Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ritornano Quelli Di... Calibro 35 (2010)

Artist: Calibro 35
Album: Ritornano Quelli Di... Calibro 35
Label: Ghost Records
Release date: 19 Feb 2010
Genre: Jazz / Funk
Style: Psyhedelic / Funk
Format: mp3 160kbit
Tracks: 13
Total Time: 47:09
Total Size: 55.6 Mb

Track list:
1. Eurocrime! (2:56)
2. La Morte Accarezza A Mezzanotte (5:17)
3. L'Esecutore (3:10)
4. Milano Odia: La Polizia Non Puo' Sparare (4:21)
5. Convergere in Giambellino (3:34)
6. Il Ritorno Della Banda - Parte I (3:19)
7. Il Ritorno Della Banda - Parte II (2:56)
8. Cinque Bambole Per La Luna D'Agosto (2:18)
9. Piombo in Bocca (3:31)
10. Sospesi Nel Traffico (3:22)
11. Gentil Sesso e Brutali Delitti (2:55)
12. Il Consigliori (6:23)
13. Si Dicono Tante Cose... (3:07)

- Clique Aqui:

Researches begun years ago, diggin dusty vinyl crates for obscure samples. The discovery of italian '60s and '70s soundtracks was a crucial point; from that moment on nothing sounded as good and interesting as electrifying tracks from exploitation movies.

By the summer of 2007 time was ready and Tommaso Colliva (Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Arto Lindsay) invited an incredible jam band formed by Massimo Martellotta (Stewart Copeland, Eugenio Finardi, Mauro Pagani) on guitars and lapsteels, Enrico Gabrielli (Afterhours, Mariposa, Morgan) keyboards and brass, Fabio Rondanini (Pino Marino, Roberto Angelini, Collettivo Angelo Mai) on drums and Luca Nano Cavina (Transgender, Lindo Ferretti, Beatrice Antolini) on bass to record at omniaB studios in Milan.

During that first two days long recording session Calibro 35 became a killer combo performing classic and obscure themes, trying to bring something contemporary to the compositions but still remaining very respectful to the originals. Original tunes appeared soon with the same aim, recreating the attitude, the sound and that strange mixture between jazz, funk, rock, classical and improvvisation that made italian soundtracks known worldwide.


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