Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brothers Unlimited - Who's For The Young (1970)

A excellent album of southern funk — and darn rare, too! We know almost nothing about the Brothers, but they're a 14 piece combo with a tight ensemble funk sound that clearly shows roots of both the Memphis and Muscle Shoals scenes where the album was recorded! There's a lot of fuzzy guitar, almost in a Detroit Westbound mode — but the band's also got a sweetly southern funk style, with lots of organ bubbling underneath the tracks, punctuated by some pretty tight drum work that really makes the best cuts groove nicely in a more righteous take on the Stax/Volt sound of the time. A really wild one — and the kind of record that makes your jaw drop when you realize that some lucky A&R guy was actually able to get an underground soul album released by a major label!

- Clique Aqui:


flageolette said...

& thanks again m8!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one.
I would like to get another one which still sounds in my mind: ``The chamber brothers``. If you have some of them, i `d appreciate it. Thank you.