Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stereoscope Jerk Explosion - La Panthere Pop (2008)

Artist: Stereoscope Jerk Explosion
Album: La Panthere Pop
Label: Les Disques Cosmic Groove
Release date: 11 Nov 2008
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Funk / Garage / Psychedelic / Pop
Format: mp3 192 kbit
Tracks: 21
Total Time: 47:47
Total Size: 67.9 Mb

Track list:

1. Prelude panthere pop (0:15)
2. Bengali corporation (3:11)
3. Bumblebee (2:52)
4. Interlude fuzz party (1:07)
5. Sitramania (3:16)
6. Interlude bumblebee (0:50)
7. L'homme grenoulle (3:35)
8. Fuzz party (2:47)
9. Interlude truc bidule (1:17)
10. Truc bidule (3:01)
11. Per la riviera tolonesa (1:38)
12. Interlude Bengali corporation (1:23)
13. La panthere pop (2:19)
14. Interlude sitarmania (0:46)
15. Promenade des British (4:22)
16. Interlude moog traffic (1:33)
17. Jark a la vague (3:04)
18. Interlude promenade des british (0:39)
19. Moog traffic (4:06)
20. Club vandou (4:04)
21. Postlude panthere pop (1:42)

- Clique Aqui:

Funky grooves, psychedelic sitar, and mod Hammond organ - a magnificent blend that's every bit as dynamic as the image on the cover - served up as the long-awaited album from this cool European combo! The album's got a feel that's somewhere between 60s spy soundtracks and Brit library work - but also carries a tighter, funkier groove overall - a contemporary ear for the best funky elements of the old days, served up with production styles that continue a very classic groove! The whole thing's a real unexpected delight - a set that grabs us with the same sort of energy as the older Blow Up scene during its best years - with no kitsch, no nonsense, and a brilliant sense of sound throughout.

"Super tunes, full of Hammond, wah-wah, sitar, Moog, drum breaks. What with the shifts in textures and mood it's far more preferable to what the other bands of this ilk have been turning out over the past few years! Classy and cool ! " Jon Mojo Mills - Shinding Magazine (UK)

"Ces cocktails furieusement pop pourraient bien devenir aussi cultes que les annes 60. C'est, en tout cas, tout le mal qu'on leur souhaite." Joachim Bertrand - Only Groove (France)

"The first releases by Stereoscope Jerk Explosion are nothing short of marvelous! Stereoscope Jerk Explosion have taken a classic sixties club sound and made a genuine classic to sit alongside the masters." Martin Lawrie - Soul Generation (UK)

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