Thursday, November 30, 2006

Public Enemy-Beats And Places-2006-RNS

Novo album do classico Public Enemy, o grupo mais politizado do rap.


Public Enemy rewrote the rules of hip-hop, becoming the most influential and controversial rap group of the late '80s and, for many, the definitive rap group of all time. Building from Run-D.M.C.'s street-oriented beats and Boogie Down Productions' proto-gangsta rhyming, Public Enemy pioneered a variation of hardcore rap that was musically and politically revolutionary. With his powerful, authoritative baritone, lead rapper Chuck D rhymed about all kinds of social problems, particularly those plaguing the black community, often condoning revolutionary tactics and social activism. In the process, he directed hip-hop toward an explicitly self-aware, pro-black consciousness that became the culture's signature throughout the next decade. Musically, Public Enemy were just as revolutionary, as their production team, the Bomb Squad, created dense soundscapes that relied on avant-garde cut-and-paste techniques, unrecognizable samples, ...


01. Here We Go Again (PE Tour Int007)
02. Air Conditioning
03. Who's Your Hero?
04. The Flavor Flav Show
05. Electric Slave06. Grand Theft Oil
07. Hell No, We Ain't Allright
08. Vidiot
09. Like It Is
10. $hit
11. PE, Break It To P.E.aces
12. All Aboard The New Nighttrain
13. Do You Wanna Go Our Way??? (Live At The Fillmore, 2002)
14. If I Gave You Soul (What Would You Do With It?)
15. Air Conditioning (Revisited)

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