Thursday, October 07, 2010

VA - Si Para Usted Vol. 2: The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba


1. Los Brito - El 4-5-6
2. Los Caneyes - Suspirando por el Chikichaka
3. Los Rápidos - Safari Salvaje
4. Orquesta Cubana De Música Moderna - Vehicle
5. Grupo Monumental - Tremendo Tremendo
6. Juan Pablo Torres - Y Aparecío el Trombón
7. Los Brito - Cuando Llego a mi Casa
8. Combo Los Caribe - Andalucía
9. Sonopop - Vanguardia y Juventud
10. Grupo Fas - El Siglo de Libertad
11. Los Llamas - Siboney
12. Los Barba - El Cristal
13. Los Barba - Al Sonar la Hora
14. Mirtha Y Raúl - El Sueño de Andria
15. Hilario Durá - El Son de Victoria
16. Los Papines - Para Qué Niegas

- Clique Aqui:

Following up the hugely cherished 'Si, Para Usted' compilation of rare socialist funk from the communist enclave of Cuba, Vol.2 presents sixteen further cuts of awesome revolutionary revelations picked from the government archives by Waxing Deep's Dan Zacks. Remarkably, for a period during Castro's reign, the state subsidised widespread musical education, even going as far as paying musicians a living wage, unconnected to their commercial success. Just imagine the implications if this happened in the capitalist western world! The fascinating sleevenotes present a wealth of eye-opening information, but it's the music that will leave you even more gobsmacked. Los Rápidos 'Safari Salvaje' initially sounds uncannily like Vic Reeves in club singer mode before tearing into a devastating funksoul groove and building to an intensely brilliant drum solo in the closing stages, while the cheeky organ, blazing brass and stupendous percussion of Grupo Monumental's 'Tremendo Tremendo' will have you booking your next holiday to whatever warehouse this solid gold came from! Plus, there's super slick disco from Juan Pablo Torres on 'Y Aparecio El Trombon', charming exotica from Sonopop on 'Vanguardia Y Juventud', fuzzy psyche funk from Los Llamas on 'Siboney' and legendary hip-grippin son on Hilario Durán's El Son De Victoria'. Due to the fact that this music was never treated with the care it deserved by the Cuban government, the quality of the recordings is astonishingly good, and regardless of time or location this music simply begs for a space in your collections.


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