Friday, October 13, 2006

Adriana Evans

Tinha baixado alguns sons da Adriana Evans na época do e-mule, e deixei lá de lado sem ouvir , apesar te ter achado muito bom o R&b da moça,em agosto toquei no dia do meu anivesari no "sintonia" festa do dj kl jay,nesse dia tambén estava o dj Cézar que tocou a musica" Seein' Is Believing" eu fiquei com essa musica na cabeça uns 3 meses sem parar,viajei total,esse é uns dos discos da moça,viaje também.


Alternative R&B singer Adriana Evans was born and raised in San Francisco; her mother, Mary Stallings, was herself a gifted vocalist who sang with Count Basie and Dizzy Gillespie and issued a series of fine solo records. At 18, Evans relocated to Los Angeles, befriending aspiring rapper Dred Scott and collaborating on his 1994 album Breakin' Combs. Her own self-titled debut followed on RCA in 1997.

1. Love Is All Around
2. Seein' Is Believing
3. Heaven
4. Reality
5. Hey Brother
6. Trippin'
7. I'll Be There
8. Love Me
9. Looking for Your Love
10. Swimming
11. Say You Won't
12. In the Sun


Ouvindo: Aya-Looking For The Sun

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