Monday, April 11, 2011

Cacique '97 - Chapa 97 EP (2011)

Artist: Cacique '97
Title Of Album: Chapa 97 EP
Year Of Release: 2011
Label: Footmovin
Genre: Afrobeat / Funk / Jazz
Format: MP3
Bitrate: V0 VBR Kbps
Tracks: 6
Total Time: 47:35 min Total
Size: 91 MB

01. Chapa 97 (4:58)
02. American Cop (feat. Nastio Mosquito) (7:11)
03. Jorge de Capadocia (Live) (9:12)
04. Come From Nigeria (Live) (10:13)
05. Dragao (Live) (6:49)
06. Chapa 97 (Live) (9:10)

- Clique Aqui:

Lisbon has always been a stage for the meeting of several cultures, mostly due to the past of the city as the capital of a colonial empire in Africa and Latin America. Nowadays it is a huge pot of creativity which attracts artists from all over the World and it is a privileged space where musicians find each other, share ideas and mix rhythms. It is from this mixture that, in 2005, afro beat collective Cacique. 97 is born. With musicians with Mozambican and Portuguese origins, this collective incorporates members from groups such as Cool Hipnoise, Philharmonic Weed and The Most Wanted, well known projects in the areas of funk, reggae and the afro sound. The passion for the music of Fela Kuti and Tony Allen has united these musicians for the pursuance of a common goal: to create a collective that mirrored the Lisbon mixture, by crossing the characteristic urban Nigerian rhythm which is afro beat, with the musical tradition of the African Portuguese speaking countries and of Brazil, whom has always been very present in the Portuguese capital. Cacique'97 intend to give birth to a global soundtrack of the new times without losing the activist approach and the promotion of social awareness so fond to afro beat.


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