Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Scratch (Soundtrack + Movie)

Video: 576x304 mpg
Total Size: 317+379 MB
Total time: 1:27:46

Scratch is the soundtrack to the 2001 documentary film of the same name directed by Doug Pray. Scratch examines cultural and historical perspectives on the birth and evolution of hip-hop disc jockeys (DJs), scratching and turntablism and includes interviews with some of hip-hop's most famous and respected DJs.


01."Prologue - Grand Wizard Theodore Speaks" (Grand Wizard Theodore)
02."Mixmaster Mike and DJ Disk Live" (Mix Master Mike, DJ Disk)
03."Primo's X-Ecution" (X-Ecutioners feat. DJ Premier)
04."Mixmaster Mike and DJ Disk Live" (Mix Master Mike, DJ Disk)
05."Re-Animator" (Rob Swift)
06."Interlude - Mixmaster Mike Speaks" ((Mix Master Mike)
07."Rockit 2.002" (Herbie Hancock, feat. Mix Master Mike, Grandmixer DXT, Rob Swift, Q-Bert, Babu, Faust, Shortee)
08."Interlude - Cut Chemist" (Cut Chemist)
09."Turntable Transformer" (Cat Five VS Snake Eyez)
10."Interlude - Interlude"
11."DJ Krush - Live" (DJ Krush)
12."Crazy 2 Crazy" (Grandmixer DXT)
13."Interlude - DJ Shadow Speaks" (DJ Shadow)
14."Invasion of the Octopus People" (Invisibl Skratch Piklz)
15."Interlude - Jazzy Jay and Afrika Bambaataa Speak" (Jazzy Jay, Afrika Bambaataa)
16."All 4 One" (Boogie Boy, Kidd Delight, Afrika Bambaataa)
17."Interlude - Afrika Bambaataa Speaks Again" (Afrika Bambaataa)
18."Skin Cracked Canals" (DJ Disk)
19."Interlude - Interlude"
20."Cut Transmitter" (Grandmixer DXT)
21."Universal Noize Maker" (Eddie Def)
22."Interlude - Q-Bert and Mixmaster Mike Speak" (Q-Bert, Mix Master Mike)
23."My Style" (Rob Swift)

Bonus Scratch - All The Way Live Tour (video)

Video: 576x432
Total Size: 282+412 MB
Total time: 1:11:09

This video features the tour that came about from the documentary Scratch. The tour stops in Los Angeles and gives performance by the legendary Jazzy Jay, the versatile Z-Trip, the highly technical X-Ecutioners and the wizard of all tricks Mix Master Mike. There are big highlights in this video and a few of my favs are Z-Trip's Mad Mountain King routine, Mix Master Mike's Sardines routine and well Rob Swift just destroys Rock the Bells. That's only just a few minutes in this 71 minute documentary.

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