Friday, December 08, 2006

Lonnie Smith - Afro - Desia

Super disco do mestre do jazz funk Lonnie Smith, nesse disco tem a participação especial dos genios Ron Carter no baixo e George Benson na guitarra.
Confesso que não conhecia esse artista e até confundi com o Lonnie liston smith outro mestre do jazz funk.


Organist Lonnie Smith has often been confused with keyboardist/pianist Lonnie Liston Smith — and, in fact, more than a few retailers have wrongly assumed that they're one and the same. In the mid-'60s, the Hammond hero earned recognition for his membership in George Benson's classic quartet before going on to play with Lou Donaldson (contributing some memorable solos to the alto saxman's hit 1967 album Alligator Bogaloo) and recording enjoyable dates of his own for Blue Note. For all their accessibility and commercial appeal, funk-influenced Smith sessions like 1968's Think and 1970's Drives showed that he could be quite imaginative. Smith, who later became Dr. Lonnie Smith (for "no particular reason", the same reason he gives for why he always wears a turban), remained an inspired representative of soul-jazz and did some solid work with Donaldson in the '90s.

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