Monday, November 13, 2006

HI-TEK - "Hi-Teknology, Vol. 2: The Chip"

Segundo o dj kl jay é um dos melhores albúns do ano.


Hi-Tek played a major role in the highly admired golden-age revivalist sound affiliated with the Rawkus Records collective, crafting many of the label's initial breakthrough releases. While Hi-Tek's production style owes a debt to New York's finest beat-makers from the early '90s — DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor — the producer actually arose from Cincinnati's low-key hip-hop scene rather than the streets of Brooklyn. Local mentors such as Ravi T, J-Fresh, and Sen Sai showed the aspiring youth how to craft beats, and by 1992 he had crossed paths with Mood, one of the Midwest city's premier hip-hop groups. Hi-Tek collaborated on the song "Hustle on the Side" and helped the group score a record deal. Years later, the producer befriended Talib Kweli, who was in town working with Mood. This affiliation eventually spawned the Reflection Eternal...


1. The Oracle
2. The Chip
3. Keep It Moving
4. Think I Got A Beat
5. Can We Go Back
6. Josephine
7. March
8. Where It Started At (NY)
9. 1-800-Homicide
10. Money Don't Make U Rich
11. Baby We Can Do It
12. Let It Go
13. People Going Down
14. So Tired
15. Music For Life


Ouvindo: kool & The Gang- Sea of Tranquility ( 1969)

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