Saturday, May 23, 2009

VA - Contemporary Funk 2009

Artist : VA
Album : Contemporary Funk
Genre : Funk
Source : CDDA
Label : Tramps Records

The coolest collection of modern funk we've ever seen - and one that goes way beyond the familiar names of the genre that sometimes show up too much on other compilations! This one really digs deep - and the tunes are often as rough and raw as the music of the 60s and 70s that inspired them - a true treasure trove of work from the contemporary deep funk underground, but mostly music that's not been in wide circulation around the globe. We've always trusted Tramp for their funky 45s - but we love them even more for making a record like this - really blowing our minds with a range of hard-hitting tracks that show us we still have plenty to learn about what's going on out there in the funky hinterland. Titles include "Izzy Come Izzy Go" by The Funk Revolution, "One Man Song" by The Qualitons, "Go Go Train" by Big Joe Louis & The Soul Igs, "Chicken Lickin" by The Fantastics, "Fallin In Debt" by DeRobert & The Half-Truths, "Stop The Madness" by Tynnes Well & The Magic Fountains, "Humpin" by The Unstoppable S Robinson & His Marvelaires, "Brasil No 7" by Ben Martin Trio, "Soul Pop" by Mauri Bailey, and "Hakusha" by The Neapolitans. © 1996-2009, Dusty Groove America, Inc.


1 Derobert & The Half-Truths - Fallin' In Debt 1:57
2 The Fantastics - Chicken Lickin' (Live) 3:41
3 Big Joe Louis & Soul Investigators - Go-Go Train 2:48
4 Karachi Prison Band - Put Some Grit In It (Part 1) 3:12
5 The Funk Revolution - Izzy Come, Izzy Go 4:31
6 The Qualitons - One Man Song 5:02
7 Mauri Bailey - Soul Pop 2:43
8 The Neapolitans - Hakusha 3:34
9 Tynnes Well & The Magic Fountains - Stop The Madness 3:55
10 The Unstoppable S. Robinson & Marvelaires - Humpin' 5:40
11 Ben Martin Trio - Brasil No.7 3:56

- Clique Aki:

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