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VA - Sister Bossa Vol. 3

Artist: VA
Title: Sister Bossa Vol. 3
Label: Irma Records
Year Of Release: 2002
Genre: Bossa Nova, Chillout, Latin
Quality: 192 kbps
Playtime: 64:47
Tracks: 14
Size: 92 Mb


01 Funkestra - Un Bom Motivo
02 DJ Rodriguez - Peter Pan's Syndrome
03 Montefiori Cocktail - On A Clear Day (T.Experience Remix)
04 Dom Un Romao - Afro Blue (Ras Remix)
05 Banda Favela - Neguinho
06 Clan Greco - Avenida
07 Gazzara - Point Of Departure (Long Version)
08 Bluecat - Playing Hard To Get
09 Os Grilos - Crickets Sing For Anama
10 Sam Paglia - After Pizza (7 Brazil Version)
11 Italian Secret Service - Sunday Morning Samba
12 Freetempo - Snowfield
13 Black Mighty Wax - West Eyes
14 Joao Donato, Palmyra & Levita - A Ra

- Clique Aqui:

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VA - Messin Around Vol 5 (2007) 2CD

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Messin Around Vol 5
Year Of Release: 10 December, 2007
Label: Freestyle
Genre: Jazz, Nu Jazz, Funk, Disco
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: lossless 320kbps
Total Time: 116:17 min
Total Size: 833 mb/266 mb


01. I'll Bet You Thought I'd Never Find You - Palimpsest
02. Congo - River Plate Samba Orchestra
03. El Nino - Colman Brothers
04. Coast Is Clear - Plumstead Radical Club
05. Whatever You Dream (You Can Begin) - Grupo X & Julie Dexter
06. Who Will Buy - Landis, Shelia
07. Samboogaloo - Hi Fly Orchestra
08. Dance Freak - South Bronx Community Youth Project
09. Happy Samba - Murphy, Mark & Louis Van Dyke Trio
10. Wildflower - Nostalgia 77
11. Ai No Tabi - Sleepwalker

01. Mista President - Soul Jazz Orchestra
02. I Just Wanna Dance - Cuzz Band
03. Perfect Day - Mop Mop & Jackson Sloan
04. Lagoon Monster - De Palma, Guido & Jazzinho
05. Ipe Amarelo - Quasimode
06. Come On - Jazz Juice
07. In On Out - Roberts, Eddie
08. Snowflake - April, Ronnie Positive Energy
09. Aldeia De Ogum - Claridade
10. Sunshine - Grupo X
11. Cuba - Villaume, Kasper Quartet
12. Take The High Road - Art Ensemble Of Camden
13. Four - Shepherd, Elizabeth & JazzCotech Dancers

- Clique Aqui:

The fifth instalment in the Messin' Around music series that represents the club now in its 12th year at the famous Jazz Cafe venue in London. This newest selection of modern jazz cuts is arguably the best yet, and features the finest in nu jazz and Latin styles from the likes of Colman Brothers, Soul Jazz Orchestra, alimpsest, Grupo X and more. A brilliant compilation that succeeds in its sole quest, to make you wanna dance.

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Charlie Hunter Trio - Friends Seen And Unseen (2004)

Artist: Charlie Hunter Trio
Title Of Album: Friends Seen And Unseen
Label: Ropeadope Records
Year Of Release: 2004
Genre: Jazz-Funk
Format: mp3, CBR 320kbps
Tracks: 10
Total Time: 56:57 min
Total Size: 134.5 Mb

1. One For The Kelpers (6:32)
2. Freedom Tickler (5:41)
3. LuLus Crawl (6:42)
4. Darkly (6:57)
5. Soweto's Where It's At (6:23)
6. Running In Fear From Imaginary Assailants (3:43)
7. Eleven Bars For Gandhi (6:57)
8. Bonus Round (3:57)
9. My Son The Hurricane (4:43)
10. Moore's Alphabet (5:22)

- Clique Aqui:

Friends Seen and Unseen finds the guitarist going back to his roots in a trio setting. His last trio release was the landmark Bing, Bing, Bing released in 1995 which put the guitarist on map. Hunter’s new trio features the dynamic skills of saxophonist John Ellis and drummer Derek Phillips both from Right Now Move. The trio setting is naturally more intimate and allows the musicians to interact with a tight yet free style with music that should appeal to both long time and newer fans.
The new material is a well-rounded mix of styles that prove Hunter is more than just a jam-band guitarist. Hunter’s music has always been and continues to be about the groove. The opening piece “One For The Kelpers” features a funky vibe with Hunter’s bass strings laying down the slow cooked groove while “Freedom Tickler” introduces a freer melody allowing the trio to stretch things out musically with open solos. Never one to take himself too seriously Hunter adds both depth and humor on “Lulu’s Crawl” which could be the theme song for a sleazy Vegas strip tease show, with honking saxophone, guitar effects, and vivid drumming.

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VA - Back To Peru Vol. II (The Most Complete Compilation Of Peruvian Underground 1964-1974) (2010)

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Back To Peru Vol. II
Year Of Release: 07/2010
Genre: Psych-Pop, Funk, Rock&Roll, 60s, 70s
Label: Vampi Soul
Quality: VBR kbps
Tracks: 34
Time: 117:00 min
Size: 172,3 MB


01.los juniors - tercera piedra en el 03:06
02.los drag's - damerlo mi nena 03:00
03.los shain's - guau guau a go-go 01:42
04.los saicos - intensamente 02:19
05.kela gates - loca por un loco 02:24
06.los holy's - sueno sicodelico 02:42
07.los datsun's - en el sol 03:46
08.los teddy's - efectos 03:02
09.los far fen - camina, no vueles 03:08
10.beautiful days - full of fear 03:58
11.los comandos - mas de ti 03:49
12.the same people - sonando contigo 02:26
13.el opio - pusher 02:46
14.los zheros - cuarto oscuro 03:00
15.los jaguar's - tormenta en el mar 02:40
de la tranquilidad
16.telegraph ave - let me start 02:49
17.the ringers - down on my knees again 02:35
18.we all together - rock of all ages 03:42
19.monik - maybe i know 02:52
20.fe 59 - estoy brillando 03:28
21.los destellos - onsta la yerbita 06:13
22.los siderals - dongoh 02:59
23.jean paul el troglodita - 04:01
everything is gonna change
24.los york's - ya bebi gran rato 03:10
25.melcochita y sus invitados - tirado 03:54
26.pax - sittin on my head 04:37
27.el alamo - pusher men 03:21
28.texao - pelea del gobernador 04:36
29.traffic sound - the revolution 04:26
30.zulu - haces mal pobre chico 03:23
31.el polen - concordancia 07:42
32.cacique - cacique 02:57
33.cerro verde - i lost a game 02:35
34.sudamerica - yo no se senor 03:52
117:00 min

- Clique Aqui:

Volume two of this collection of the
rarest grooves from Peru, including
garage stompers, psych-pop, raunchy
funk, Latin rock and anything in

The journey continues. Treasures keep
turning up and surprises don't stop. The
shards of the tremendous musical
explosion that took place in Peru
between 1965 and 1975 are still
scattered, and those who are lucky to
find them remain hypnotised by their
charm forever.

During that magical decade Peruvian rock
bands fed from all possible influences.
The original surf, rock and beat sounds
were joined by psychedelic
experimentation and the cult of the
acid. Some bands went even further and
explored the field of music fusion as
well as the most remote confines of
their mind. And most of it is here! We
welcome you, then, to a new overview of
a scene whose diversity mirrors a
society based on a powerful mix of races
and cultures.

One of the great sources of inspiration
was the rock, psychedelic pop and soul
music that came from the United States
and England. The songs by artists like
The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Iron
Butterfly, The Beatles or Mitch Ryder &
The Detroit Wheels had such a great
impact that they ended up merging with
traditional Tropical rhythms, giving
birth to new and surprising music styles
such as "psychedelic guajira".

Some bands, like Los Holy's, Los
Comandos, Los Jaguars or Los Siderals,
chose to turn up the reverb on their
amps and do without lyrics for their
fantastic surf instrumentals, which
sometimes incorporated arrangements in
the style of Joe Meek.

Other groups went for a rougher
approach. Los Saicos, Los Shain's or Los
Drag's represent the wildest type of
teenage abandon with their beat rhythms
and garage energy. Hallucinogenic plants
and the consumption of other illegal
substances brought about total
experimentation to Peruvian music, both
in terms of composition and
arrangements. Songs such as the bluesy
'Efectos' by Los Teddy's and 'Cuarto
oscuro' by Los Zheros reflect this new
psychedelic scene.

After the lysergic effects came hard and
acid rock, full of heavy riffs and
plenty of fuzz and wah-wah pedals,
surprisingly adopted and practiced by
bands like Pax, Telegraph Ave and
Traffic Sound.

Traditional folklore also suffered the
effects of the foreign rock invasion.
Native styles such as cumbia
incorporated elements from rock, which
resulted in curious tracks such as
'Onstá la yerbita' by Los Destellos,
featured here.

Sit down, relax and enjoy this journey
"Back To Peru"!

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Bossa Nostra Feat. Bruna Loppez - Kharmalion

Artist: Bossa Nostra Feat. Bruna Loppez
Title Of Album: Kharmalion
Year Of Release: 1998
Label: IRMA
Genre: Funk, Soul, Jazz, Latin , Bossa Nova
Quality: mp3
Bitrate: Lossless/320kbps
Total Time: 75:24 min
Total Size: 476Mb/173Mb
WebSite: MySpace


1. Jackie 4:54
Vocals [Featuring] - Bruna Loppez
2. Apocalypso 5:21
Vocals [Featuring] - Bruna Loppez
3. Life 4:12
4. Maiden Voyage 6:09
5. Before It's Too Late 6:08
Vocals [Featuring] - Bruna Loppez
6. Chico Desperado 4:36
Vocals [Featuring] - Bruna Loppez
7. Rain 5:21
8. Kharmalion 4:39
9. Serrado 5:45
Vocals [Featuring] - Bruna Loppez
10. Groovin' On 4:40
11. Nasty 4:41

- Clique Aqui:

Featured on vocals is Bruna Lopez, a Brazilian singer that has some good attitude in her voice. SHe's cool in I believe the most popular track, "Chico Desperado" and "Jackie", but can also be traditional too. The style of the cd is a mixture of latin vibes, Brazilian vibes and jazz.

VA - Sister Bossa Vol. 1 (2001)

Artist: VA
Title: Sister Bossa Vol. 1
Label: Irma Records
Year Of Release: 2001
Genre: Bossa Nova, Chillout, Latin
Quality: 192 kbps
Tracks: 13
Size: 88 Mb

01 Bruna Loppez - Bota pra quebar
02 Jazzedelic - Estrangeira
03 Quinteto X - Meu desespero
04 Street Jazz Unit - What's the best thing to do tomorrow
05 Montefiori Cocktail - Agua de beber
06 Balanco - Cinnamon and Clove (Samba 68)
07 Bossanostra - Apocalypso
08 Fez Combo - Gospelito
09 Hammond Express - Batucada Express
10 LTJ X-perience - Conga sax
11 Black And Brown - Manic samba
12 Montefiori Cocktail - Another B
13 Maf Crum - Cuiquina

- Clique Aqui:

VA - Sister Bossa Vol. 2 (2001)

Artist: VA
Title: Sister Bossa Vol. 2
Label: Irma Records
Year Of Release: 2001
Genre: Bossa Nova, Chillout, Latin
Quality: 192 kbps
Tracks: 14
Size: 95 Mb


01 Italian Secret Service - Drumer Boy
02 Gazzara - Rhodes To Bahia
03 Dom Um Romao - Mas Que Nada
04 Del Gaudio, Rossi & D Angelo - Segundo
05 Black Mighty Orchestra - Rua Escondida
06 Bossa Nostra - Kharmalion
07 Jaymz Nylon - Nylitos Way
08 LTJ X-Perience - Sombre Guitar
09 Montefiori Cocktail - One Note Samba
10 Belladonna - Matumbana
11 Don Carlos - Seuna de Bahia
12 Mysterious Traveller - Tropical Wave
13 Bluecat - Good Morning Sunshine
14 Sam Paglia - London Bossa

- Clique Aqui:

VA - Motown Remixed (2005)


Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Motown Remixed
Year Of Release: (2005)
Label: Motown
Genre: Acid Jazz,Downtempo
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: VBR ~320kbps
Total Time: 76:32 min
Total Size: 175 MB

- Clique Aqui:

01. Jackson 5, The - I Want You Back (Z-Trip Remix) 4:35
02. Gladys Knight And The Pips - I Heard It Through The Grapevine (The Randy Watson Experience Sympathy For The Grapes Mix) 5:30
03. Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On (Paul Simpson & Miles Dalto MPG Groove Mix) 4:24
04. Eddie Kendricks - Keep On Truckin' (DJ Spinna Remix) 4:32
05. Edwin Starr - War (King Britt Remix) 5:14
06. Temptations, The - Papa Was A Rollin' Stone (DJ Jazzy Jeff & Pete Kuzma Solefull Remix) 8:48
07. Supremes, The - Stoned Love (A Tom Moulton Mix) 8:06
08. Stevie Wonder - Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours (DJ Smash Essential Funk Mix) 4:21
09. Rare Earth - I Just Want To Celebrate (Mocean Worker Remix) 5:00
10. Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Sometimes (Futureshock Main Ingredient Mix) 4:37
11. Gladys Knight And The Pips - Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye) (Kenny Dope Mix) 6:17
12. Diana Ross & The Supremes* - My World Is Empty Without You (Tranzition Remix) 4:53
13. Temptations, The - Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) (Easy Mo Bee Remix) 4:38
14. Smokey Robinson - Quiet Storm (Groove Boutique Remix) 5:37

Afternoons In Stereo - Aural Pleasure (2004)

Artist: Afternoons In Stereo
Title Of Album: Aural Pleasure
Year Of Release: 2004
Label: Afternoons In Stereo
Genre: Nu Jazz / Electro Funk / Downtempo
Format: MP3
Bitrate: V2 VBR Kbps
Tracks: 13
Total Time: 01:08:18
Total Size: 95 MB


01. Ocean Floor (3:42)
02. Sunrais (6:13)
03. Turtleneck (4:34)
04. Manihi (6:20)
05. Esquema da Sophia Pt I (4:14)
06. A New Dawn, A New Day (5:53)
07. On The Way To Lucia's (5:33)
08. Esquema da Sophia Pt II (4:07)
09. Architexture (7:51)
10. Metrosexual (5:43)
11. Esquema da Sophia Pt III (4:33)
12. Sao Paulo (4:34)
13. Modernist Abode (5:02)

- Clique Aqui:

Afternoons In Stereo blends the organic with the digital, creating a funky 21st century blend of future jazz, funk, latin, house, breakbeat, and downtempo.

With a greater emphasis on live recording and soloing, the mostly instrumental album uses jazz as it’s core blueprint. But this is jazz in the digital-era, beginning and ending with the computer in the actual production but always incorporating live recording as the foundation for the compositions and their ingredients.

Incognito - Tribes, Vibes + Scribes (1993)

Artist: Incognito
Title Of Album: Tribes, Vibes + Scribes
Year Of Release: January 26, 1993
Label: Polygram Records
Genre: Acid Jazz, Funk, Jazz, Soul, Smooth Jazz
Quality: MP3 VBR V0 Lossy
Tag Type : id3v2 id3v1
Tool : LAME3.98
Bitrate: VBR Avg. Bitrate 249 Kbps
Total Time: 51:16 Min
Total Size: 96 MB

01. Colibri 5:59
02. Change 5:05
03. River In My Dreams 1:08
04. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing 5:20
05. Magnetic Ocean 5:19
06. I Love What You Do For Me 4:31
07. Closer To The Feeling 4:22
08. L'Arc En Ciel De Miles 4:02
09. Need To Know 5:15
10. Pyramides 4:19
11. Tribal Vibes 5:56

- Clique Aqui:

Tribes Vibes + Scribes
Incognito's third album nods to the influences that ground their jazz-funk-and-soul jams. The 11-member band adds a Latin feel to a snazzy cover of Stevie Wonder's "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing," while "Magnetic Ocean" has a Weather Report-in-ballad-mode vibe. "Change" combines Maysa Leak's Chaka Khan-like power with sweeping Soul II Soul-ish strings, and "Need to Know" gives props to Roy Ayers (check the clavinet) and Rick James (horn section). The band is at its best showcasing Leak or featuring soloists, as on "Colibri" and the Mandrill-ish "Closer to the Feeling." Still, some attempts fall flat, like the syrupy "L'Arc en Ciel de Miles" that's more Chuck Mangione than Prince of Darkness. This one's for smooth-jazz aficionados; Brit-funk fans should check the band's later fare.

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VA - From Latin To Jazz Dance vol. 1 (2010)


01. Mongo Santamaria — Sweet Tater Pie (2:40)
02. Les McCann — Boo-Goo-Loo (2:46)
03. Dave Pike — Mathar (3:42)
04. The Champs — Caramba (2:14)
05. Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan — Watermelon Man (live) (5:15)
06. Cal Tjader — Samba Do Suenho (5:47)
07. Milton Banana Trio — Primitivo (2:40)
08. The Hi-Lo's — The Duck (2:09)
09. Alan Lorber Orchestra — Mas Que Nada (2:23)
10. Candido (Feat. Al Cohn) — Mambo Inn (4:57)
11. Willie Bobo — Bobo Do That Thing (2:19)
12. Juan Amalbert's Latin Jazz Quintet — Summertime (6:40)
13. Ahmad Jamal — Bogota (4:00)
14. Sonny Stitt — Little Red Suede Shoes (4:03)
15. Earl Grant — Fever (3:11)
16. The Mariachi Brass (Feat. Chet Baker) — Tequila (2:06)

- Clique Aqui:

VA - From Latin To Jazz Dance vol. 2 (2010)


01. Lalo Schiffrin — The Cat (2:40)
02. Eldee Young — Mr. Kicks (2:40)
03. Nina Simone — See Line Woman (2:35)
04. Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 — For What It's Worth (2:40)
05. Art Blakey — No Hay Problema (4:34)
06. Xavier Cigat & His Orchestra — Soul Sauce (Wachi Wara) (2:23)
07. Mongo Santamaria — Funny Money (2:14)
08. Stan Kenton & His Orchestra — The Peanut Vendor (2:43)
09. Mel Torme — Comin' Home Baby (2:35)
10. Stan Getz (Feat. Laurindo Almeida) — Maracatu — Too (4:58)
11. Gene Krupa — Perdido (2:28)
12. The Ramsey Lewis Trio — The In Crowd (Live) (3:16)
13. Andy & The Bey Sisters — Sister Sadie (2:30)
14. Willie Bobo — Guajira (2:50)
15. Buddy Greco — Fever (2:28)
16. Dom Um Romao — Birimbau (2:39)

- Clique Aqui:

VA - From Latin To Jazz Dance vol. 3 (2010)


01. Herbie Man — Deve Set Amor (It Must Be Love) (4:17)
02. Bill Dogget — Hold It (2:29)
03. The Champs — Sombrero (2:06)
04. Tennessee Ernie Ford — Sixteen Tons (2:36)
05. Kenny Burrell Trio — Well You Needn't (live) (4:24)
06. Brother Jack McDuff — Screamin (7:15)
07. Illinois Jacquet — Like Young (3:59)
08. Peggy Lee — Fever (3:20)
09. Roland Kirk — Fallout (2:58)
10. Sonny Stitt & Jack McDuff — Soul Shack (7:12)
11. Boots Brown & His Blockbusters — Cerveza (2:06)
12. Les Double Six — A Night In Tunisia (2:58)
13. Jimmy Smith — What'd I Say? (2:51)
14. Os Brasileiros — Maracangalha (2:13)
15. Dave "Baby" Cortez — Shake (2:43)
16. The Art Blakey Percussion Ensemble — The Sacrifice (5:08)

- Clique Aqui:

VA - From Latin To Jazz Dance vol. 4 (2010)


01. Dizzy Gillespie — Manteca (Live) (6:19)
02. Kenny Burrell & Jimmy Smith — Fever (5:32)
03. Mark Murphy — Milestones (2:28)
04. Lalo Schifrin & Bob Brookmeyer — Just One Of Those Things (3:21)
05. Johnny Hodges & Wild Bill Davis — Thing's Ain't What They Used To Be (4:17)
06. Sophia Loren & Peter Sellers — Goodness Gracious Me! (2:59)
07. M. Norman Orchestra — Kingston Calypso (2:38)
08. Jimmy Smith — Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?(part.2) (4:56)
09. James Moody — Mambo With Moody (4:13)
10. Nao me diga adeus — Nao Me Diga Adeus (3:30)
11. Cipo & His Authentic Rythm Group — Cai,Cai (3:52)
12. King Pleasure — Jazz Jump (3:27)
13. Ted Curson — Fire Down Below (4:31)
14. Booker T, The MG's — Soul Dressing (2:25)
15. Don Wilkerson — Dem Tambourines (5:30)
16. Hank Marr — The Squash (3:19)

- Clique Aqui:

VA - From Latin To Jazz Dance vol. 5 (2010)


01. Candido — Perdido (3:47)
02. Julian Cannonball Adderley — Minha Saudade (2:21)
03. Gabor Szabo — El Toro (4:35)
04. Mose Allison — Parchman Farm (3:14)
05. Little Willie John — Fever (2:27)
06. Wild Bill Davis — Cabato (2:52)
07. Buck Clarke Sound — Nigth At Tunisia (5:44)
08. Willis Jackson — Nuther 'N Like Thunder' 'N (7:25)
09. Eddie Harris — Lolita Marie (4:58)
10. Mongo Santamaria — Yeh! Yeh! (3:05)
11. Willie Bobo — Chickadee (2:05)
12. Cipo & His Authentic Rhythm Group — Impolar (3:53)
13. Cal Tjader — Soul Sauce (Guachi Gauro) (2:25)
14. Larry Young — Talking About J.C. (5:55)
15. King Curtis — Tequila (2:01)
16. Red Holloway feat. Brother Jack — Shout Brother (4:30)

- Clique Aqui:

Erwin Madrid

Monday, July 19, 2010

Chrisette Michele - I Am (2007)

Artist: Chrisette Michele
Title Of Album: I Am
Year Of Release: June 19, 2007
Label: Def Jam
Genre: R&B, Soul
Quality: mp3
Bitrate: lossless 320 kbps
Total Time: 59 min 04 sec
Total Size: 380.45 mb 137.7 mb

01. Like a Dream
02. Work It Out
03. If I Have My Way
04. Best of Me
05. Your Joy
06. Good Girl
07. Be OK
08. Mr. Radio
09. Golden
10. Let's Rock
11. Love Is You
12. In This for You
13. This the Way Love Feels
14. I Am One (Bonus Track)

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Dj Uilson - Feita para Dançar vol.1

MPB-4 – Bom Dia, Boa Tarde Boa Noite (Jorge Ben )
Lino Crizz & Gueto Jam – Zamba Bem (Marku Ribas)
Walter Queiroz – Bahianita (Walter Queiroz)
Tim Maia – Meu Samba (Tim Maia)
Trama e os Pagodeiros do Largo do Estácio – Mangione – Balanço do Navio (Sonia Amaral – Piteira)
Bebeto – Água Marinha (Bebeto/Aluisio/Rubens)
Bebeto – A Beleza e Você Menina ( Bebeto/ Rubens)
Bebeto – Menina Carolina (Bedeu / Leleco Telles )
Bebeto – Flamengão – (Bebeto/Ney Velloso)
Bebeto – Segura a Nega – (Luiz Wagner/ Bebeto )
Bebeto – Princesa Negra de Angola ( Bebeto/Dhema)
Sambasonics – Balança a Pema (Jorge Bem )
Marku Ribas e Erasmo Carlos – Beira d´Agua ( A Festa ) – ( Marku Ribas / Erasmo Carlos)
Chocolate da Bahia – Roda de Samba ( Nelson Balão/Israel Miranda/Chocolate da Bahia)
Aparecida – Tereza Aragão –( Aparecida )
Diplomatas do Samba – Tocador Quer Beber – ( Jorge Costa )
Aparecida – Se Segura Zé – (Zeca Melodia/ Kacik )
Grupo Favela – Mamão Com Açúcar ( Wilson Moreira )
A Fantástica Bateria – Ritmo Manhoso ( Ritinho e Rivinha )
Jorge Ben – Katarina, Katarina (Jorge Ben)
Mestre Carlão- To Doidão ( Mestre Carlão )
Jorge Ben e Gilberto Gil – Quem Mandou (Pé Na Estrada) (Jorge Ben e Gilberto Gil)
Airto Moreira – Circo Marimbondo ( Airto Moreira)
Trio Mocotó e Jorge Ben – Coisa Nostra (Jorge Ben)
Trio Melodia – Cobra Má
Bolão e Seus Rocketes – Midnighter ( Dave Burgees)
Oliveira e Seus Black Boys – Dang-Dang ( Jean Rolle-Guy Dovan)
Brenda Lee – It´s Not Usual
Nelson Riddle – Uptown Dance ( Claus Ogerman)

Dj Uilson - Feita Para Dançar Vol. 1 by djuilson


Devemos respeitar as culturas de todos os paises certo ? Mas essa parada de tourada eu acho ridículo mó sacanagen com o touro,como aqui no Brasil em rodeios que pegan uma corda e amarran as bolas do touro e soltan ele na arena com um ótario em cima, aqui também torço pro touro...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dam-Funk with MC Eiht and Steve Arrington of Slave on 12-inch EP "Hood Pass Intact" (Download MP3)

Download the lead track from the forthcoming 12-inch E
:Dam-Funk “Hood Pass Intact” featuring MC Eiht (MP3)

We've got a 12-inch maxi single & video for Dam-Funk's “Hood Pass Intact” coming up late in the summer. DF will be joined on the vocal mix of the standout track from his Toeachizown 5-LP set by West Coast legend MC Eiht, marking their first collaboration in nearly a decade.
Most people remember MC Eiht as the lead member of the group Comptons Most Wanted, or for his infamous MC battle with DJ Quik, or for his unforgettable role in the film ‘Menace 2 Society’ … but only the left coasters know and respect him as the originator of the phrase “Gyeah”, which has been bitten and jacked by every MC and rapper on the planet, including Jay Z.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rachel & The Soul Criminals - Plain & Simple (2010)

Artist: Rachel & The Soul Criminals
Title Of Album: Plain & Simple
Label: Soulplex Recordings
Year Of Release: 2010
Genre: Funk / Soul
Format: mp3, vbr ~192kbps
Tracks: 9
Total Time: 36:23 min
Total Size: 49.3 Mb


01. Plain & Simple [03:28]
02. Speechless [03:41]
03. Do Your Worst [03:35]
04. Crying In The Rain [03:30]
05. One 4 Ray [04:50]
06. Turn The Music On [04:20]
07. Pleasure & Pain [03:42]
08. In The Park [04:33]
09. 2 Late [04:48]

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Twenty-year-old singer Rachel Scharnberg, obviously anything but a sixties kid, presents herself as an artist deeply influenced by original soul and funk music from way back, by the warm and intense performances that made us admire Aretha Franklin and Donny Hathaway, the sound being kept alive by the likes of Daptone Records today.
“Plain & Simple” is all about pure, hand made music. No samples, no gadgets, nothing but vintage instruments, an amazing voice and analogue recording gear. In case you ever wondered what makes vinyl records and analogue techniques so special – this is a perfect demonstration of the raw, uncut sound of Soul.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Morre Paulo Moura

RIO - Morreu no fim da noite desta segunda-feira o saxofonista e trompetista Paulo Moura, de 77 anos. O músico estava internado na Clínica São Vicente, no Rio, desde o dia 4 de julho com um linfona (câncer do sistema linfático). Compositor e arranjador de choro, samba e jazz, Paulo Moura é um dos maiores nomes da música instrumental brasileira, tendo tocado com Ary Barroso, Dalva de Oliveira, Elis Regina, Milton Nascimento e Sérgio Mendes.

Para Paulo Moura não existiam fronteiras. Com seus clarinete e saxofone, o músico - nascido em 17 de fevereiro de 1933, São José do Rio Preto, no interior de São Paulo, e radicado no Rio desde o fim da adolescência - passeou com talento por muitos gêneros e formações. Tocou tanto em orquestras sinfônicas quanto de gafieira ou grupos de regional, rodando o Brasil e o mundo com sua arte.

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Parabéns Espanha

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Selecta Funk vol. 2 by Dj Uilson

selecta funk vol. 2

01. super erotica - erotic rhythm (macumba)
02. super erotica - jungle fever
03. super erotica - le couple
04. waltel branco - meu balanço
05. joão donato ( a bad donato ) - straight jacket
06. free sound orquestra* - tarcisiu´s theme
07. ed kennedy * - i´ll never fall in love again
08. orquestra cbd - tema da zorra
09. raulzito & impacto 8 (raul de souza) - cantaloope island
10. azymuth - melô da cuíca
11. waltel branco - luar do sertão
12. claudia - vai baby (peter gunn)
13. bertrami e conjunto azimute (azymuth) - pela cidade
14. marcio montarroyos - makaha
15. airto - zuei
16. azambuja @ cia* - tema de azambuja
17. wanderlea - ginga da mandinga
18. airto fogo* - black soul
19. helio matheus - boi da cara branca
20. odair josé* - nunca mais
21. claudia - poeta do medo
22. trio mocotó - o xamego de iná
23. tamba 4 - samba blim
24. super som t.a - agora chega
25. tony bizarro - não vai mudar
26. marcos valle - mentira
27. eumir deodato - west 42nd street
29. paulinho da costa - toledo bagel

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DJ UILSON - SELECTA FUNK 2 by djuilson

New DJ Nuts-Arthur Verocai Mix

the timeless concert series wasn’t just a series of stunning performances. all the shows were framed by our favorite djs. madlib, jrocc, houseshoes and quantic all came with amazing sets. cut chemist even raised the bar with a one turntable romp. on the eve of the verocai show, dj nuts was supposed to perform with madlib. he made the arduous journey from brasil after completing a show with marcelo d2. he endured a punishing series of flights that took 20 hours to complete, and in the end, a plane delay caused him to miss his own set at the start of the show. in a pinch, j.rocc stepped up to the plate and performed a stellar set at the luckman in his place, and nuts went on to dj a mind-blowing two hour set at the after-party. so much of mochilla’s dealings in brasil would not have been possible without rodrigo teixera (known to the world as dj nuts). the verocai concert surely would never have happened without him. his role in helping with the pre and post co-ordination was nuts is an astute and rigorous historian of brasil’s vast and varied musical culture. his record collection is legendary; his skills as a dj are world class. we commissioned him to make this mix to help people understand the extraordinary legacy of verocai. many by now know verocai’s self-titled album, some even know the more popular compositions and arrangements, but none have dug as hard as nuts. years of collecting and a strong friendship with verocai himself have made this historic mix possible. 78 minutes of all verocai compositions and arrangements is a dream come true. for such a mix to be made, only a true brasilian music aficionado could have created this, and we are honored to be able to share it with you.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Biga - Nar Suyu Portakal Suyu

Mais um produto de qualidade do meu amigo Dj Biga fron Italy,desta vez a pegada é Funk diretamente da Turquia.Pode abraçar que é de qualidade.

Il viaggio di
Biga in terra d'Anatolia è stato fondamentale per la selezione di questo mix. Dentro ci trovate il meglio dei 7" scovati nella missione di diggin' fatta a Istanbul nel Novembre del 2009. Live Set di Anatolian Rock, Prog e Psych Turkish Funk, questo mix esce in collaborazione con Funk Ya Mama e Gold.

....mentre attendete l'hard copy di prossima uscita non dovete far altro che scaricare il mix, schiaffarlo nel vosto lettore, infilarvi le cuffie e correre dal Kebab Vendor più vicino a casa vostra...It's all about Barış Manço saved my life!


Art Cover: Pupa "the one'n'only" Tee

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Monday, July 05, 2010


In 1998, yielding to the international pressure, the Sudanese government allowed good aid to be distributed to the south. British photojournalist Tom Stoddart travelled with Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) to a camp in Ajiep, where more than 100 people were dying every day. There he took the above photo of a crippled boy who had queued hours for food, only to find it robbed away from him by a fit man who strides confidently away.
Stoddart received overwhelming criticism for his image, people demanding why he did not intervene. He responded, “I am a photographer, not a policeman or an aid worker. All I can do is try to tell the truth as I see it with my camera.” However, Stoddart requested that the papers that print
his Sudan photos run the credit card hotlines of aid agencies next to the photos. On the day the above photo appeared in theGuardian, MSF had 700 calls and £40,000 was pledged. The Daily Express raised £500,000. Le Figaro ran 10 pages of his pictures, Stern magazine nine pages.
On a deeper level, the photo is a symbol of Africa’s continuing problem — the big man with the stick rules. Large amount of food aid disappears from the camps in much needed areas and appears for sale in the market places in neighboring countries. Not to be anecdotal but I once volunteered in an African country that should remain nameless. Food and medical aid that Western governments sent there were regularly pilfered by corrupt bureaucrats and sometimes aid is withheld or rediverted to areas that don’t need them because the governments there like to use foreign aid as a bargaining chip to subdue/cleanse tribes and ethnicities they don’t like. Yet, Western governments and aid agencies continue sending aid because sometimes getting a little aid to affected areas is better than cutting off aid.
This succinctly describes the relationship between European/American (even Chinese + Russian) multi-national corporations, supranational organizations and the former bread-baskets of the continent of Africa within a neo-liberal framework.
This picture makes me sick. I always get a little angry when I see photojournalism like this, because the subject is so compelling, and heartbreaking. As a viewer, I feel uncomfortably complicit in this crippled Sudanese boy’s plight. As a viewer, I am challeneged to DO SOMETHING, because I live in a world where resources are distributed mostly to those who possess relative privilege and effective demand.
Folks complain about socialism’s disribution of wealth? Well, I counter with this- capitalism requires the movement of capital driven by demand- largely the demand of corporations, and the lesser consumer demand of the privileged. Resources from “underdeveloped” nations are being taken from the soil, from the water and from the air in order to fuel, supply the lifestyles of the relatively privileged in industrial and post-industrial nations such as the USA or UK.