Sunday, May 11, 2008

A History Of Schema - Sabato Mezzanotte In Roppongi (2007)

VA - A History Of Schema - Sabato Mezzanotte In Roppongi (2007)

Outra bela coletania de New Bossa,Bossa Jazz feita no Japao por Tsutaya tokio ,de outro exelente selo italiano Schema Records, que tem o Nicola Conte e Rasalia de Souza seus artistas mais conhecido do brasil.

Artist.....: Various Artists
Title......: A History Of Schema - Sabato Mezzanotte In Roppongi Compiled By Tsutaya Tokio Ropponngi
Year......: 2007
Label.....: Schema (Japan)
Genre....: Nu jazz, bossa

Beautiful grooves from the Italian Schema label -- a recent imprint, but one that's impressed our ears as much as legendary labels from the 60s and 70s! The tracks here are mostly of recent vintage, but they've often got a very classic sort of groove -- styles pulled from older bossa nova, jazz, and European soundtracks -- often set to rhythms that are a bit more contemporary and definitely aimed at the dancefloor, but usually in somewhat subtle ways. There's a nicely Tokyo-styled feel to the selection of tracks here -- tunes that would be great while shopping the day away in Ropponngi or Shibuya -- and titles include "Bossa Per Due" by Nicola Conte, "Girl On A Mission" by Les Hommes, "Batucada Do Silencio" and "Mrs Beat" by Balanco, "Deeper Love" and "Limbe" by S-Tone Inc, "Fuoco Fatuo (Koop rmx)" and "Love Me Till Sunday" by Nicola Conte, "Senza Paura" by Quintetto X, and "Semplicissimo" by Paolo Achenza Trio

1. balanco - batucada do silencio (2:19)
2. balanco - mrs beat (2:46)
3. balanco - the girl from montenegro (3:39)
4. balanco - metti una sera a cena (jazzanova remix) (6:20)
5. les hommes - girl on a mission (3:57)
6. nicola conte - bossa per due (5:52)
7. quintetto x - senza paura (4:19)
8. paolo achenza trio - semplicissimo (5:33)
9. nicola conte - love me till sunday (4:28)
10. nicola conte - fuoco fatuo koop remix (4:08)
11. s-tone inc - deeper love (5:04)
12. s-tone inc - limbe (4:44)

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