Monday, October 25, 2010

Osaka Monaurail - Reality For The People (2007)

"Reality For The People", the 5th album from Osaka Monaurail, was the first release under the new SHOUT! Productions. The opening track Quicksand features a fast-driving but very cool rhythm section. Ceora is a Lee Morgan bossa-nova original with a novel bogaloo arrangement. Pretty good approximation of early 70's James Brown Funk sung in heavily accented English.

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Track list:

1. Quick Sand (4:34)
2. I'm Coming Back To The Coming Back (6:14)
3. Reality For The People (5:09)
4. Pick Up The Pieces One By One (5:04)
5. Opportunity (7:41)
6. Ceora (3:10)
7. We Got One (A Show) (4:52)
8. Alternative Reality (5:20)

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