Thursday, September 16, 2010

VA - Mirage Records Soul & Funk Collection Vol 1 (2008)

VA - Mirage Records Soul & Funk Collection Vol 1 (2008)


1. The System - This Is For You (Long Vocal Version)
2. Anthony Franklin - Hot Number (Vocal 12" Mix)
3. Fonzi Thornton - I Work For A Livin
4. Roz Ryan - Boy where Have you Been (Long Vocal Version)
5. T.S. Monk - Fantasy
6. Ingram - D.J.'s Delight
7. First Love - Things Are Not The Same (without You) - (Vocal Long Version)
8. Carl Weathers - You Ought To Be With Me
9. Nile Rodgers - Yum Yum
10. Carly Simon - Why (Vocal 12")
11. The M-Zee Band - bop Box (Long 12" Version)
12. Stroke - You Are The One (Tony Humphries Mix)
13. The Future - Nuclear Holocaust (12" Version)

- Clique:

A cool collection of 80s groovers from the legendary Mirage Records – a relatively short-lived imprint, but home to some real classics from back in the day! The Mirage approach was a crucial step in the post-disco years – a way of bringing some leaner sounds to the dancefloor by picking up on the best funk and club elements of the time – yet also fusing the whole groove into some soulful leads that often put Mirage right in the middle of the mainstream too!

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