Monday, May 14, 2007

Sisters Lounge 2


01.Helen Merrill-The Island [04:56]
02.Nekta-What`s on Her Mind [04:27]
03.Heather Nova-Aquamarine (Chris Coco`s Balearica Mix) [05:12]
04.The Dining Rooms & Ft. Marta Collica-Thin Ice (Paolo Fedreghini [04:35]
05.Rosalia De Souza-Adriana [02:28]
06.Stan Getz Ft. Maria Toledo-Menina Flor [04:07]
07.Donati Ft. Clau Leporace-Bossa Na Hora [03:56]
08.Carmen Cuesta-Shape of My Heart [05:56]
09.Laura Fygi-It`s Crazy [04:04]
10.Tom & Joy-Meditation [03:53]
11.Batuk Ft. Rosa Emilia Dias-E Dia De Sol [04:15]
12.Shirley Bassey and Nightmare on Wax-Easy Thing to Do (Nightmare [04:38]
13.Dajla-Remember Me [05:11]
14.Courtney Pine-Life Goes Around [04:13]
15.Minnie Driver-Everything I`ve Got in My Pocket [03:48]
16.Silje-Japanese Blue [04:22]

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