Friday, December 26, 2008

Mighty Super Funk - Rare 45s & Undiscovered Masters 1967 to 1978 Vol 6

Our favorite kind of funk is Super Funk - and this fab entry to the long-running series definitely keeps up the groove! As before, there's plenty of rare tracks here - most pulled from obscure singles of late 60s/early 70s vintage - and some even from rare studio tapes that were never issued at the time! Most tracks are short, with a nicely gritty groove - the kind of funky 45 madness that will always keep us digging for rare 7" singles - put together by the BGP crew with a real understanding of the groove! There's some especially nice female singers in the mix - almost creating a mini Sister Funk focus on the package - but there's also great guy singers and groups too. 20 tracks in all - with cuts that include "The Sneak" by The Douzer, "Queen Of Losers" by Eleanor Rigby, "Groovy Baby" by Kim Tamanga, "It's Mookie Time" by Cleveland Eaton & The Kats, "Party Time" by James Carpenter, "Moving Woman" by 87th Off Broadway, "Bad Bad Woman (part 1)" by Marie Franklin, "He Say She Say" by Chet Ivey, "Cold Sweat" by Julio Zavalla, "Shakin Up The Nation" by The Radiations, "One Sweet Song" by Gloria Lucas, and "I'm Moving Home" by Mary Alice McCall. © 1996-2008, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

01 The Love Experience - Are You Together For The New Day 03:15
02 Eleanor Rigby - Queen Of Losers 03:03
03 Kim Tamanga - Groovy Baby 02:28
04 Gloria Lucas - One Sweet Song 02:36
05 Mary Alice Mccall - I'm Moving Home 03:58
06 The Phillips Brothers - Who Stole My Cookie 03:36
07 Mr Jamo - Shake What You Brought With You 03:41
08 Los Africanos - It's Your Thing 05:40
09 Cleveland Eaton & The Kats - It's Mookie Time 02:28
10 James Carpenter - Party Time 03:59
11 87th Off Broadway - Moving Woman 02:56
12 Marie Franklin - Bad, Bad Woman Pt 1 03:14
13 Elroy Peace - New Day 02:58
14 Chet Ivey - He Say She Say 06:20
15 Adolph Jacobs - Do It 03:44
16 The Radiations Aka The Headliners - Shakin' Up The Nation 03:19
17 Julio Zavalla - Cold Sweat 03:24
18 Joe Haywood - (Play Me) A Cornbread Song 02:50
19 Sandra Phillips - Some Mother's Son 03:38
20 The Douzer - The Sneak 02:52

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