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VA - Blue Brazil Vol 1: Blue Note in a Latin Groove (1994)

VA - Blue Brazil Vol 1: Blue Note in a Latin Groove
Label: Blue Note Records
Audio CD: January 26, 1999
Release: 1994
Quality: CBR 320 kbps

I cannot believe it took me this long to "discover" this CD. It is remarkable with terrific tracks and a seemingly natural flowing feel about it. From the opening track, you are transported to Brazil and have the feel of the music and the inspiration of the new movement and the next generation of Brazilian musicians and stars.
The biggest standout track to me is Joyce's "Aldeia de Ogum". It displays her range and the shows how she could use her voice as an instrument just like the other top divas of Sarah Vaugh and Flora Purim. Other notable artists were Edu Lobo, Marcos Valle, Eumir Deodoto and Milton Banana Trio.

After giving it a listen, you wonder why Sergio Mendes version of Ponteio wasn't included. But it doesn't stop you from enjoying it. I recommend this CD. ~ bordersj2

To talk about Brazil is to evoke the musical paradise per excellence, the untiring joy, the delirious football, its dreamy beaches, its eternal sun. that successful cornucopia has allowed to nourish an intense musicality as well musical styles, including Joven Guarda in the 50?s, samba and MPB in the 60's and 70's. That impressive crossroads of cultures; European, African and Indian. Furthermore, Brazil has inspired the jazz and vice versa with fabulous results.

This album incorporates a very valuable set of singers, ensembles between 1965 and 1980, and it constitutes an admirable tour de force throughout the Brazilian music: Quarteto Novo, Joyce, Milton banana Trio, Eumir Deodato and the delirious singer Elza Soares

If you go for this album, you will make a wise choice. ~ Hiram Gomez Pardo

This inspiring, romp of an album never let's up! The corny cover of a Carmen Miranda with fruit bowl hat is not a good indication of the quality of the music which is seriously brilliant (and there are no Carmen Miranda songs). Joyce's dazzling, virtuosic, "Aldea de ogum" is a standout track but this collection of rare material from the 1960s to the 1990s is remarkable for its consistent high quality. "Blue Brazil" belongs with other essential Brazilian compilation CDs like "Canta Brazil -The Great Brazilian Songbook" and "Beleza Tropical 1". ~ Jeff Burgess

VA - Blue Brazil Vol 1: Blue Note in a Latin Groove Tracks:
01 Luiz Arruda Paez - Upa Neguinho 2:36
02 Alaide Costa - Catavento 2:42
03 Mandrake Som - Berimbau 4:06
04 Quarteto Novo - Vim De Santana 5:13
05 Perry Ribiero / Bossa 3 - Deus Brasiliero 1:55
06 Milton Banana Trio - Primitivo 2:41
07 Milton Banana Trio - Noa Noa 1:59
08 Edu Lobo - Viola Fora De Moda 2:51
09 Bossa 3 - Nao Me Diga Adeus 3:33
10 Marcos Valle - Batucada Sergiu 2:18
11 Joyce - Aldeia De Ogum 4:35
12 Lo Borges - Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser 3:48
13 Som Três - Homenagem A Mongo 4:23
14 Elza Soares - Deixa Isso Pra La 2:31
15 Quarteto Novo - Misturada 4:19
16 Eumir Deodato - Bebe 2:31
17 Johnny Alf Um Tema P'ro Simon 3:09

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