Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mos Def - Soundwave Presents The Mos Def Collection-2006 ( Mixtape)


Initially regarded as one of hip-hop's most promising newcomers in the late '90s, Mos Def expanded his reach in the years to come, establishing himself as a serious actor and also making a bid to reshape the rap-rock genre. His artistic career began in the late '80s as a television actor, a profession he began directly out of high school. By the mid-'90s though, Mos Def turned to rap music as his new profession, frustrated by how little acting paid relative to rapping. Based in Brooklyn, he began affiliating himself with the local hip-hop scene, appearing on tracks by such esteemed groups as De La Soul and da Bush Babees. Following these guest appearances and some singles for Royalty (most notably "Universal Magnetic"), Mos Def began recording for the upstart Rawkus label. His first full-length album, Black Star (1998), a collaboration with Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek...


1. Mos Def Opening Words
2. Freestyle 99
3. Universal Magnetic
4. Brown sugar Extra Sweet (rmx)
5. Another World
6. Ive Commited Murder (rmx)
7. Ms. Fat Booty
8. Ms. Fat Booty 2 f. Ghostface
9. Respiration (rmx)
10. Breakdown f. Kweli
11. Shinjiro12. Travelling Man (rmx)
13. Next Universe
14. Body Rock f. Tash & Q-Tip
15. If You Can Huh YOu Can Hear
16. B-Boy Document
17. Seven Days (rmx) f. Craig David
18. Work it Out
19. Brown Sugar (raw) f. Kweli
20. Definition f. Kweli
21. Brooklun (Freestyle)
22. The Questions f. Common
23. All Praises Due
24. Tinseltown to the Boogie Down (remix)
25. Stakes is High (rmx) f. De La SOul
26. The Panther (rmx)
27. Beef

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