Monday, May 02, 2011

Som Três - Tobogã (1970)(2002 remastered reissue)

01. Lola (Lamartine Babo) (2:32)
02. Irmãos coragem (Nonato Buzar, Paulinho Tapajós) (3:43)
03. Bajar no México (César Camargo Mariano) (3:07)
04. Eu já tenho você (Sabá, César Camargo Mariano) (2:42)
05. Eu só posso assim (Pingarrilho, Marcos Vasconcelos) (2:22)
06. O telefone tocou novamente (Jorge Ben) (1:45)
07. Oh happy day (Edwin R. Hawkins) (4:45)
08. Tobogã (César Camargo Mariano) (3:13)
09. Mulher brasileira (Jorge Ben) (2:41)
10. A volta da maçã (Toninho, Sabá, César Camargo Mariano) (2:42)

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A mad mix of styles that perfectly sums up the sound of late 60s Brazil! Som Tres have their roots in the bossa generation, but they're stretching out here with a flurry of 60s styles from mod instrumental pop, groovy psyched-out production, and endless strands borrowed from European and soundtrack modes of the time. The result is a completely indescribable batch of tracks that's just about as groovy as groovy can be and which includes more than a few numbers that have been sought after for years by the Blue Brazil generation.

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