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VA - West Coast Jazz (3CD) 2009

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: West Coast Jazz
Year Of Release: 30/01/2009
Label: My Music Records
Genre: Jazz
Quality: MP3 / Joint Stereo
Bitrate: VBR 121 kbps / 44.1 Khz
Total Time: 157:04min
Total Size: 139 mb

We invite you on a journey to Los Angeles, Hollywood and New York the 50's. In this extraordinary accompanied us out to play jazz in the style of cool jazz. Album West Coast Jazz, the present arrangements of such jazz giants as Gerry Mulligan, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Shelly Mann, Lennie Niehaus, Dave Brubeck and George shearing.


1 Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker - Nights At The Turntable 2:55
2 Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker - Walkin' Shoes 3:14
3 Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker - Makin' Whoopee 3:30
4 Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker - Love Me Or Leave Me 2:45
5 Gerry Mulligan - I Know, Don't Know Why 5:32
6 Gerry Mulligan - The Red Door 7:22
7 Chet Baker - Stella By Starlight 3:56
8 Chet Baker - I'm Glad There Is You 3:17
9 Miles Davis - Solar 4:45
10 Miles Davis - You Don't Know What Love Is 4:24
11 Miles Davis - Green Haze 5:53
12 Miles Davis - The Theme 5:48

1 Stan Getz - The Way You Look Tonight 3:04
2 Stan Getz - Spring Is Here 6:08
3 Stan Getz - Round About Midnight 5:21
4 Stan Getz - I Hadn'y Anyone Till You 2:53
5 Shelly Manne - La Mucura 3:03
6 Shelly Manne - You And The Night And The Music 3:10
7 Shelly Manne - Sweets 2:53
8 Shelly Manne - You're My Thrill 3:05
9 Lennie Niehaus - Have You Met Miss Jones 2:44
10 Lennie Niehaus - Night Life 2:41
11 Lee Konitz & Warne Marsh - There Will Never Be Another You 4:48
12 Lee Konitz & Warne Marsh - I Can't Get Started 3:57
13 Lee Konitz & Warne Marsh - Topsy 5:28
14 Lee Konitz & Warne Marsh - Ronnie's Line 3:05

1 Modern Jazz Quartet - Delaunay's Dilemma 4:01
2 Modern Jazz Quartet - But Not For Me 3:46
3 Modern Jazz Quartet - Versailes 3:26
4 Modern Jazz Quartet - Willow Weep For Me 4:52
5 Dave Brubeck - Sometimes I'm Happy 5:27
6 Dave Brubeck - Love Walked In 8:51
7 Dave Brubeck - Audrey 3:36
8 Dave Brubeck - A Fine Romance 3:52
9 George Shearing - Love Is Just Around Corner 2:42
10 George Shearing - Yesterdays 3:16
11 George Shearing - Cuban Fantasy 2:30
12 George Shearing - Autumn In New York 5:04

- Clique Aki:

VA - Hip Hop Anthology (4CD) 2009

Artist: Various Artists
Title Of Album: Hip Hop Anthology
Year Of Release: 13.02.09
Label: Wagram Mus
Genre: Hip-Hop
Bitrate: 172 kbps avg
Source : CD (LP)
Total Time: 04:25:01
Total Size: 344.MB

Track List

Disc 1
1. Elzhi Feat. Royce Da 5'9'' - Motown 25 3:54
2. Jake One Feat. Bishop Lamont & Busta Rhymes - Kissin The Curb 3:36
3. Dj Muggs & Planet Asia Feat. B-Real - Lion In The Forest 3:44
4. Dilated Peoples Feat. The Alchemist - Spit It Clearly 4:35
5. Madlib The Beat Konducta Feat. Defari - Gamble On Ya Boy 4:36
6. Lyrics Born Feat. KRS-One & Evidence - Pack Up (Remix) 4:07
7. The Coup Feat. Black Thought... - My Favourite Mutiny 4:36
8. Zion I Feat. Talib Kweli - Temperature 2:44
9. Brooklyn Academy Feat. Killah Priest - Splash 5:27
10. Raekwon, Prodigy & Ghostface Killah - The Game Of Rock 3:47
11. Method Man Feat. Rik'Y Waters - Win Some Loose Some 3:37
12. 88 Keys Feat. Kanye West - Stay Up (Viagra) 3:10
13. Jill Scott Feat. Common - 8 Minutes To Sunrise 4:27
14. M-1 (Dead Prez) Feat. Q-Tip - Love You Can't Borrow 3:54
15. Roots Manuva - Let The Spirit 4:39

Disc 2
1. Supernatural Feat. Chali 2na, Akil & Mark 7 & Iriscience - Work It Out 4:09
2. People Under The Stairs - Suite For Beaver Pt. 1 4:26
3. Afu-Ra - Equality 4:37
4. Pete Rock Feat. Slum Village - Da Villa 5:07
5. Guru's Jazzmatazz Feat. Yungun - Too Slick 2:06
6. Blackalicious Feat. Lateef - Side To Side 4:37
7. Lateef & The Chief : Maroons - If 4:28
8. Mos Def & Diverse - Wylin Out 3:58
9. De La Soul - Shopping Bags 3:56
10. Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard 5:21
11. Polyrhythm Addicts Feat. Phoroahe Monch - Take Me Home 3:45
12. Will.I.Am Feat. KRS-One - Take It 2:44
13. Ol' Dirty Bastard - Caught Up 3:32
14. Sunz Of Man Feat. RZA - Banksta'Z 5:11
15. Mack 10 Feat. Timbaland - Life As A Gangsta 4:30

Disc 3
1. Black Moon - How Many Emcee's (Must Get Dissed) 3:51
2. EPMD - Danger Zone 3:41
3. Kenny Dope - Get On Down 6:16
4. Junior M.A.F.I.A Feat. Puff Daddy & Jay-Z - Young G's 5:26
5. The Notorious BIG Feat. Lil Cease & Lil Kim - Get Money (Remix) 3:48
6. The Pharcyde - Passin' My By 5:02
7. Smif-N-Wessun - Bucktown 3:54
8. Snoop Dogg & DR Dre - 187 UM 3:43
9. N.W.A. - Dope Man 4:18
10. Masters At Work Feat. Screetchy Dan - Give It To Me 5:12
11. Mad Lion Feat. KRS-One - Double Trouble (Third World Mix) 3:56
12. Das Efx - International 3:52
13. PMD Feat. Mobb Deep & Fat Joe - It's The Pee Back To Work (Remix) 3:23
14. 2pac, DMX & Xzibit - Slip-n-Slide 4:42
15. Public Enemy - New Whirl Odor 3:27

Disc 4
1. West Street Mob - Break Dance - Electric Boogie 5:09
2. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - It's Nasty (Genius Of Love) 4:17
3. The Sugarhill Gang - Apache 4:25
4. Funky 4+1 - That's The Joint 5:50
5. Sicle Cell & Rhapazooty - Rhapazooty In Blue 5:43
6. Willie Wood Crew - Willie Rap 5:59
7. Mr Fox - Smooth Talk 7:49
8. Fly Guy - Fly Guy Rap 7:40
9. Joe Bataan - Rap-O Clap-O 4:01
10. Busy Bee Vs. Rodney Cee M.C. - Battle At The Dixie 3:35
11. Crash Crew - We Are Known As Emcees (We Turn The Party Out) 5:35
12. Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel - White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) 4:28
13. Ultramagnetic Mc'S - Watch Me Now 4:31
14. Tone-Loc - Wild Thing 4:09
15. Young MC - Bust A Move 3:59

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A crise segundo Einstein:

A crise segundo Einstein:

“Não pretendemos que as coisas mudem, se sempre fazemos o mesmo.
A crise é a melhor benção que pode ocorrer com as pessoas e países, porque a crise traz progressos. A criatividade nasce da angústia, como o dia nasce da noite escura. É na crise que nascem as invenções, os descobrimentos e as grandes estratégias. Quem supera a crise, supera a si mesmo sem ficar “superado”.
Quem atribue à crise seus fracassos e penúrias, violenta seu próprio talento e respeita mais aos problemas do que às soluções.
A verdadeira crise, é a crise da incompetência. O inconveniente das pessoas e dos países é a esperança de encontrar as saídas e soluções fáceis.
Sem crise não há desafios, sem desafios, a vida é uma rotina, uma lenta agonia.
Sem crise não há mérito. É na crise que se aflora o melhor de cada um.
Falar de crise é promovê-la, e calar-se sobre ela é exaltar o conformismo.Em vez disso, trabalhemos duro. Acabemos de uma vez com a única crise ameaçadora, que é a tragédia de não querer lutar para superá-la”

Albert Einstein

Quen Diria...

Quen Diria heinn !!! Aquele molequinho virou presidente dos Estados Unidos rs rs rs

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Jerry Lee Lewis - Last Man Standing (2006)

Artists: Jerry Lee Lewis
Album: Last Man Standing
Label: Naive
Year: 2006
Genre: Rock'n Roll; Country
Format: mp3/ CBR 320 kbps, 44.1kHz, Stereo
Size: 134 Mb

It often seems like there are only two ways for rock, country, and blues veterans to launch comebacks when they're senior citizens: confront mortality head on or surround yourself with superstar guests to help carry you through a half-hearted stroll through your back catalog, scattering a few new tunes along the way. At first glance, Jerry Lee Lewis' Last Man Standing seems to fall into both categories: the title suggests that Jerry Lee is in the mood to take a long look back, and certainly the very concept of the album -- pairing Lewis with 21 other stars for a succession of duets, often on material that his guests either wrote or made famous -- seems like a typical superstar duet record. But the Killer has never been predictable, and nowhere is that truer than it is here, where Jerry Lee treats Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, John Fogerty, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Page, and 16 other stars as he treated the Nashville Teens at the Star Club in 1964 -- as game amateurs who have to sprint to keep up with the master. This is the only guest-studded superstar album where all the guests bend to the will of the main act, who dominates the proceedings in every conceivable way. Jerry Lee doesn't just run the guests ragged; he turns their songs inside out, too -- and nowhere is that clearer than on the opening "Rock and Roll," the Led Zeppelin classic that is now stripped of its signature riff and sounds as if it were a lost gem dug out of the Sun vaults. Far from struggling with this, Jimmy Page embraces it, following the Killer as he runs off on his own course -- he turns into support, and the rest of other 20 guests follow suit (with the possible exception of Kid Rock, who sounds like the party guest who won't go home on an otherwise strong version of "Honky Tonk Woman").

The label might sell Last Man Standing on the backs of the duet partners -- after all, it's awful hard to drum up interest in a record by a 71-year-old man no matter how great he is, so you need a hook like superstars -- but the album by no stretch of the imagination belongs to them. This is completely Jerry Lee's show from the second that he calls out, "It's been a long time since I rock & rolled," at the beginning of the record -- and those are true words, since he hasn't rocked on record in a long, long time. Ten years ago he cut the Andy Paley-produced Young Blood, but that was a typically tasteful self-conscious comeback record; it was driven as much by the producer's conception of the artist as it was the artist himself. The opposite is true here, where the production is simple and transparent, never interfering with the performances; it has the welcome effect of making it sound like there is simply no way to tame Jerry Lee, even though he's now in his seventies. And that doesn't mean that this is merely a hard-rocking record, although "Rock and Roll," "Pink Cadillac," and "Travelin' Band" do indeed rock harder than anything he's done since the '70s -- so hard that they stand proudly next to his classic Sun records, even if they don't have the unbridled fire of those peerless sides. No, this album touches on everything that Jerry Lee has done musically through his career, as the furious rock & roll is balanced by pure hardcore country, pile-driving boogie woogie, rambling blues, old-timey folk songs, and, especially, reinterpretations of familiar songs that are so thoroughly reimagined they seem like they were written specifically for Jerry Lee. And he does this the same way he's always done it: by singing and playing the hell out of the songs. His phrasing remains original and unpredictable, twisting phrases in unexpected ways -- and, yes, throwing his name into the mix frequently, too -- and his piano is equally vigorous and vital. This is a record that stays true to his music, and in doing so, it's not so much a comeback as it is a summation: a final testament from a true American original, one that explains exactly why he's important. But that makes Last Man Standing sound too serious, as if it were one of those self-consciously morbid Johnny Cash records -- no, this is a record that celebrates life, both in its joys and sorrows, and it's hard not to see it as nothing short of inspiring. ~Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Chuck Berry - The Latest and the Greatest/You Never Can Tell

Artists: Chuck Berry
Album: The Latest and the Greatest/You Never Can Tell...
Label: BGO
Year: 1964
Genre: Rock'n Roll, Blues
Format: mp3/ CBR 320 kbps, 44.1kHz, Stereo
Size: 127,5 Mb

The value of this two-on-one CD from England's Beat Goes On Records is greater than the sum of its parts -- most of the important tracks here can be found on either the Chuck Berry box or one of the individual MCA-Chess CDs, but they sound infinitely better here, in new late-'90s transfers, than they do on MCA's mid-'80s digital editions. And "good" in this case means they're clean but mean, crisp but raunchy, not like the over-cleaned up versions off of the Chess Box's first disc. The notes are a bit vague as far as the origins of the two LPs are concerned -- they were patchwork creations from recent singles and old U.S. album tracks, done specifically for the British market by Pye Records -- but the sound makes up for those shortcomings. ~Bruce Eder


01 Nadine
02 Fraulein
03 Guitar Boogie
04 The The Things I Used to Do
05 Don't You Lie to Me
06 Driftin' Blues
07 Liverpool Drive
08 No Particular Place to Go
09 Lonely All the Time
10 Jaguar and Thunderbird
11 O Rangutang
12 You Two
13 Deep Feeling
14 Bye Bye Johnny
15 You Never Can Tell
16 Diploma for Two
17 The The Little Girl from Central
18 The The Way It Was Before
19 Around and Around
20 Big Ben
21 The The Promised Land
22 Back in the U.S.A.
23 Run Around
24 Brenda Lee
25 Reelin' and Rockin'
26 Come On

John Lee Hooker with the Groundhogs - Hooker & the Hogs

John Lee Hooker with the Groundhogs - Hooker & the Hogs
Artists: John Lee Hooker with the Groundhogs
Album: Hooker & the Hogs
Label: Castle Us
Year: 1965
Genre: Rhythm'n Blues
Format: mp3/ CBR 320 kbps, 44.1kHz, Stereo
Size: 77,1 Mb

McPhee and the Groundhogs' most important musical legacy, this 1996 reissue of Hooker & The Hogs has an unusual history. Tony McPhee and the Groundhogs first played with John Lee Hooker in June of 1964, when John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers were unable to fulfill a commitment to back Hooker on the final week of his British tour. The Groundhogs were deputized on the spot and played their first show with him at the Twisted Wheel in Manchester. At the end of the week, Hooker told McPhee how much he liked working with his band and agreed to use the Groundhogs as his backing band on his next visit to England. Hooker was back in May and June of 1965, and not only used them as his band but recorded this album with the Groundhogs. The band was Tony McPhee on guitar, Peter Cruickshank on bass, Dave Boorman on drums, and Tom Parker on keyboards -- some of the stuff here may have surfaced elsewhere, on the Interchord label (as Don't Want Nobody) with brass dubbed on, but this release consists of the undubbed recordings. The sound is raw, tight, and raunchy, some of the best band-backed recordings of Hooker's career. He's notoriously difficult to play support for because of the spontaneity of his work, but these guys keep up and then some, adding engaging flourishes and grace notes. Hooker is in excellent voice, and his material is as strong as any album in his output, rough, dark, and moody. The ominous, surging "Little Dreamer" is worth the price of admission all by itself. The 11 tracks with the Groundhogs are rounded out with four Hooker solo bonus tracks, which are even louder and more savage than the Groundhogs' stuff, though a little noisy (like that ever mattered with The Hook). ~Bruce Eder

John Lee Hooker - Never Get Out of the Blues Alive (1972)

Artists: John Lee Hooker
Album: Never Get Out of the Blues Alive
Label: Universal
Year: 1972
Genre: Rhythm'n Blues, Boogie
Format: mp3/ CBR 320 kbps, 44.1kHz, Stereo
Size: 79,4 Mb

Following the legendary bluesman's popular collaboration with Canned Heat, this album continues his work with mostly younger musicians and predates similar projects The Healer and Mr. Lucky by about 20 years. Van Morrison spans the gap by appearing on this 1972 release and Mr. Lucky. Elvin Bishop, Charlie Musselwhite, and even Steve Miller contribute here. Jazz violinist Michael White helps "Boogie With the Hook" take off and adds a mournful touch to the harrowing "T.B. Sheets," which is much more restrained here than on the earlier debut release by Morrison. ~Mark Allan


01 Bumble Bee Blues
02 Hit the Road
03 Country Boy
04 Boogie With the Hook
05 T.B. Sheets
06 Letter to My Baby
07 Never Get Out of These Blues Alive

Corey Harris - Mississippi to Mali (2003)

Corey Harris - Mississippi to Mali (2003)
Artists: Corey Harris
Album: Mississippi to Mali
Label: Rounder
Year: 2003
Genre: African Blues
Format: mp3/ CBR 320 kbps, 44.1kHz, Stereo
Size: 126,8 Mb

Corey Harris is adept at combining contemporary sensibilities with traditional country blues forms in a manner so natural that the cracks and fissures between now and then never seem to show, an accomplishment he expands on Mississippi to Mali to include two continents. Again, the music flows so naturally that the bridges and welds that join the African and African-American traditions on this record are never obvious, creating a seamless, wonderful album. The tracks were recorded live in the field, an approach that strengthens the intimate feel here, and there are numerous high points, including Africanized versions of Skip James' "Cypress Grove Blues" and Robert Petway's "Catfish Blues" that open new dimensions in each song without altering its original intent and tone. A version of "Sitting on Top of the World" (called "Station Blues" here) with the Rising Star Fife and Drum Band, and featuring Sharde Thomas, the 12-year-old granddaughter of Othar Turner, is a particular delight in its ramshackle exuberance. Mississippi to Mali closes with a credible and moving take on Blind Willie Johnson's "Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground" that spotlights Harris' considerable acoustic slide skills. This is another fine album from a player whose reverence for the blues doesn't keep him from instilling the form with both joy and innovation. ~Steve Leggett


01 Coahoma
02 Big Road Blues
03 Special Rider Blues
04 Tamalah
05 Back Atcha
06 Rokie
07 La La Chanson des Bozos
08 Mr. Turner
09 Cypress Grove Blues
10 Station Blues
11 .44 Blues
12 Njarka
13 Charlene
14 Catfish Blues
15 Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground

Download DepositFiles: Corey Harris - Mississippi to Mali (2003)
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African Drummers - Pulse of Africa (2004)

Artists: African Drummers
Album: Pulse of Africa
Label: Landy Star Music
Year: 2004
Genre: Etnic, World
Format: mp3/ CBR 320 kbps, 44.1kHz, Stereo
Size: 124,3 Mb


01 Wo Mawu [Anlo-Ewe, Togo & Ghana]
02 Ngungu [Zuzuland]
03 Eboka
04 Basoga Lusoga [Uganda]
05 Mala [Senegal, Mali, Guinea, The Gambia]
06 Soului [Accra, Ghana]
07 Gboko Lia Yayri Kpamo [Central African Republic]
08 Nxai [Kalahari Busman, Botswana]
09 Unwabu [Swaziland Xhosa, Zulu]
10 Baba [Nguni Xhosa, South Africa]
11 Zima Gaza Koo [Central African Republic]
12 Kekebu [Shangaan - Mozambique & South Africa]
13 Domba [Venda, Northern South Africa]
14 Yolo Male [Central African Republic]
15 Mabo [Cameroon, Congo, & Central African Republic]
16 Eshe Eyele [Nigeria, Benin, Togo]
17 Zanga [Central African Republic]
18 Ibhungane [Zulu South Africa]

Download DepositFiles: African Drummers - Pulse of Africa (2004)
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Stefano Bollani - Carioca (2008)

Artist & Band: Stefano Bollani
Title Of Album: Carioca
Year Of Release: 06-06-2008
Label: Universal Music Italy
Studio/Live: Studio
Genre, Style: Jazz, Piano Jazz, Smooth Jazz
Type, Quality: mp3, CBR 320 kbps; HQ Covers
Total Time: 68:28
Total Size: mp3 - 157.48 MB

Song title:

01. Luz Negra (5:02)
02. Ao Romper Da Aurora (1:44)
03. Choro Sim (2:21)
04. Valsa Brasileira (4:44)
05. A Voz Do Morro (4:17)
06. A Hora Da Razao (3:55)
07. Segura Ele (1:59)
08. Doce De Coco (3:24)
09. Folhas Secas (5:08)
10. Il Domatore Di Pulci (3:22)
11. Samba E Amor (4:20)
12. Tico Tico No Fuba (3:22)
13. Caprichos Do Destino (4:25)
14. Na Baixa Do Sapateiro (8:59)
15. Apanhei-Te Cavaquinho (5:56)
16. Trem Das Onze (5:29)

Stefano Bollani - Piano, Voice
Marco Pereira - Guitar
Jorge Helder - Bass
Jurim Moreira - Drums
Armando Marcal - Percussions
Zè Nogueira - Sax soprano
Nico gori - Clarinet and bass clarinet
Mirko Guerrini - Sax tenor
Zè Renato - Voice in track 6
Monica Salmaso - Voice in track 9

- Clique Aki: