Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mixtape of the Week. Timeless.


All Night Long-Mary Jane Girls
Don't Look Any Further-Dennis Edwards
Heartbeat-Taana Gardner
Funky Sensation-Gwen McRae
I Want To Thank You-Alicia Myers
Just A Touch of Love-Slave
Watching You-Slave
Inside Out-Odyssey
Walking into Sunshine-Central Line
Mama Used To Say-Junior
Over Like A Fat Rat-Fonda Rae
Come Let Me Love You-Janet Lady Day
I Like What You Doin' To Me-Young & Co.
Rock Your World-Weeks & Co.
Search To Find The One-Unlimited Touch
I'll Do Anything-Denroy Morgan
I Hear Music In the Streets-Unlimited Touch
A Little Bit Of Jazz-Nick Striker


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