evans - Quiet Nights

[The Complete Columbia Studio Recordings Disc 4]

1.Song No 2
2.Once upon a Summertime
3.Aos pés da cruz
4.Song No 1
5.Wait till you see her
7.Blue Xmas
8.Nothing like you
9.Devil may care
10.the time of the barracudas
11.Falling water k(take 4)
12.Falling water (take 6)
13.Falling water (take 8)
14.Falling water (take 9)
15.Springsville (take5)
16.The maids of cadiz (take11)
17.The maids if cadiz (take 11, insert1)
18.Lament (medley: take2)
19.The duke (take 1)
20.I don't wanna be kissed (by anyone but you) (53225 Issued Version)

- Clique Aki:

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