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Tito Puente - Greatest Hits

Tito Puente - Greatest Hits
MP3 320 kbps CBR 65:41 min 157 MB
Jazz, Latin Jazz Fania Records 19 April 2011

Tito Puente released over 150 albums in his stellar career. He and his orchestra were all about the dancers. He was also a musicians' musician in a time when a great band could actually thrive without radio play. The term ''Greatest Hits'' usually applies to the most commercial songs in a bands repertoire, in Tito's case let's just say they are a collection of some of his most extraordinary work. Twenty remastered tracks strong, this compilation sizzles from the opening round with classics such as ''Oye Como Va,'' ''Para Los Rumberos'' and many more. Covering more than one label and hosting a variety of great vocalists, Tito straddles the Mambo era and Jazz with equal ease. The album closes with the dancers favorite ''Ran Kan Kan'' to leave the dancers and also listeners chanting for just ''one more.'' Never-before released! Not be missed!


01 Oye Como Va Puente 4:33
02 Para Los Rumberos Puente 4:06
03 Picadillo Puente 3:09
04 Mambo Diablo Puente 5:07
05 El Agitador Puente 2:43
06 Juventud del Presente Mendez 2:50
07 Vaya Puente Puente 2:11
08 Ascot Gavotte Lerner, Loewe 3:43
09 On the Street Where You Live Lerner, Loewe 3:12
10 Mirame Mas Gutierrez 3:37
11 Como Esta Miguel Cabrera 2:41
12 Te Desafio Yanes 3:14
13 Desafinado Jobim, Mendonca 3:01
14 Kwa Kwa Averhoff 2:27
15 Crystal Blue Persuasion 3:40
16 New Guaguanco DeLaLastra 3:14
17 Tus Ojos Delgado 3:21
18 Azukiki Puente 2:48
19 110th St. and 5th Ave. Morales 2:45
20 Ran Kan Kan Puente 3:09

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