Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Joshua Redman Elastic Band - Momentum (2005)

Artist: Joshua Redman Elastic Band
Title Of Album: Momentum
Year Of Release: May 24, 2005
Label: Wea
Genre: Jazz,Fusion,Funk,R'n'B,Soul
Quality: Mp3


1. Soundcheck
(Joshua Redman/Sam Yahel/Jefferson Ballard)
2. Sweet Nasty
(Joshua Redman)
3. Just a Moment
(Joshua Redman/Sam Yahel/Brian Blade)
4. Shut Your Mouth
(Sam Yahel)
5. The Crunge
(Jimmy Page/Robert Plant/John Bonham/John Paul Jones)
6. Riverwide
(Sheryl Crow)
7. Greasy G
(Joshua Redman)
8. Lonely Woman
(Ornette Coleman)
9. Swunk
(Joshua Redman)
10. Blowing Changes
(Joshua Redman/Flea/Sam Yahel/Brian Blade)
11. Double Jeopardy
(Joshua Redman)
12. Put It in Your Pocket
(Joshua Redman)
13. Showtime
(Joshua Redman/Sam Yahel/Jefferson Ballard)

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