Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Shaman Work Presents: The Family Files Vol. 1


This is the hottest item to hit ESSDUB... The debut mix-cd from Shaman Work Recordings featuring exclusive interview audio with the Super Villain MF DOOM... Vol. 1 features exclusive music from MF DOOM (from the MM FOOD album), KMD, Scienz of Life, Lacks, Emanon, Science Fiction, Sol Uprising, Breakfast Club (Big Tone, Lacks, Dwele, and Elzhi), Finale, Divine Mind, Invincible, and more...

1. DOOM on the Current State of Hip-hop (Intro)
2. Finale - " The Movement"
3. Scienz of Life - "Foreverness"
4. KMD - "Sorcerers"
5. A Message from Phife and Invizible Handz
6. Breakfast Club (Big Tone, Lacks, Elzhi, and Dwele) - "Is It Really?!"
7. Emanon - " The World Is Not What It Seems"
8. Science Fiction feat. Stahhr Tha Femcee and Lil Sci - " Between the Stars and the Ground"
9. Sol Uprising - "We Ourself and Us "
10. Divine Mind feat. B.I., Loose Cannon, Mikchek, and D.T. - "Good to Know"
11. MF DOOM - " Con Carne (MM FOOD Exclusive)"
12. Science Fiction feat. MF DOOM - " Hold On To..."
13. Invincible and Finale - "Untitled Exclusive "
14. Scienz of Life feat. U. George and K. Banger - "It's Alright"
15. Emanon - " Pseudo"
16. ID 4Windz feat. Kina Epps - "Background"
17. Lacks, Amdex, and Mikchek - "Alright"
18. Metalfingers - " Horehound (Special Herb)"
19. MF DOOM - "Con Queso (MM FOOD Exclusive) "
20. DOOM Learns Ciao Bello (Outro)
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